Do This To Become Successful, Happy & Fulfilled

Do This To Become Successful, Happy & Fulfilled

If you’re looking for some happiness and fulfillment in your life right now, in any aspect of your life, this video has the answer. Stay with me. Hi, this is the “SuccessWithSrini” YouTube channel. I’m Srini Saripalli. Thank you for stopping by, this question on happiness and fulfillment. This question has been since the eternity numerous books, numerous philosophers, numerous ideas, numerous formulas.

Today in this video, I want to share with you a simple five-step process on how anybody can create happiness and fulfillment. This is not something that I have created, this is something that I read, this is something that I found in the books, this is not my creation. So step number one for this formula is, you need to have faith in the higher power. Whatever that higher power is, whatever your spiritual connection is, you got to have faith in the higher power.

Step number two is that you need to have confidence in yourself in whatever things that you are doing right now, in whatever beliefs and whatever values you have in your whole identity. All that you got to be an entity with confidence as an individual.

Step number three, you got to have dedication for a purpose. It’s very difficult to lead a life without purpose, it’s important we attach meaning to things that we’re doing to our goals and to our outcomes. And such that the pursuit becomes easier. It becomes more enjoyable. It seems, and it is now proven that people who have a purpose usually lead a good life, happy life, and if you’re dedicated to a purpose. Now you’re completely raising the levels altogether to a whole different state.

The next one is you got to have mastery in things that you are doing. Mastery one thing, that that one, the one thing that you are doing right now, professionally or whatever, whatever thing that you something, when people look to you, then they feel Yeah, that he or she has the mastery. Okay? Not just experience, not just the skill, not the brilliance, literally mastery, okay.

And then the last one, the fifth one, which is a lively interest in everything and everybody. You are genuine as an individual interested in everything around you, and everybody around you, you get these five things, right, your life is gonna be amazing. But if you get a few of these five, right, just maybe two or three, right, you will be you’ll be good. That’s the formula for a happy and fulfilled life. Now, there is a formula that I talked about, a few days ago on this channel. I’m going to drop a link about which is Greek philosopher Aristotle, nearly 2300 years ago, talking about a happiness formula, happiness and fulfillment formula that’s even valid today after 2300 years.

So I want you to check that video out also, now that you have seen this video. That’s all for now. If you like this video, drop me a comment here. Put a question. If you have a question for me, I will personally respond to your question here. If you want me to get in front of you, every time I record a video, then, by all means, subscribe to the channel and also press the bell icon. That way I show up. That’s all for now, wherever you are, be safe. And I’ll be back again with another video very, very soon. Thank you

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