Extend Your Mind By Bending The Curves Of Productivity

Extend Your Mind By Bending The Curves Of Productivity

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The underlying promise of this podcast is you can overcome any dysfunction in your life by simply expanding your mind. Over and over again, on this podcast and across multiple radio shows of mine, I have been talking about mind expansion techniques, I talk about hypnosis, I talk about yoga, meditation, and many different things. Now, the truth is, I’m not unique. Many people do this, this whole self-improvement industry is filled with experts and gurus talking about different ways to expand the human mind. And the reason why all of us are doing this is that it works.

Now today on this podcast, I want to put a different kind of spin on this thing called the expansion of the mind. Rather than working towards expanding the mind, let’s talk about extending the mind and why it’s important. Before I go in and explain all this, let’s make a distinction between expansion and extending an expansion. See, the extension means to stretch, expand means spread, there is a lot going on in your life. So to spread the mind, you can put in all of that you can fit all of that into your existence. When you spread the mind, when you stretch the mind, whatever you’re doing, you do it a little bit better. You see a little bit better. So in my experience, even though mind expansion principles work for a majority of the people, extending the mind can also create miracles. Very, very different, but it works. It works amazingly.

Now, even combining these two, you become unstoppable. So what way can you bring in the ability to extend your mind, what we have seen is, that the easiest way to extend the mind is to bend the curve of productivity. Whatever you are doing right now, we just modified that a little bit here and there. And we kind of stretched the productivity, that’s the right way to put it. So how do you do this? Now, there are many other schools of thought on this. I’m not saying that productivity is the only way to approach the extension of the mind. But in my opinion, in my experience, it’s about productivity. At the end of the day, we all want to become productive. Of course, we all want to become impactful and influential and all that but it’s about productivity, it’s all about feeling good about what we have done. Now, I don’t know if you are a student of productivity or not, maybe you do subscribe to the thought, maybe not the godless all of us are producing something, even if we are producing nothing but producing something. So there is productivity, we are consuming, we are producing something, maybe it’s meaningful at a larger scale, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s only meaningful to you and may not be to everybody. And that’s perfectly fine. So I want to share with you some ideas around how I have structured this, and it’s going to help you hopefully. So there are four primary principles. So there is a start. There is a give, there is a couple or club, and then there is a close. Okay, so there are four things and I want to expand on these four things.

So let’s talk about the start. You’re always starting something, and you’re always closing something at this moment, right now you are you have started this podcast episode, you’re listening to it, you’re gonna close it out in just about just a few minutes. Maybe you’re doing this on YouTube, maybe you’re listening in your app doesn’t matter. But while you are listening to this, there is something else that is happening in your mind. You’re thinking about something else, or you’re seeing something you’re driving, maybe you’re seeing something. So at any point in time, the mind is starting something and closing something. Now let’s take this into and bring this into the concept of productivity for a second.

See, I woke up this morning at 4:30 am. That’s my start. I’m starting my day. And I’m just going to start my flow. My flow is in already. So I’m doing things I’m recording this podcast. I did a few things a little bit earlier. I’m going to do a few more things a little bit later and all that so I have a schedule I have all the tasks identified and I am on My floor. So I’ve started my day, sorting a few things here and there. And all that. Now, I’m in the flow state, my goal is every day I start my day at 4:30 am. That’s my goal. And I keep pretty consistent with that. The flow is set, the start is set, the flow is not set I take the back and may start the set, but the floor, sometimes I get in sometimes I do not. Here is how I approach my start. If I’m doing something that’s happening, this podcast is happening. At some point, I’ll say, Okay, wait a minute. So I’m done with the podcast, why don’t I go, Listen, I don’t feel that I really did a good job with it. So I’m going to stop the podcast, maybe delete the whole thing, and we’ll redo this. So what I’ve done is I’ve stretched, even though I do not edit as much, and even though I’m not going to take anything out of this, but you get the idea I want to stretch. So hey, I did it. It sounds okay. But what if I do it the second time, it’s going to sound good. Or maybe it’s going to feel good. Sound is not the issue, the feelings issue. If I don’t feel this to be good, I have no right to publish this, and making you go through this doesn’t make any sense. So I need to feel good about this. So I’m going to stretch myself a bit. So whatever you’re starting, is it possible for you to kind of stay a little bit longer on it and sort it a little bit more. So that you have better quality, you have a better product at the end. And that is what we call stretching. So I try to stretch whatever I’m doing. But I don’t want to overstretch if I do them now I’m kind of overstepping on other things. So if I have 30 minutes to record this podcast, I have to, it’s okay to do as many takes as possible. But I cannot go beyond 30 minutes, because something else will have to get done. To start with it, the next one gets compromised. The second part is given. I start my day by giving it away. Before many, many years ago, I used to do a coaching program early morning at 6:30 am. And that was my way of starting my day by giving it away. Not necessary for me to do at six o’clock in the morning. But I used to and people used to join in. People had difficulty waking up in the morning. So they had to wake up, they have to start the day at six in the morning, and then move on with the proceedings of life. These days, I wake up, and one of the only things that I do in this podcast. My idea is to give it away for whatever there is no withholding of information. There is no expectation, no greed, none. And we do the podcast done with it. And I run this as a coaching podcast. Because if you and I are talking one-on-one we are face to face, I will tell you the same thing that I’m telling you on this podcast. That’s how I see this.

