Precisely 6 weeks ago my mother was taken into emergency with immense pain in her chest. Subsequent tests confirmed she has lung cancer and that too stage 4. on August 27, 2014 I hosted my mother on my radio show and in a way I wanted to celebrate her life. Luckily the camera was rolling and we got a clean audio recording too. Below is the unedited video.

On the video timeline…

21:58 She is having breathing problem
22:40 Why I got my mom on the show
22:50 How can you tell your loved one that they have cancer
26:01 A positive spin on cancer
26:54 The one thing you need to overcome all challenges in life ( my mom’s ultimate message)
27:52 A powerful idea on how become a winner among cancer survivors
34:18 The Plight of a daughter-in-law

and many more insights as you watch this video.

I would like to thank the entire DESI 1170AM family for giving such a warm welcome to my mother at the station and making the entire experience a once in a life moment. Also everyone who called the show live, thank you for your words of encouragement and hope. Your words of compassion and love are more powerful than any treatment.

In Immense Gratitude.

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1 thought on “I hate CANCER”

  1. Hello Srinigaru,

    Overwhelming and amazing video, amma nannala viluva teliyachesaru. Highy appreciate you getiing your mom to teh studio. AAvida lo unna energy chuste I feel she will bounce back. All my good Wishes and prayers are with you.

    Please convey my regards and best wishes and Get well soon

    Take Care

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