An Open Invitation To All Who Want To Learn, Work Hard & Build A REAL BUSINESS In 2008

Under The Trenches Information-Marketer Reveals The Secrets To Creating A Super Profitable On-Line Business!

I have Spilled The Beans -- no matter who you are OR what your background is -- now has the Opportunity To Build A Profitable Information Marketing Business Online......  No-Hype, No-Crap, No-Nonsense


Saturday JUNE 14th, Sunday JUNE 15th, 2008


Your Life Will Change...The Question Is Will You Make It?


Dear Friend,

My name is Srini Saripalli and thanks for visiting this webpage. Before you spend next 10 minutes reading this webpage. I want to warn you.. What I am about to tell you needs work and commitment. If you are a doer? please read this letter. If not I suggest you close this webpage NOW!

Niether this is a get-rich-quick solution nor it has any Million Dollar Promises

That said..lets move on...

Most recently I received a call from a subscriber of mine and here is what he had to say..


I always wanted to have a business that can make me money. No Matter How Hard I Have Tried Before..My Dream Of Having a Successful Internet business Has Eluded me... I've Tried So Many Seminars, Home Study Courses, Bootcamps etc ..No LUCK! I don't know who or what to believe anymore. I am tired of all the Hype & Money Sharks…Forget Making Millions… More Than Anything Else! For God Sake…I Just Want This Damn Thing To Work.... Can you please help me?

Not sure if you are in a similar situation but if you are? I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly your situation is NOT hopeless either.

Why So Many people Struggle On Internet?

This question has been answered many times in the past by many. Other than the knowledge, tools & techniques there are a certain elements that control one’s online success!

you see, its not about creating a product, writing a copy, creating  urgency, putting together a series of JV’s and splitting commissions etc. Its not about that…I know so many internet marketers who do this with no sustained success! They are here today, there tomorrow and gone the day after..

There are a certain elements which make or break you… on the internet. Everything you do on internet has to have a deep rooted strategy in place. When you couple your strategy with passion, dedication & persistence you will practically create success for yourself.

Successful marketers know and do things little differently..for example:

  • They know the end game in the mind before even they start.
  • They create and destroy thousand of ideas on a frequent basis before deciding to work on one to completion.
  • Once decided, they exhibit a superior level of focus.
  • They understand when to promote and when to exit from a product
  • They understand the pulse of the customers, prospects and partners
  • They seldom chase money…and are quick to divorce from revenues that are incorrect for their business.
  • They like to fail quickly and learn from others mistakes..

Of course the list is endless….

Let me ask you a quick question?… Do you know of anyone who sold just a simple $20 e-book online and made millions..I have not. Did you see I marked the word “just” in bold?.

Everyone who made tremendous amounts of money online selling anything did so by increasing the life time value of their customer exponentially. 

A $20 E-Book probably had a $1000 seminar upsell in the backend followed by $3000 workshop and $10,000 mentorship program and a $25,000 masters program. May be the $20 E-book was launched with private label rights. May be $3000 workshop also had a franchise component or a retail placement to it.

But all along they deliver value to their customers and subscribers


You see where I am going with all this?

Listen, I have attended many seminars and workshops and continue to do that to this day. I have invested and lost a lot of money ( in execess of ten of  thousands of dollars) and time doing things which eventually took me nowhere.

I tried all kinds of businesses on the Internet, Eventually I discovered the real formula to success, but when I did my life had never been the same.. Here is the secret..


Information Publishing + Training + Licensing + Public Relations + Traffic + List Building = “Successful Internet Business”

For the first time I am inviting a select group of  aspiring business owners to spend 2-Full Days with me, where in I will disclose every strategy & technique that I have used to create a successful Information Marketing Business Online.



