My First Radio Interview on PravasVani KLOK1170AM

In the days leading into the start of my weekly talk show, KLOK 1170 team interviewed me this morning. We abruptly went on air yet we received calls from many listeners. My intent was to talk about “Achieving Success” but the converstion was just foucsed on Hypnosis. Received a Lot of good questions on Hypnosis, Mind Control and Achieving Trance States.

Look forward to expanding more on these in the upcoming shows.

This picture was taken one min before we went on air…

Radio Interview

It captures the spirit of the PravasVani team: Raghu Malladi on the mixer board, Vishal Dutt to my right getting ready to interview me, Raj Kumar walking into the room while Anthony( not in frame) taking the picture.

The show is all about Self Achievement, Overcoming limiting beliefs, breaking through emotional barriers and living a life filled with purpose, direction and fullfilment and how to achieve all this using mind power. I hope its going to click with the listeners.. Praying :)-

Its aired live every friday between 3pm & 4PM. Remember to Listen-in & dial-in into KLOK Pravasvani 1170AM every friday between 3pm and 4pm

Here is the recording.. do post your comments below.

I’m yet to name this show, any ideas?

To Your Continued Success

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