Social Media Releases: A New Dimension To Online Press Releases

If you are doing a lot of press releases and your releases are handled the traditional way(just SEO or category targeting), consider social media release options.

PRWeb kind of pioneered the use of SEO in press releases, complimenting the traditional distribution mechanisms. Countless marketers(including myself) and companies benefited from this service.

Today, PRWeb and many other release companies provide category targeting for maximum reach. While the reach is there the demand for conversion is at all time high. Buzz is taking a back seat.

Why not? If you are spending $360 for a release you better get some customers after all.

PRWeb added a new feature called “Social Media Visibility” release to its offering for sometime now. While the service is very promising and the benefits could be many, I am yet to really understand the features of this service.

Most recently Marketwire announced a new service that is somewhat more comprehensively targeted towards Social Media. While I am yet to test these features. They look pretty interesting..

    Comment box
    Distribution to YouTube, iTunes, Second Life, Pheedo?„?
    Photobucket and Twitter
    Facebook?® tags
    social tagging options
    Technorati?„? and Digg?„? results
    Embedded audio summary headline
    Multiple social video and photo hosting options

You can read all about it here…

Next time when you are ready to do a press release evaulate your options and make sure you are reaching out to these social media sites like Twitter and Youtube. The more the better

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