De-Clutter & Organize your Life now

De-Clutter & Organize Your Life Now

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Welcome back, happy Monday morning to you start a new week, Monday. And we’re almost done with the month of August 2022. As I’m recording this interesting, and very interesting, interesting to me, because I never thought I would survive this long. So I made a commitment to myself, I’m going to do this podcast every day. At the start of this year, I can’t believe I’ve come this far. So today on the podcast, I want to share with you a success secret, which I have shared multiple times on this podcast.

So if you’re struggling to organize yourself, you’re struggling to bring creative thoughts into your mind. If you have some ideas, you have some passions, you want to pursue them, but it’s not happening, then today’s podcast episode is for you. So stay with me, it’s going to be fun. So two backstories, I want to share with you two backstories before I get into the formula here. So a friend of mine, I talked to him pretty much on a daily basis. So I asked him, I said, Hey, how’s it going? Yeah, great, great, you know, all, he shares, everything that’s happening great, because he wants to, he knows what I do. So he wants to keep my levels high. And I’m pushing him to do better in life. So one thing he keeps on saying, and repeating himself, which is I’m cleaning up everything before I start something new. I’m clearing up everything so that I can position myself to do something new. Now, I don’t know if this has crossed your mind. I want to clear up everything on my plate before I start something new. May it may have. I’m not sure. But it has crossed my mind many times in the past.

So every time I talk to him, he keeps repeating that and has been doing it for over three years now. And he keeps telling me that he has so many things to do. Do you have a lot of things to do, who doesn’t have a lot of things to do, we all have, and I have on this podcast, I have shared many different tips on how to organize yourself and how to have routines, and how to have, you know, all the different strategies and techniques. But it’s funny how people create to-do lists. And they never really do anything with them. They never really get to the core of why they’re not able to get things done, why they can’t accomplish or complete them. And they never see the finish lines for some reason and they keep on making themselves accountable. Yeah, have this and I want to do this. But then they are not unable to take themselves out of this mental loop where they’re either stuck with one thing or they’re not doing anything. So how do you overcome this? So this is story number one. Story number two is to do with me. I have found myself multiple times where I was overwhelmed. And I was lost. But so many books to read so many things to do so much to clear up. I’ll tell you at one point, I was buying about 10 to 15 books a week. Knowing that I cannot read all of them. And I was stalking books. At one point, I had about like one full-car garage worth of papers. These are all notes, you know, papers that are from IRS and you know multiple companies’ taxes I did not file. It was like I just hated my literally I would like to wake up in the morning, look at all the things that I have to catch up with and I will literally kill my Spirit every day. Kill my spirit. And I made a promise to myself. I said I want to do something about this. And I let me tell you how long I stayed with it. I stayed with it for about like seven years, seven years every day, and it’s piling up junk. I know I was not a hoarder, but it was piling up.

I knew because I was still coaching people. I didn’t you have the life you quote somebody on what they should do and you’re not doing it. It’s funny. It’s funny, and I see coaches doing it. I’m like, I was like I wake up in the morning. I look at myself in the middle. I can’t see myself distorted everywhere. I’m here trying to tell people and I’m telling people every day on calls, what they should do, and I’m not doing it and the evidence is against me I started giving things away, started giving things away, I started giving away books, all the CDs, all the tapes, all the DVDs, everything just gave them away. Things that I could not give away. I gave them away to Salvation Army. Goodwill, I don’t know, I just gave them away. But still, I had to deal with papers. 100 people, I couldn’t catch up with the paperwork. The more I was seeing the resistance, the more I was seeing my lack of ability to accomplish. I was dying within seven long years. Not a joke. Our lifespan is like, I don’t know. 50 6070 given everything that we’re dealing with, maybe 80 Maybe 100? I don’t know. And here I am not able to catch up. Oh, one more story. Third story. My dad piled up papers, books, you know, almost in his 80s. I told him, I said you, why are you piling up all this? You’re not going to ever get to all this. You got to let this go. And he’s like, no, no, I still have time. I still have time.

One night, he had a stroke. I forgot everything. He forgot my name. He forgot everything. And now everything he has no meaning nothing. I had to purge everything. And then when I came back into my life, I have all these things that I’m wanting to purge, I can’t get my hands on. So I’ll tell you, I hired people. They took care of some stuff. But then there was they could not take care of this emotional stuff I was going through. Then I got some amazing software and scanners to scan all the papers, I got rid of some papers. Mostly the papers went away. But then the processing did not go away. Because mentally I was still holding everything in my mind, even though visibly everything was clean in front of me. But then the real evolution happened when I decided that nothing matters. Nothing matters. So if you cannot come to that realization, anything matters, then I don’t think whatever game you’re playing, you would have the stress. So you’re always thinking about your possessions. Or I have a car, I don’t know what to do with it. I have a house, I don’t know what to do with it. Every time you have possessions gonna kill you. Life is beautiful when you live in emptiness. So today, I’ll tell you, I still have possessions. I’m still trying to get rid of them. But they don’t bother me because I don’t have that affiliation. I’m cleaning my mind as I’m thinking. So when I’m talking to my coaching clients, including this friend of mine, you know, here’s the strategy. Listen, if you’re struggling right now, with things that you have dumped, dump them. That’s it. Give it away dump if you want a better meaning give them away so that some other individual will benefit from your stuff. Otherwise, dump it. Don’t worry about it.

Now you can delegate it. Many, many years ago, I read the book, Getting Things Done by David Allen, I talk about that book here on this podcast. I got this formula from it from that book from him, says Ford organize yourself either, you know, dump it, delegate it, defer it or do it, the chances are you’re deferring it, and I did it. I was deferring for a long amount of time. Hence it was piling up. But then you cannot get to a point where you start doing things. Unless you do the first two things, which are to delegate or to dump. And my primary suggestion, my number one suggestion to you is to dump everything dumped everything, and start clean. Don’t worry about what you have done or what you’ve not done, because the chances are, you know, even if you get to them, there’s a cost involved with this. You can’t I mean, I have like seven years of my life gone into the stress of what I was not there for anyone during the seven years not for my family, not for they’re worried constantly for taxes. What about the papers, worried about the books, all gone? distractions, the reason why you can’t get things done is that you’re distracted.

The stuff that you have distracts you. But then there is a new element. There is this new AI that is distracting you these new machines, this these machines, this AI all those things. It’s called the show up in different shapes and forms Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, and this podcast, are distracting you and taking over your mind. You don’t have anything left to apply yourself to. Of course, there are other people and all but then most of the gadgets and the apps and these gadgets the killing you So, if you stop your distractions, you’ll get back something. But if you organize yourself, you’ll get everything back. And that is the message I wanted to drive here on the podcast today. So go start dumping, start delegating, you got to hire the right people, and all that it takes is time, but dumping is your internal game. That’s something that you have control over. Delegating, you don’t have control over. So if you’re sitting there and thinking that one day you will find somebody is going to come in and go to take care of all your papers and all the stuff in your house. Not happen unless you hire someone. Yeah, I did. I did hire somebody. Eventually, when I was struggling with this, I did pay somebody, I don’t know five or $10,000 to come in every day and clean up stuff for me. I did not necessary in this equation, not necessarily take some accountability and get the ball rolling. So you know, one of the things, when I start working when I was working with people one on one, one of my requirements, was that they are organized. If not, there’s no success. You can’t enjoy success. You may create can enjoy, what’s the point? Okay, that’s all for now, wherever you are, be safe.

Start your Monday with this notion to organize and get more focused by eliminating all distractions and start your day with the commitment and I will be here with you tomorrow. And we’ll talk a little bit more and in a little bit different manner.

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