Information Publishing & Marketing Bootcamp

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Dates: 14th(Saturday) & 15th(Sunday) June 2008

Time: 8AM to 5PM


Here is A Quick Glimpse On What You Will Learn At The Bootcamp:

How To Analysze, Decide & Develop Various Market Segments To Play In For Intial Succcess. PAIN or PLEASURE Strategy?
How To Determine What The Market Place Wants? and How To Align It With Your Core Strengths & Skills?
How To Develop Overnight Expertise And Position Yourself As An Expert In Any Field
How To Overtake Markets with Unfair Competitve Edge: How To effectively Use SWOT methodology to dominate?
How To Create Full Functioning Publish Business both Offline & Online
How To Compliment Your Publishing Business With Training Business?
How To Effecitvely Use Licensing To Spread Your Name and Brand in Rapid Time?
My Absolute Three Methods To Generate Insane Traffic On Any Website
How To Develop Co-Marketing Programs and Create The Right JV Relationships: Revenues, Brand or List level Partnerships?
Insider Secrets To Pricing, Promotions and Placements
Seminars, Workshops, National Level Speaking Engagements and Book Signing Deals
Selling To Corporations, Foundations and Associations

Leveraging Various Marketing Channels: Direct Mail, Email, Print Media, Radio networks, TV, Online Blogs, Display Advertisements, Media Tours, Physical Books etc

And Of-course Many More..That I cannot think off right now...

Not Only That... I will also show you step-by-step On How To:

Create A Website On A fly: You do not need a web designer
Write Sales Letters That Is Pursuvasive and will convert
My Traffic Sources: Where I generate All The Traffic To My Websites: Blogs, High Traffic Websites, Media Sites, Pay-Per-Click Engines Etc

How I Promote Various Products Via Teleseminars & Webinars?

There is certainly more to this...


Who Should Attend This Bootcamp & Who Shouldn't?


As I mentioned very early in this sales letter, this event is not about HOPE but WORK. Serious WORK!.  The harder you work the luckier you will get. So make sure you have all the valid reasons for attending this Bootcamp. Here are some...

If you are an expert in a some field and would like to take that expertise to internet..You should attend this Bootcamp.
If you have a website up and running and want to learn how to get the visibility and the traffic to it..You should attend this Bootcamp.
If you want to build a brand and image for yourself in the online and offline world...You should attend this Bootcamp.

If you can dedicate 4-hours towards your online business on a daily basis for about 12 months.You should attend this Bootcamp



"I’m glad to see you are expanding your workshops and teleconferences. They are and always have been the REAL DEAL! No Hype! Just reliable information from reliable sources. I haven’t been able to come out to a seminar just yet but trust that I look forward to being among those focused individuals that do attend and take back the wealth of information and strategies that you offer all the time. I feel bad that so many people are taken when they are honestly trying to build something with what they have, but maybe if they give you a chance to show them that there are still a few REAL mentors out here, then they will prosper more than they ever imagined. I always keep and review every email you send and try to dial in or re-play every conference you present. Keep up your amazing approach to helping those that want to be helped! "

Miracle-Dawn. DC

Srini's Notes:  

I emailed all my subscribers and customes asking to help me create this bootcamp. Dawn posted the above testimonial in my blog and I replied with the following post:

Hi Miracle-Dawn, Thank your for your kind words. Now you have raised the bar on me. I have to work even harder . Someone rightfully said “The genius is your Audiance not You” i,e your customers, your subsribers and you listeners. Thus, in return I praise you for you perseverance…i,e listening in to my teleseminars. Glad to know they are of help. I truly, whole heartdly want to create a program that will deliver results. I promise I will not dissapoint you. - Srini


"Srini is a warm accesable human being. I expected this "FREE" seminar to be a sales pitch for other seminars and materials. Instead learned a lot from the seminar. This was definitly worth my time. I fully expect to continue a mutually profitable relationship with Srini."

Roger B. San Jose CA

Srini's Notes:

If I have to give a testimonial to Roger...I would say he is a man with a kind heart.

