Self-Awareness is a series of choices

Awareness Is A Series Of Choices

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Good morning. Welcome back to success with Srini. Today is the January 19. Early morning, as I’m recording this, I had a long day yesterday. And yesterday, multiple podcast recordings than the radio show, then the webinar, that the whole headspace is occupied by hypnosis because that’s what I was talking all day yesterday.

So this morning, as I’m recording this podcast episode, I’m like starting from a blank page altogether, because everything in my mind is all about hypnosis now. And I don’t want to talk about hypnosis, because you might be listening to those recordings, as a podcast anyway, so I wanted to do something incremental this morning, in my mind, and as I was kind of getting ready to record this, I found a note that I thought I lost. It’s interesting. I thought I lost what I happen to have it. I mean, imagine that you have a feeling that you lost a paper on which you took some notes, and you happen to find it.

This is a lot because as far as I know, all my know, all my papers, everything has scanned, and I don’t have any loose paper lying around anymore, it’s all gone. But there was this folder, within which I had a few papers, and I opened the folder, and suddenly I find this paper. Now, I’ll tell you a bad habit I had back in the day, which was I used to read a lot of books, and I used to write notes, take a white paper, I take some notes on it. And my idea is that I’ll find the paper, but I never used to file the papers.

My mindset was like, Okay, I’m going to make a three hole punch on it, put it in a binder, and file it never did it that way. And the good habit I have is I never took notes on books. The books that I read, I never took notes on them, my friends did. And I’ve seen other people do other successful people do they take notes in the books because they own the book, it’s better to take the notes in the book so that they know in what context they take the notes, they can go back and read the notes. Without reading the book, if they want to a few years later, I never considered a book to be my own, even though I paid for it, I think the books will outlive me. And they’re going to go to other people. So if I put my notes there, and I write stuff on it, then, you know, I think I’m doing a disservice to someone who is would eventually will have this book. I see them as, as my teachers and I read them, but then I never really abuse them. This paper has some notes on it. And And as I’m reading this paper, I see that some of the stuff that I’ve written here, I did write these on other papers too, but in different shapes and forms. Because I might have read the same book a few times. Along the way. I might have taken similar notes on other papers, but this one is complete. So let me walk you through this, I think you’ll find value. But do me a favor. If you do find value, then drop me a message, a text message or an email.

You got to constantly engage in a process of self actualization. 

Everything that you’re doing, you need to think can this take me to the highest level? So let’s say you are a software engineer, ask the question, Will this take me to the highest level? Or what do I need to do to get to the highest level in this space, whatever profession you’re in, maybe you are a chiropractor, maybe you are a doctor, maybe you’re a dentist, maybe you’re a broker, highest level. And when you have that kind of a mindset, you go moment to moment with absolute clarity. And then every moment is a great moment. That’s a big one. The second thing on this note,

Engage with something that makes you forget your defenses, poses, shyness, gulliness of your childhood. 

To expand a little bit on this one. We have all these things. Even though we are grownups we have seen life and all but we still have these things. And these things come and interfere into things that we want to achieve right at the time in a fully engaged in trying to get to somewhere with your carrier with your with your projects, and all these things come in in the middle. So you got to somehow engage in something that make you forget this. The third one here is awareness is a series of choices. One after the other, that make you move forward without regret. Have no idea from where I took these notes. Okay, as I read them, I feel myself Wow. Okay. So awareness is a series of choices. The third one here is you should

Always listen to Your voices,not your father's mother's or the society's 

you see how we do things to make other people happy. You got to listen to your voice. And you have a voice that’s telling you to do things. And somehow with our own understanding, we suppress all that. The last one, I believe, is

Decide to be honest, tell the truth as is, even if you become unpopular. 

It’s a good one. I think the last one last one,

You should have a willingness in you to see other people at their best. 

Now, that’s a big one. See, I do this podcast, or I do coaching, seminars, workshops. This is business. But this is not a business that is bigger than the clients. It’s not bigger than the people problems. So what I mean by that is the core underlying intent, or the leading intent, the dominating intent, how can we make people achieve the best, we want to see the best version of them, they’re coming in a certain way, once they’re done, they see they feel they have achieved a different state, we see that they have now we see the contrast, as a result of we working with them. That’s what is on this side, let’s let’s take that into your life, whatever you’re doing, you know, of course, you are advancing your career, your job, your business, all those things. But what if for a day, or for a week, you put your coworkers ahead of you, your manager ahead of you, your clients, your partners, your suppliers ahead of you, your children ahead of you, your spouse ahead of you. See what happens. I promise. You see, the willingness is important. What happens is a whole different thing that you got to have that willingness to see other people at their best. As something about this feeling I can’t even express I don’t have words to express this. That is the highest form of achievement when you have that willingness within you. Anything to do operate with that as the core and the principle as the centered thought. Those are some notes.

I hope today’s forecast is helpful. And I’ll be back again tomorrow. We’ll talk a little bit about hypnosis. We’ll talk a little bit about something I don’t know.

Again, the text number where you can text us here text me is 888-818-0404. Drop me a message. If not, if you have my email id just send me an email. Let me know you heard the podcast. Hopefully this helpful. That’s all bye now.

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