Customer Service is the Epicenter of the Universe

All businesses live or die based on their ability to deliver quality customer service. With a quality service customers will feel appreciated and will be more inclined to frequent your offers/service.

When customer service is poor then you will be driving customers away. Now, some associated bad customer service with overt rudeness or neglect.

While these are definitely examples of poor customer service even seemingly benign items can sink one’s customer service reputation. For example, does your business make the phone ring six times before answering?

Do you wait a week to return simple email requests? Do you make nickel and dime deductions on refund requests for “service fees”? While these may not seem like a big deal they resonate significantly with customers and they may end up harming your business.

Customers really do not have the time or patience to deal with a vendor or provider who seems disinterested with their business and an aloof attitude towards a customer may drive them away.

So, play it smart and play it polite. Always treat the customer with importance and respect and your business will be rewarded.

If this sounds simple, it’s because it is. If it sounds like a winning strategy, it’s because it is that, too!

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Srini Saripalli

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