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    I am trying to find help in order to narrow my focus. I am conflicted about some values. I could benefit from clarity.

    I am older. I have a gift for athletics. I supressed the physical for academic pursuits. I need to be physical on a high level for health reasons.

    The conflicts have been I have other avenues brewing as well ie. script writing, navy, and an import company.

    Since I have focused on the physical my mind and confidence have shot through the roof. My self esteem is greatly improving as well.

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    Hi Srini,

    I need some career advise from you.

    Would be happy to talk to you in your free time.


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    Hello Srini

    I really wanted your help with boosting my self confidence in my career. Can I come and talk to you over a weekend?

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    Hi Srini,

    I was trying to find more info about your upcoming event at Shalimar hotel on Saturday. I need the timings of the event. Apparently, I do not see it listed anywhere. All it says is that the event is on Saturday.


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    Hi Srini,

    I used to listen to you few years back in radio while going to office and my day used to be filled with confidence and peace.

    Now I badly need your help on some advice. It suddenly strike in my mind, please email me.

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