Deep Conversations With Right People Is A Privilege

Deep Conversations With Right People Is A Privilege

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Welcome or welcome back to Success with Srini. Today is January 26, year 2022. It’s a Wednesday morning. Happy Wednesday morning to you Happy Hump Day. And to all my friends in India and all over the world, Happy Independence Day to you. Good as I started the podcast, I have a few things on my mind. But I want to focus on something that happened yesterday.
On my show, I do a show on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are my radio days, I do a show in the evening. And my show happens between 630 and 7pm pacific here in Silicon Valley in the Bay Area, San Jose area where I live. And yesterday on the radio show, I tried to do something different an experiment that went amazingly, I don’t know, was amazing. The radio show, 10 minutes into the radio show on the fly. I decided this was not a pre planned thing. I was thinking I want to do something different. But I did not know what to do.

See, every time I get on a show or on the podcast here, my intent is that, what can I say? What can I express? What is it that I can do on the show that’s going to impact the listener. And my mindset is everybody who is listening to me is listening to me for the very first time. I’m not thinking that there are repeat listeners or subscribers to my show, even though I address them on my show that way. But everybody who’s listening to me is listening to me for the very first time. So I need to get their attention at the same level that otherwise, they heard me many many, you know, years or months ago. So every conversation is new. Every time I need to create the same level of excitement, same level of curiosity, same level of enthusiasm, as if I’m talking to them for the very first time, even though I could be talking to them for the nth time.

So this podcast, if you are a repeat listener, you’re a subscriber. That means I need to talk to you with the same level of enthusiasm. That otherwise I spoke to you for the very first time. I don’t know because you know why you might be listening to this show for the first time. And you may not have heard this before. So this could be the very first time you’re listening. That’s the point, right?

So because you’re listening to this for the very first time, and you may go and listen to my older episodes also. Because once this episode is done, you go to the next one and next one, I need to have the same level of enthusiasm, I cannot be talking to you, as if you know, that is a disconnect in the energy. You see what I’m saying the disconnect in the energy.

So yesterday, I got on the show and I was thinking, what is that I need to do I need to do something different, but no idea what to do. 10 minutes into the show, I said we have about 18 minutes at that point in time. And I said we’re going to get called and give away five lucky people a chance to join my Success 2022. It’s the event I do once a year. And this event is transformational. Now something about this event, I invite speakers to come. And I get to spend time with the speakers myself, I’m hosting them. So I have incredible conversations with the speakers.

So the preparation for this event is like a goldmine for me. Because these are amazing people. I get to spend time with them. So amazing, feeling amazing all together, I can’t even express the event is a bonus for me. Then, at the event, I get to spend time with people who are coming in people who listen to the radio show, but I don’t see them. And I’m one of the people in the audience. I don’t speak a lot at this event. So it’s vacation for me honestly speaking. Having so many people getting to know the speakers well, getting to know the audience as well, my listeners well. I have a deep conviction about this event. I do this once a year did not happen last year 2021. This is big.

So sometimes it’s a one day event, sometimes a two day event, but I give my life to it. So I go there on the show yesterday, and I said 10 minutes into the show I say call in. And the first five minutes, first five callers win. If there are more than five callers, we go into a draw. And we’ll do a draw and five lucky winners win. So in my mind, there were five callers who had to give out the tickets call started coming in. I was expecting maybe 10 callers will call in. In the 17 minutes, the board was full. There was no way I could take all the calls. Once I was done, and I looked at the stats, there were 93 calls made yesterday in 20 minutes. 93 times people reached, we don’t know the distinct callers, how many there are. But some people call multiple times they were on hold, and they kept on calling back. So 93 phone calls made a lot of hold time on the show. We can only take at any point in time 4 calls can be on hold. Four or six, I think on the station side. And I don’t know how many callers are calling. It was remarkable, because I never had this many number of callers calling into the show, and holding the lines for that long.

