Core Beliefs: What Are They & How To Discover Them

Core Beliefs: What Are They & How To Discover Them

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Today on the podcast, I’m taking up a very difficult topic. And I’m making an attempt to convey this. This is the basis. This is the core of my coaching, this is the core of my training, everything that I’ve done on radio, even on this podcast over the years, this is the foundation. We are talking about core beliefs. On today’s podcast, happy Saturday morning to you. It’s a weekend, I want to keep this simple to the point. So let me start out by asking this question. Has it ever happened to you there, you thought you can do it? But no matter what, no matter what you do, it’s not happening. You know, you can do it. But somehow you cannot do it can do versus cannot do. Yesterday, we talked about doing right versus what is right. Today can do versus cannot do.

Now, if you struggle a lot, this is what we call the struggle. People say I struggled a lot. So you struggled a lot with you trying to you know, you have the skill talents, they know how experience or all the gifts to get a specific thing done. But somehow, it’s not happening. That’s what we call to struggle, you stay in that zone for five years, 10 years, 15 years, that what we call to struggle. Now, how do you come out of this, how do people come out of this? Well, they cannot do pot has to be confronted. And there is this cannot do pot, this cannot do pot there is a high probability that this cannot do pot is happening is coming, or is present in the unconscious part of the mind the subconscious part. And there is a high possibility that there are two things that are responsible for this not happening for you two things, one is your beliefs that are in the unconscious mind. And the second is fears, some fear, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of whatever. And beliefs are things that either you knowingly put into yourself or you were influenced unknowingly, either you deliberately flushed yourself or unknowingly got influenced, and there is a high possibility that it was an uncontrolled influence. And it happened through some situations that happened to you during your childhood. Anytime I get any radio show, specifically talking about hypnosis, talking about change, this is probably the intro to each of my shows.

Now, the older you became, or the older you have become, or the older you are becoming, the more difficult it is for you to change because the stronger these influences are becoming in the unconscious mind. In other words, the beliefs in the unconscious mind and the fears in the unconscious mind are becoming stronger by the day. I get this question about beliefs. Every time I talk to a friend or a client, you know, well, I don’t know what beliefs or I don’t know what values are, you know, how do I differentiate between these two? Well, beliefs essentially give you an understanding of yourself, the way you understand yourself, or the way somebody understands you. Okay? Your beliefs. They give the dare the formations that they form you, let’s say, through your actions or through your inactions, or through your words or through your expressions. You seem to hate money or dislike money. So people around you can see and this they start to see they see. Yeah, you know, he doesn’t believe in money. I know you might have heard this. He doesn’t believe in relationships, he doesn’t believe in a job. See, he doesn’t believe in politics. Because you are telling the world what you believe in and what you do not believe in beliefs also create your understanding of others. And beliefs also create your understanding of life. So if you really take change as a subject or a topic, and you seek positive change, yes, people There are so many things you can do, to create positive change in your life. But it comes down to this. It comes down to you, your understanding of yourself, your understanding of others, and your understanding of life. Three things, these three things, each category has its own specifics, but it comes down to these three core beliefs. Now, how do you discover what beliefs are dominating your mind? A long time ago, and I do not know who came up with this, but we have used this quite extensively. It’s called the downward arrow technique. Now, what this technique does is it helps you to discover the beliefs that you are hanging on to that you should otherwise you shouldn’t be. So every time I explain this concept to any of my seminars, people, you know, how do I know which belief I need to change? And how do I even know which beliefs I have? So the downward arrow technique teaches you to discover the beliefs that you have, and that you foster. And the ones that are positive and the ones that are negative. And the negatives have to go.

Obviously, positives have to be understood. So you need to figure out what these are, and then you know what you have to do with them. So how does this work? Well, think about this. Let’s take a recent situation that you had in your life. So let’s say you have been let go from your job. By the way, I’m getting a lot of people telling me this. So I took that as an example. And you’re applying for jobs and you’re not able to get jobs. I’m applying I’m not getting jobs. So no matter what I do, I’m not able to get a job. So that’s the situation. Now, let’s look at what is your understanding of this. Your understanding that means what it means? About you? So what does it mean? To us specifically? So it means and you can even attach different meanings to this. You might say, Yeah, you know, I lack communication skills. That’s why, or maybe I lack some tech skills. Or maybe, I don’t know, I just got lucky in the previous jobs. But I don’t think I have what it takes. And maybe these guys are right, they eventually figured out who I am. And my luck has run out. Or maybe you might say, I don’t have what it takes period. Right. So the different meanings you can attach. And these are your beliefs. Okay, that’s you. Now you take the same situation, and you start what others are thinking about, like, what is your belief about others.

So, for example, I was right. But the manager was incorrect. The hiring, hiring manager, or one of the people I spoke to deliberately wanted me to fail in the interview. I didn’t like that company. I didn’t like the commute. So you start looking into other things. Okay, and, you know, outside of you now, like you’re looking outside of you, then maybe from a life perspective, the third one is life. So your understanding of life, you, you may start inferring this as, okay, this world is dark, everybody’s going to be fired anyway. Anyway, never wanted a job. So so everything is maybe an indicator that I just want to go and do something else. So you have three different core beliefs that could be coming out. Now your job is to write down all the possibilities the way you what does it mean about you? Or what does it mean about me as you’re writing it down? If I’m writing now, what does it mean about me? What does it mean about others? And what does it mean about life? So I write down all possibilities.

Now as you’re doing this, you start to see that clearly some of these understandings are misplaced. Some of these observations are misplaced, okay, and you will start to see that depending upon how good you are at this, or how honest you are about this, you start to see some of these very drastic, that extreme. And you don’t need to go there. And you have to change them. I suggest people and when back in the day when I used to do a two-day or a three-day seminar I used to make people go through this at the seminar. And I used to tell them that you got to do this at least once or six once every six months or once a year. Because this is critical. This gives you an understanding this is how you build yourself And I force people to go through this exercise and just constantly visit their beliefs about themselves about others about the world and try to bring them as a singular entity and kind of make them well-rounded about life. This is hard to explain on a podcast like this, but I think I tried. Whether I failed, or I succeeded, you let me know. 888-818-0404 is the number where you can text me. And if you have a question for me more than happy to answer that. That’s all for now for today. So go enjoy your Saturday. If you’re listening to this on a Saturday, before you know it, I’ll be with you as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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