A Twisted Success Formula: You & Me Are It's Victims

A Twisted Success Formula: You & Me Are It’s Victims

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Okay, so there are many formulas for success. When I have shared many here on this podcast, there are many people like me who talk about success and their own formulas and other formulas. I get this question all the time, what is the absolute secret formula for success? And I keep telling very loudly on this podcast, and also to people who ask me that there isn’t one that is really guarded as the secret there isn’t everything isn’t, isn’t the open, everything is in the public. But all the formulas, I can’t say all but most of the formulas like 99% of the formulas that are presented in society, are presented backward. And if you follow them, then you are left with broken results. And maybe as a broken individual. I think that’s radical that’s too far. But okay, so if you have been a listener of this podcast, I mentioned a few days ago, that I am a couple of days ago, in fact, that I wrote a book on carrier breakthroughs. And in that book, I talked about this, and talked about how following the formulas that are otherwise, you know, presented backward, will create in the society, they will create results that are broken, and also end up breaking you as an individual. I talked about that in the book.

So essentially, I took the same thing today and turn that into a podcast episode. So if you haven’t read the book, don’t worry about it, you are here. In fact, man standing has since developed a lot I ordered the book eight years ago, but a lot, a lot of things have changed in my life. So here’s how it’s presented the in the public, the harder you work, the more successful you become. Okay, I’ll take it, I’ll take it to some external ticket. But there is also another saying that continues, the more success you have, the happier you become. I don’t believe, to some extent, I believe that the harder you work, you become successful, and the chance that you’ll become successful. But I also do not believe literally, that statement that the statement is, the harder you work, the more successful you become. Now, the harder you work, you will become successful, and the chances of you becoming successful go up. But it doesn’t make you more successful because you’re working more harder. I don’t believe in that statement either. But somehow all these things are being positioned in a clustered manner. And depending upon who is presenting it, it serves them, then it kind of takes off whatever. But here’s what we know. We know that, yes, happiness, success, and hard work, all have a role to play, but the order is important. So if success is the end goal, we now know. And through all the research and through the experiments and everything that there are two things that create success, happiness, and positivity. So how is success creating happiness, if happiness is creating success, okay, now, individually, happiness and positivity don’t stand in this equation to a large extent, positivity itself contributes towards happiness. So you need both, but positivity is in a way influencing happiness. And happiness is responsible for creating success, not the other way around, which is the way it had been twisted, and presented in society.

Now there are so many podcast episodes have done talking about positivity. But on a quick note here, the quick reference here. There are about three, or four things that are proven to create positivity, the first and foremost is writing a journal. So you, you sit down, you write a journal every day, in the morning, in the afternoon, evening, whatever, you typically resolve your emotions, your ideas, your thoughts, and you don’t lead or you don’t close the day with stress or you don’t lead the day with stress. And remanent stress is a big contributor to unhappiness. So you don’t carry anything forward. So you resolve them and there’s no better way to resolve them. There are other ways and we’ll talk about them in a second but the most effective way is writing journals. Okay, of course, the next one is meditation, a big one, you know, you got to be engaging in an activity that is somewhere somewhat to some extent related to meditation. Now if you really do not practice meditation, then whatever you are doing, make sure that you get yourself into a meditation You stay doing that you’re hiking, you’re biking, you’re singing, you’re dancing, you’re performing, reaching a meditative state, as you are doing those things. Then escaping, this is another one escaping to nature, not escaping from anything but escaping to nature.

So, as I said, hiking, you know, running, swimming, climbing all these things, and spending time in the wilderness is proven to increase pot positivity. But the biggest of all, which is rarely, I don’t see anybody talking about this, but a great conversation. Listening to a great conversation, having a conversation, and participating in a great conversation are proven to raise positivity. So there you have it. So positivity is where what you practice, and happiness is what you derive. And the combination of positivity and happiness together will create the success that you’re seeking simple formula, has always proven to work and there is enough data to prove it now.

Okay. That’s all, for now, you go have an incredible Sunday. Enjoy. And before you know it, I’ll be with you right here. So keep listening, keep sharing, and keep subscribing. If you haven’t subscribed, and you have a question for me, then text me at 888-818-0404 That’s all for now. You take care of yourself. I’ll be with you. So thank you.

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