So if you were a caller yesterday on my radio show, then thank you for your support. And I’m sorry that I could not get you on air. But you know where I’m coming from. Now we did an analysis after the show was done, I did an analysis. And here is my observation about the show. There was not much of content, there was no content. And in fact, yesterday on the show, we shifted the date to March 26. It was supposed to be happening on February 5, but we shifted to March 26. Still people called in. And at that point, I realized after the show was done, as I was analyzing this, I realized that people were not supposed to come because there is COVID, isn’t it? And they don’t care. They don’t care, honestly. Their text messages is coming now, not a single person is saying “okay, I can’t come this event”. My office already calling them back, as I’m recording this, my office already reached to several people, and each one of them telling my office that they’re okay, they’re gonna come in. So we moved the date thinking it’s a COVID situation. But then people are like, they’re over it in their mind. I think I’m not sure, I think less than one observation.

The biggest observation yesterday from the show was there was no content, I come to share content I want to but then yesterday shows a proof. In the last two days from this podcast, I’ve been telling you how to lead, how to talk to people with intent, and have your thoughts in play. So that your words will be in order, so that your actions will reflect the words and then your actions become your habits. And I talked about the whole Lao Tzu’s example, his quote on how our thoughts become our destiny.

I lead with a thought yesterday on the show, even though I had no content there, but thought was very clear, come to the events will change your life. And I had because those words, whatever I said on show, they were real because I have you know, it’s a part of my unconscious. This is my conviction that my event will change your life. If you’re coming. That was my conviction I showed up there. I was not worried about how should I say this? When should I say this? What is my clock? How much time I have? None. I ran out of time, I knew I had to take the calls. At the end. I said listen, everybody who called in, everybody whose call I took you are in into my event.

A good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.

We started out thinking maybe there are going to be 100 people at the event. Now it looks like it’s going to be a much larger event. Here is something that I learned many, many years ago, many things I learned specifically when it comes down to having an incredible conversation. A good conversation can shift the direction of change forever. Whatever change that people are seeking a good conversation can shift the direction of the change. And my job is to go and shift. People are having conversations in their mind, every listener you are having conversation in your mind right now. My job is to give enough amount of certainty. My job is to remove any indecision you have got going. And my job is to shift the direction of that conversation towards a positive outcome. That’s all I do in therapy. That’s all I do in coaching. That’s all I’m trying to do on this podcast. That’s all I did yesterday on the show. And moving forward from this point. That’s what I’m going to do. That’s my commitment to myself. By the way, one good conversation can shift the direction of change forever was said by Linda Lambert, that’s her quote.

When you have a deep conversation with the right people, that’s a privilege.

See, I do these events because I get the speakers there. And I get the audience’s that if anybody comes in. And the reason why these are so empowering, personally for me, is because I get to have deep conversations with people in person who is coming in whether the speaker of the attendee and when you have a deep conversation with the right people, that’s a privilege. That’s a privilege. Most people don’t have it. I think I have the privilege. It’s an honor. It’s just a blessing. It’s it’s a God’s gift to have that kind of deep conversations with people who you don’t really know in person, but you made them you have and this is a privilege. I just don’t want to lose. I’m okay to lose my life. Not okay to lose this privilege. I’m having deep conversations with people, random, unknown people who don’t, I don’t know them. I made them. They pour their heart, they pour the soul. I pour my heart and my soul. Amazing.

Go and have an incredible conversation.

My message to you is this today, go and have an incredible conversation. If you’re angry at someone today, drop your anger. If you’re frustrated with something, drop your frustration. You’re detached, go-attach yourself with a good conversation. See how life will reward you. It’s important that you walk away happy from any conversation.

You’re seeking happiness in your life, it starts with you.

I’m done with this podcast episode recording here. As I’m going to press the stop button, you know, I’m walking away from this conversation, which is one way by the way, but immensely blessed. I have no idea who will listen to this. No idea how many are listening doesn’t matter. People look at the stats. Not worried about that. But I’m walking away with an incredible feeling. And that’s what matters. So go have that feeling with whoever you have in your life at work in your life. Go do that. Life will be amazing. It will shift something. A good conversation will shift something usually the direction of your destiny. You keep on adding those conversations. Suddenly you are happy. Suddenly everybody around you is happy. Happiness. You’re seeking happiness in your life, it starts with you. And in fact it starts within you.

That’s all for now. You have an incredible day. And the radio show from yesterday will be uploaded here as a podcast. Go listen to the show. Amazing. That’s all for now. You take care of yourself. Bye.

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