Work Of Your Life

That was the title of my radio show this week. Received over 50 emails from people asking for the recording. Here is the complete un-edited recording.


This is all about finding your passion, drive and overcoming procrastination.

Towards the end of the show: I made a small offer for people to join my coaching program. Received 22 emails. For some reason you are listening to the recording for the first time and you would like to participate in this, send me an email: info [at] poisitivepositioning dot come

The selection is based on your ability to create results, not your capability to pay for it. There are only 10+1 people in the group. Yes that “1” is myself.

Tomorrow morning i,e Saturday Ocotober 19th at 9AM. I’ll be back on Radio with a special show on “Human Change” don’t forget to listen in. I can’t guarantee all my shows will be recorded for reasons outside of my control


Srini Saripalli

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