5 Moves To Create Lasting Change In Life

5 Moves To Create Lasting Change In Life

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On the podcast today, we are talking about making lasting changes in life. I’m sharing with you five specific changes I made in my life. And I have seen a tremendous amount of change in the way I work the way I operate the way I think the way I communicate in the way I navigate life. Welcome, welcome back to success restraining Happy Hump Day to you. Every day that I’m here recording this podcast, I’m looking at the calendar, I’m looking at the clock, and I’m getting closer and closer to the year 2022 coming to an end, and I’m getting worried I have so many things to do. And my time is running out, it’s crazy what’s happening, five moves, five changes, or five things that you have to do to create lasting change in your life. If I were you, I’m going to make these my goals for the year 2023. If you’re listening to this podcast in 2023, then make it for the next year.

So let’s get into this. The first one is moving from indecision to becoming decisive. It’s very simple to say that right? So hey, you’re not decisive, you’re leading your life in indecision, you got to get rid of that. But how do you do that, by forming a stronger identity within which you know, who you are, you know, your values, your beliefs, your passions, your purpose, and you understand your engagement? So moving from indecision to identity, very, very. So if you have a strong identity, the indecisions are not going to hurt you. That’s the point here. So set a goal for yourself to move and work towards moving away from being indecisive, to be stronger, more aligned to who you are, and to the values to your core values. And that’s you do that for a stronger identity. Okay, that’s the first one second one, let’s talk about this. From friction to an agreement. See, friction is I have no money, I have no time I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t think there’s going to work. Nobody likes me, nobody loves me. This is friction. Friction is whatever I’m doing is right, whatever you’re doing is incorrect. So creating resistance. So you create internal resistance for yourself by saying, I don’t have this, I don’t have that I don’t know, you know this amount of work or not. So you’re creating internal resistance for yourself or friction for yourself. And when you’re talking to people around you who care and who love you, and you are telling them that they need to follow you they need to do according to your ideals, then you are creating friction with them. So friction on both sides has to go. And you remove that by creating an agreement frame. In your mind, the agreement starts with you making an agreement with yourself that you are going to be flexible with yourself in your own things. So you eliminate internal friction. And then obviously you eliminate external friction to that is giving enough value giving enough respect to other people around you to the views and to their opinions. And you’re in a way you’re agreeing with them. That should be a second goal. Let’s talk about a third 1/3 Move or third step which is moving from insearch to insync.

See, you’re searching for a job you’re searching for some peace, you’re searching for some love, you’re searching for something every individual is searching for something. The idea here is your search is going to lead you to your grave. There is truth to this and people spend all their life trying to solve problems looking for, some unicorn solution to their issues. I get those calls, I get those messages from people. There is it’s a drain on you on your time to keep on searching for something bad or get in sync. Getting in sync means that okay, this is life. This is how it’s going to flow. This is who I am. This is what I have. This is why I do not have an eye to just move along with life in sync with life. The fourth one up be an investigator and start becoming an investor. So moving from investigator to investor, I’m not talking about money, I’m not talking about making money and all that. See our mind, because of its senses, was talking about it yesterday and said, you know how we one of the mechanics of the mind is to protect itself? So because of that, and because of the society we are in and with everything that’s happening around us, it’s obvious for the mind to become more investigative. But unnecessary investigations lead you to no results that drain you emotionally, and mentally. So, in order to create any change order to create any outcome, there has to be investment, not investigation. To an extent it’s okay. But to an extent, it’s all about you making something work. I’ll give you an example. I get this all the time. I want to buy a business, I had somebody, multiple people tell me asked me this question, I want to buy a business. But every time I showed them a business to buy, their response was, if the owner is selling the business, they might be selling it because something is wrong with the business, hence, I don’t want to buy. So which one should I believe in the first statement, I want to buy a business. So effort goes into finding a business. And then when you find a business, you don’t want to buy because you think that the seller is selling because there is some flaw in the business, some issues some hidden issue, see, you know, it’s okay to do that once or twice, but then there is a belief level disconnect. So you need to have the right beliefs in place.

So, you know, trust is something that it’s very difficult to learn trust, by the way, but it can be learned. So there is again, there is a lot of literature the on the topic of trust and how to build that internally and how to use it to make external choices. But on one side, you’re saying I want something, and on another side you are saying I don’t want it because this should be something wrong with this. So that part is going to drain you that part is going to the thinking is going to constrain you it’s going to become an obstacle in your growth process. So you will say okay, it doesn’t matter. I understand. But let me see, what can I do with it? How do I drive this? How do I apply myself to this so that I can create the outcome that I’m seeking, there is nothing called a good job. That is nothing called a good business, there is nothing called a good relationship, and there is nothing called a good investment. I have not seen it all comes down to your own pedigree. How far you want to drive something how far you want to invest, invest your time, invest your efforts, sweat blood tears, you’re willing to do that it’s going to yield results for you. And that is why different people, when given the same equation, derive different results in business, for sure, of course, in relationships to interest how this works. So move away from being an investigator to an investor. And the last one, this one is something the pursuit of perfection is over, Amplified, there is nothing called perfection.

So what you see and what you’re seeking is progress. So move away from perfection, towards progress. As long as you are progressive, as long as you are moving, as long as you are covering the ground to whatever goal you have. Whatever outcome as long as you’re covering the ground towards that outcome, you are good. You may not arrive there perfectly. You know, not everybody who runs a marathon gets to complete the marathon in under two hours. Some do. Some people do take six hours or eight hours to complete the marathon. And when they do show up, they show up on one lamp. It’s not about perfection. It’s about achieving, it’s about progression. It’s about that covering the journey. These five in some shape or form should be part of your goal-setting agenda for 2023. If I were you I want to set all these five as my goes I did this overtime over a long time. And I did not really put these things together the way I’m putting them right now on this podcast. I wish somebody told me this early on. But I’m doing that here. Hopefully, this is helpful. If it is, let me know. 888-818-0404 is very contexted me. And if you liked today’s podcast on any of the podcast episodes, please write a review, or share it with a friend or a family member who you think will benefit from this. And that’s all for now. I hope this is good. And before you know it, I’ll be with you as the rest tomorrow. Stay tuned. Thank you.

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