Rave Reviews

” People in any organization will immensely benefit from listening to you. Your way of thinking will help any employee or any employer.”

Dr. M.V. Ramana Rao, Chairman & Managing Director of MIC Electronics

”Srini has a lot of heart, knows business & is a real deal. Work with him!”

Christene Comaford, New York best selling author, CEO of Mighty Ventures. Director & Advisor to 36 startups and an Angel Investor in 200 other startups (including Google)

”Srini's training has helped me raise my bottom line by $20k~$30k a year. If you ever get a chance to attend any of Srini's events, please do. Learn from Srini, implement his ideas...”

Dennis Rosenberg, Internet Marketing Consultant

”Srini is a prodigy. He is not an educator but a doer. When you need to learn from some, learn from someone who has done it.”

Manuel Jardim, Millionaire Property Investor from Australia

”Attended 2-days workshop on success. Srini shifted and moved me to new level of thinking. That itself was worth going to”

Geoffrey Fullerton, Corporate Speaker & Trainer

”Srini is a type of guy you need on your rolodex. A man with character and gifts”

Marie O'Riordan, Award winning philanthropist & Speaker

”Srini impacted me. He has so much knowledge, So much he gives”

Peter Calberese, Fenghsui Consultant, Speaker & Trainer

”Blown away by three simple techniques Srini's training showed me.”

Marc Nijjad, Speaker & Trainer

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