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    i m a c.a final student in india..i cant concentrate on my studies since 14 years…my unwillingness or i got a habit,that while studying my mind keep on wandering unspecific xams are gng to start from may 2 2013.this is the fifth tym i m giving sister is in u.s.a ..i need ur assistance otherwise something really destructive can happen to me sister will also try to contact u abt me…

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    I wanted to speak with Srini about my brother, who is preparing for a competition exam and has been struggling. Would like to speak with you and see if there is anything you can do to help him and then maybe connect you with him

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    Eunice Edwards

    Hi Srini:
    I listened to your tech show today. There was a guest speaker who helps
    company developing their business. Would you send me his name and contact
    Also, I am looking for a good tech company who needs a private financial
    investor to joint with them for their business expansion. Would you let me
    know what source of information that I can get in touch with those
    I appreciate your help.
    Thank you,
    Eunice Edwards

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    Hi Srini,

    I got your reference from one of my friend…Am contacting you for my daughter who is 5 yrs old..I also have a 4 month old daughter…My elder daughter has suddenly drawn out her interest in everything and is only clinging onto me not doing any thing that was once very interesting to her..She was a happy bubbly girl but now from past a week she has lost interest in her friends, not talking much to anyone, eating, or playing..she is not even ready to goto school..things are very hectic for me with a younger one…She is even doing some things unknowingly that be dangerous to her which we are wooried as parents..we are also worried about her behavior..she is become very adamant, stubborn and never listens to anyone…She just wants her things her way else she yells and cries at top of her voice..We r getting complaints from her school and also everyone are asking us whats wrong with her…We are doing every possible way to keep her happy but she is just not co-operating…We need your help to get her out of this and let us know what we could do to get her back to her bubbly,cheerful chirpy friendly nature…she was a very intelligent girl and not is at present not interested in anything..but in turn always needs mamma and keeps saying ” everyone is separating me from my mom” I appreciate your help and look forward to hear form u asap

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    Hi Srini,

    I realy need your help. I have sitution which I am unable to descrive in words. I really wants to talk to you. My family will appriciate you help if we can talk about it asap. Thanks, Kuni

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    Good morning Srini,

    I missed yesterday’s (12/9/2015) – 9 pm – webinar.

    Please , if you have recording for that ;can I have the link forwarded to my email.


    Jay Patel

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