#471: Clayton Matthews – Climbing Everest On Your Own Terms

Clayton Matthews Summited Mt Everest on May 16, 2019. He was our expedition leader. I had the honor of spending two months with Clayton on the high slopes of Himalayas and saw him display some incredible leadership qualities. It was obvious to me then, that I would have him as my guest on my podcast. 

So here we are…

This podcast was recorded on a feeble phone connection. The call dropped multiple times interrupting our thought flow, some parts were edited out due to distortion, yet I think at the end it all came out fine. 

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3 thoughts on “#471: Clayton Matthews – Climbing Everest On Your Own Terms”

  1. Avatar
    Jeanette rolston

    Great interview! Lots of insite into the personality of Clayton and his drive to excel in his challenges! I followed his climb with his team and his photography is Amazing! I do hope that you get to climb Mt Everest again Srini Saripalli if that’s your desire….And Summit!?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Jeanette, Clayton is an amazing photographer. He has done some impressive work in a short time with his camera. I have asked him to take it up professionally. As far as my future climb of Everest is concerned, definitely in thoughts but a lot have to align for it to happen. I’m keeping my spirits high for now. Thanks -Srini

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