Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

It rarely happens where in, a client of yours asks to interview you, Murali Shesadri(of did. We got into the studio without any preparation and at the end we have a great interview that I think you’ll like.

This is Murali’s first host role. He never interviewed people before, in fact this is his first podcast.

I insist very early in the interview that Murali should not ask any bookish questions.

I’m also coaching Murali in this interview, you’ll experience my coaching mindset first hand.

As an entrepreneur you’ll be challenged between your intent and your deed. I explain what this is.

Money is secondary. Passion should be Paramount.

Background Story:

Murali heard me on a radio show and joined one of my webinars where I talked about creating a parallel income. On this webinar I offered to help a few people to create a parallel income using some of my internet Strategies. Murali took me on the offer. There months later he started and then they say rest is history.

Listen to this podcast, if you like what you hear leave a comment for me.



  • Cynthia Fowler May 18, 2017

    Proin blandit augue molestie hendrerit ullamcorper. Integer dapibus, augue sodales scelerisque varius, lectus ex placerat ipsum, non interdum nisi nisl vel enim. Mauris euismod vehicula diam malesuada volutpat.


  • Andrew Smith May 18, 2017

    Wow! Its amazing.

    • Andrew Smith May 18, 2017

      Wow! Its amazing.


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