Ingredients Of True Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?

Simply saying a leader is someone who motivates and inspires others is an understatement.

Vision, Trust, Loyalty, Integrity Communications etc all breed success. A true leader leverages all these to create true success for himself and for his followers.

Are you imaginative, innovative and improvement oriented? if you think you have everything to be a true leader, please read on.
There is more to these thoughts, But again these are just enough to get you thinking..

Solution: A leader should possess the skills and vision to find multiple solutions to a problem. Sometimes just finding solutions may not be enough. They have to be simple and creative. Solutions have to spread across disciplines. For example if you are a CEO by virtue of your sales skills, how well will you fare when problems arise in other departments such as engineering, accounting or HR?

Remember finding a new solution to a problem is much easy when compared to delivering improvements on top existing ones.

Tenacity: Do you often give in to obstacles? Well a true leader shows absolute perseverance. Read this amazing article by Dr. Kimberly A. Harms on the subject of ???Tenacious Leadership???

Flexibility: To a certain extent the common perception is that leaders thrive on constant change. This is a common notion in corporate sectors where changes are rapid. But in reality a true leader always seeks balance by soliciting views and even appreciating them when they are opposing. Demonstrating flexibility in an uncertain environment and breeding adaptability across the teams is a characteristic of a true leader

Collaboration: A true leader always finds ways to collaborate by seeking partnerships sometimes to strengthen the weaknesses and sometimes to take the existing strengths to next level.

Partnerships are built on relationships and a true leader understands how to capitalize this to produce success.

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