Five “Outside The Box” Advertising Ideas!

Everyone advertises to a traditional audience in a traditional way. Even the Internet, once viewed as an alternative means of advertising in the contemporary age, is now a bustling place of corporate-fueled, multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. If you??™re thinking online advertisement, you haven??™t quite figured out the meaning of the term ???outside the box.??? Consider 5 great ideas in unique advertising.

5. Bathroom Humor

It??™s not as dirty as it sounds and please don??™t go around writing marker messages on stalls. However, many small companies have found that posting professional (and vandal-proof) signs in bathrooms has proven effective in brand building if nothing else. ( Don’t tell anyone that Srini Saripalli recommended this)

4. Your Company for a Hat

You can create your own brand-building products by incorporating your name and logo into such common items as hats, shirts, bags and cups. Many companies offer customized products online and with no minimum orders.

3. Your Company in Espa?±ol

Unless you??™re selling a book on how to use proper English grammar, chances are Spanish-speaking Americans will be interested in your product. You just have to take the first step and sell it to them. Don??™t speak Spanish? Then hire an translator as a contractor to create an advertisement or brochure that shows the uses of the product and how to order one. Some professional messaging companies online offer bilingual answering services for a fee.

Don’t ignore India and China when you do that 🙂

2. Use the Library

You could ask the local library about selling or lending some of your items. If you??™re an author you could donate copies of your books. If you sell products, you may start a business arrangement by agreeing to donate a portion of your profits to the library.

1. Give Away Free Stuff!

This not only applies to new local businesses but to online companies as well. By offering potential customers plenty of free stuff (which could include free web information on a subject, worksheets or promotional giveaways) you can show the community that you??™re all about the giving before the getting.

Have you heard about “Moving The Free Line”?

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