Roger attended a Real Estate Event I did in September 2007. The Hotel changed the conference room at the last minute and did not notify the attendees who were coming in. Roger waited for about an hour or more in the hallway till I could find him and take him to the right conference room. Other attendees were extremly annoyed with me, where as Roger heartily greeted me. An example of kindness and his waiting for me act of absolute persistance.


Srini Saripalli is an inspirational human being who understands the meaning of persistence. Springled with a lot of reality, Srini's advice and knowledge are both grounded in benevolence and wordly experience

Barbara K, Sacramento

Srini's Notes:

I spoke to Barbara many times over phone on Real Estate, Internet Marketing, Business Building & Entreprenuership etc. If I have to give her a testimonial..I will just use the same exact lines she wrote about me.


"Srini, Your knowledge and humility is refreshing. It's very apparent you are very sincere about what you do about helping others.

Menacole O, San Ramon

Srini's Notes:

Menacole attended one of the workshops I arranged about 6 months ago. Menacole is one of those smart individuals who is cutout for "Success". I was amazed by her determination, desire and willingess to work hard for success.


"My Husband and I learned so much from this seminar. You did a wonderful work on putting it all together. God bless you always with plenty of success"

Alicia & Bertil A.San Ramon, CA

Srini's Notes:

Alicia & Bertil attended a seminar that I arranged. God has already blessed both of them and they are now pursuing their investing goals successfully outside California. A kind couple with great hearts!

Mastermind, Network & Learn To Create A True Business


If you exactly follow & do what I will teach you?.. You will find this to be simple! You Will have fun doing it, and after all have a business that will make you money and possibly the life style you always wanted.....I guarantee It.

I have no intention of making any profits from this event. I am sincerely trying to help all of those who have reached out to me for help. The cost of putting up an event like this is very high: Hotel, Audio, Video recording etc, Not only the 2-days but it takes a lot of up-front preparation going into the event. There in an enroumous amount of stress!

I usually do teleseminars and webinars as an alternative to live events to avoid the stress.  But the information is valuable that I decided to make this a  LIVE in-person event.

Needless to say the people who will be coming will eventually become your Joint-Venture partners and will contribute directly to your success.

After great delibration I have decided to charge $497 per person. In core of my heart its a steal. The only challenge is there are some seating restrictions


**Seating Will Be Strictly Limited To 25**


I 'm strictly restricting the size of this workshop( this is not a pressure technique to sign you up) becasue I want it to be a great event for networking but small enough that I can personally meet, chat and brainstorm with everyone there! 

Anything I have done like this in the was sold in days. So if you are planning to attend, I would *highly* recommend that you register immediately. I can't gaurantee how long I will have the seats available. 

As soon as we hit the room capacity of 25 for the conference room I have reserved, we will stop accepting registrations. I currently have no plans to offer this bootcamp again in near future. 

Also There will be no SALES IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM! This is a pure instructional & content rich event


If You're Not Completely Blown Away By
What I Will Share With You? I Insist You Ask Me For A Full Refund


You Can't Be At A Loss With My100%, Ironclad, "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee. I say "better-than-risk-free" because you have nothing to loose. What I'm saying is, don't decide now if this workshop is right for you Just attend it and try it out.

I promise this bootcamp is unlike anything you’ll find in those generic internet marketing and information marketing e-books, tapes and seminars.

Attend this 2-day workshop. Anytime during these two days or at the end of day two,  if for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with what I shared with you, Just let me know discretely…

…I will make sure you WILL get every dime of your money back under my no-loopholes guarantee. No questions asked, no hard feelings and no hoops to jump through. 

Make the decision and attend the bootcamp.  I will revolutionize the way you think, act and make money on internet


To Your Continued Success!

Srini Saripalli

P.S:  My time is very precious, my schedule is very booked and I just want to help people who would like to be helped, those who have the commitment and the desire do whatever it takes. so please think this thru and make sure you REALLY WANT TO COME. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (408)876-4413. Altenatively you can click here to register

P.P.S: Remember! Your Attendance at the bootcamp is completely risk free!








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