So I have an element where I do something to give away. And that is the stretch. Do you know why? Because all of us are selfish. The human mind by default is selfish. So if I can cut something, I should cut something away, that I’m doing for gaining nothing in return. So we all cut things off. Because we’re not getting something in return. We stopped doing stuff people stopped going to the gym and working out because they’re not seeing any gains. So why don’t you do something that you do without expecting anything? So you challenge the mind, you’re training the mind, not to always keep on expecting to get something. Sometimes the mind is like, you know, if I’ll only do this, if I get something out of it doesn’t work that way. The Universal Laws of compensation don’t work that way. There are things that you will have to do in this life for which you will never are going to be rewarded. Take my word for this, you will never be rewarded, and you will have to do things right. Yet you will be punished. So this is how it works. And sometimes people do get things without doing anything and it’s okay. That’s how it is something about life that we will not be able to figure out in this lifetime. Okay. That’s how it works. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I think fortunately. Can you help someone as a part of your starting your day? And most importantly, can you start your day by giving it away some element of it being given away? That’s the stretch. Then the coupling and clubbing let’s talk about About. You see, there are many things I do that are very dull and dumb. I mean, this podcast is the only thing that I do where I cannot couple. I mean, I cannot do something else while I’m recording this podcast, I had to completely 100% wholeheartedly, totally dialed in into this. There are things that you could do. So if you are running, you can listen to an audiobook, or maybe to this podcast. If you are working, you can listen to some music. That’s you can couple a few things. One of the ways I used to club things back in the day was I had the challenge of reading books. And I talked about this also, before, on this podcast, I used to buy all these books, but I could never read these books. because books are heavy. And as I’m looking in all these books, all these books, and they have so many papers, and so many pages, I read all the books that they want the number of books I have, and this was 15 years ago. And now I’ve started giving all my books away, I’ve given most of them away, and I have a few more left. So one of the ways I started coupling is I used to go to let’s say, I go to Costco to buy stuff. And I parked myself outside in the parking lot. And I read one chapter of the book, then go inside and buy stuff, and come back to the car, and then read one more chapter before driving home. So that way, I was doing two things, such as clubbing things, not the right way to do it. But it’s kind of more building accountability. Also, there is an element of accountability there. But you have to figure out what all the other things that you can do. That can be coupled, or that can be clubbed. So you do two or three things simultaneously.

One other thing I used to do, and as I’m driving long-distance driving, I used to coach people, instead of talking to my friends. That’s the time that I use for coaching. So not only I’m driving to the destination, but I’m also coaching people during the time. So it’s amazing. So you’re turning some dull acts into full acts. Going to Costco buying stuff that dialect. But then just because I’m reading a book, and I feel good, now that I’ve completed two or three or five chapters in about a month or two, now we’re making progress. It’s not a dull act anymore. It’s a full act. The last one is closing, and we’re talking a little bit about this one. Closing means that when you start something close, don’t leave it in the middle of the amount of stress it creates. Now you don’t need to extend your mind anymore. Now you have to look for some expansion techniques. So you’re undoing yourself. So it touches the mind to complete it, even though it’s hard. Push yourself to get it done. Okay. As I said, if I have 30 minutes to the podcast, as I’m done with it, I asked a question myself, can I reopen this task? Or can I reopen this? Can I go back to the beginning, say I spent 20 minutes recording this? It’s not sounding right. Can I reopen this? And can I accomplish this in the next 10 minutes? So as you close question yourself, and if you close early, something’s wrong. If you’re closing late on something, something is wrong. That means you didn’t really estimate the time that was needed to work on this. So there is also an element of estimation here too. So if you start something, close it, if you’re closing it early, question yourself, you’re closing it late.

That means you don’t have time to react, all of that. So start to give the club close. This is how you bend the curve. So productivity, and this is the way you trigger the mind extension. Hopefully, this podcast is helpful. If it is do me a favor. If you’re watching this on YouTube, just like the video, subscribe to the channel. If you’re listening to this on a podcasting app, that should be a place for you to also rate this podcast, and write a review. If you have a question for me by all means please text me or call me at 888-818-0404 and I will respond to your question on this podcast. Listen, coaching is always by directional. This is not me just talking about stuff. It’s also accommodating your questions. That’s all for now. Wherever you are, be safe and I will catch up with you as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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