A Lesson From My Father..

Once my father told me.. “Always judge a man at the end of his career, never in the middle and certainly not in the beginning. Anybody can have a great start but at the end its the finish that matters”.

I was 19 then and in my own world, but was quick to ask.. what do you do to make sure you can get to the finish line?

He was quick to say. “Hard Work” and went on to add “Do anything you want to do, but make sure you like what you do.. others like you for what you do and they look for you long after you are gone. That’s how you know you crossed the finish line strong”

This photo here is a testament of his hard work and all the love he garnered in his life time from his seniors, his colleagues, his juniors and many criminals and anti-socials whose lives he impacted in a positive way. They loved him then and they love him today and are searching for him long after he is gone.


He has not gone anywhere. A stroke in 2013 resulting in memory loss and dementia took him away from himself. He is here with me, we continue to talk, he continues to coach me through life challenges, but I miss his words of eloquence and the spontaneity.

At the “InternetIncomeSummit-2013” I first shared his insight with the attendees. Here is a small video clip…

As I write this he is next to me, and and just made this comment.. “Those medals on my shoulder took a life time of work”…lol

To Your Continued Success

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  • Cynthia Fowler May 18, 2017

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  • Andrew Smith May 18, 2017

    Wow! Its amazing.

    • Andrew Smith May 18, 2017

      Wow! Its amazing.


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