3 Secrets To Creating A Rewarding Life

3 Secrets To Creating A Rewarding Life

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Welcome or welcome back to success with Srini. Happy Thursday morning to you, today is the first of December of the year 2022. I’m excited as I’m recording today’s podcast episode because officially completed 11 months of daily podcasting. So if you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you probably know that I made a commitment to myself that I’m gonna run this podcast every day, for the whole year of 2022. And here I am just 30 more days away. Today on the podcast, I want to I think I did this before also not sure. But there are three primary things that are responsible for creating a rewarding life, I want to share those three things with you today. You call them secrets, you call them insights, you call them, you know, whatever, whatever you want to call them. But there are three things that you should do to create a rewarding life, create an exceptional life, for yourself. And this is very important because we are stepping into the next year 2023 is coming up and we are only 30 days away. So these three things are a must. So this is what I do when I work with coaching clients and mentoring clients.

So let’s get into this. First and foremost you need to get into the habit of asking empowering questions. Don’t ask cheap questions, don’t ask mediocre questions, ask empowering questions. Questions are going to rattle you at any point in time like literally shaking you up from your core. Questions like okay, what’s my purpose? Why am I here? What am I doing my time? Where am I heading from now from this point on? Know what kind of change I’m seeking? What can I change in others? What you know, the little space that I’m given in this small little corner of this world? What am I supposed to do? What am I doing? Empowering questions? Or things? Should I change? What one thing should I change that is going to completely change my entire game, my entire trajectory, one move that I’m going to make so that my next 12 months my next while we are going to be different empowering questions? And I don’t know why would people choose not to. But I start my day by asking an empowering question, What can I do? People surrender to this, to the proceedings, don’t surrender, empowering questions will make you rise above those situations. The second insight is given the time so you are in the information, the knowledge, the insights we have, we should be able to pick and choose the beliefs. You want to master beliefs. See the beliefs that are given to us early on in our childhood, all those beliefs are okay, at that time, we were very small, and we did not know we did not have that awareness. But now we do. So we can choose. But the irony is most people end up choosing negative beliefs somehow, the tools are they don’t want to change or whatever it is. But the negative beliefs are, you know, one of the most immediate effects of a negative belief is it makes the mind procrastinate. So you are not in action anymore. You don’t work on yourself, you don’t work on the projects that you otherwise shouldn’t be working on. It just pushes you behind, and you’ll be left out of the game. So start questioning the beliefs that you have. If you choose on the other side, you choose a positive belief.

Now you have confidence. Now you have heightened self-esteem, you now have an agenda you now have or outcome centric, and all those things fall in place. So choose the belief. For example, I don’t know why I should do this because my time is over. I’m will retire I’m going to be done anyway, you know, this is how life is gonna be anyway, I didn’t do much anyway. So why should I deal with this? I meet people who tell me that all the time. The exact opposite of that is, hey, what if it clicks? What if it’s true, nothing happened to me? But what if now that I have no apps, I’ve seen the world I’ve gained experience? Now I have some leverage. What if my next move is going to completely undo or will undo everything that happened to me last 2030 4050 years? Empowering belief right that you see how I shifted. So the one technique to do this is let’s say a thought crosses your mind. I think I’m very lazy today. I don’t know why am I doing all this. Okay? Reverse the word every word every negative word in your thought just reverse it. But I’m lazy today. I’m feeling lazy today. No, I’m feeling energetic today. Okay, see that? That lazy up just takes anything and takes the opposite Why should I do this? Why should I do this? Nothing happened for me, maybe something happened for me. There’s no proof that something is not going to happen for me. Right? So the point is you can choose, and you gotta choose the right beliefs otherwise you nobody, you cannot succeed. The period doesn’t matter how many skills you have, or how many talents you have, you’re not going to make it. promise, I promise. I’ve seen this enough to tell you this. And I’m pretty old. I’ve seen a lot. Okay, I’m not saying I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen a lot of work with people a lot. I know this.

The last one is, I’ve seen people build motivation. But I think the right motivation is important. He got to really understand the motivation that you’re choosing, see people choose the wrong motivation, like or the build wrong motivation. I want to lose weight because my friend is losing weight. Now, I want to make money because if I have my cousin’s made money, the incorrect motivation I want to make or I want to build or I want to lose, or I want to, whatever you want to is because you really want to, I want to make more money, because I want to impact more people, I want to make more money because I can do charity I can do I can create, I can invent I can, I can literally, and part of me making more money is that not only have the autonomy, I have the freedom, but I also have an impact. And the impact is the primary driver for my making money. If you shift that and you go, the motivation is if I just want to make money because I can pay my bills. Now you have a problem. Because you know, you’re chasing, and you know that that kind of you know, motivation is now you know, you lose out in the long run. And that’s why people lose out people like I’m meeting my friends like, Oh, I’m 5152 5355 I don’t have motivation. I want to retire. What are you talking about retirement, don’t use a life had not started yet? Literally, if you’re 55 or 60, or live, you didn’t use all 60 years was just elementary school. Okay, this is the time for you to really make it happen. This is the beginning of the spot and you’re trying to you’re giving up already. I don’t know.

Okay, so those are the three things. I want you to surrender to the idea of asking empowering questions, mastering beliefs, and seeking great motivation. If not, you know, you can’t have a rewarding life. You can’t build you can’t maximize 2023 or any year. Doesn’t matter. You can’t maximize. It’s going to be challenging. It’s going to be hard. Okay, I don’t want to sound like that, but I have to. I’m a coach. Okay, I want to stop here you go. Enjoy your Thursday. Get ready for Friday. And before you know it, I’ll be with you. Stay tuned.

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