Five Questions That Will Make You Exceptional

Five Questions That Will Make You Exceptional

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How can you go from being mediocre to exceptional in anything that you are doing today? That is the topic of today’s podcast episode. And today’s podcast episode is, in a way, a continuation of what I shared with you two days ago, two days ago. I said, don’t take people along with you who do not believe in what you’re doing. Don’t entertain people who do not believe in your destinations, your goals your achievements. If you try, then you are going to encounter setbacks. That was the point that I made two days ago. And the moment I recorded the podcast, it got published. Yesterday, I was listening to it. And I realized, by the way, most people don’t listen to the podcasts, the record publish, and they’re done with it. Most podcasters don’t go back and listen, I was listening to it. And he realized that there was something I wanted to say, and I missed out on saying, so I want to add that today. Okay.

Now, every time this question might have crossed your mind, now what can I do to overcome the challenge that I’m going through? In I’m going to display I’m going through the suffering, I have to do something, what else can I do on trying everything? Now, over and over again, this question has been asked, and I have responded in every which way. And some of the suggestions, when you ask anybody, some of the suggestions would be like, You got to go start learning, relearning, and kind of surrender to some new ideas, new thoughts, become more passionate. So little bit more patience. Spend time with good people, participate in great conversations, start developing faith in yourself, and then bring in a little bit more commitment and determination, and then start having this mindset where within which you don’t give up. So these are some of the suggestions you get, I get I’ve given them here also, the question is much deeper than that, see mediocrity, all these things work. But then mediocrity is a whole thing in itself. It’s just hard to break through. And all these things are elements that will help in achieving the breakthrough. But then there are some bigger and deeper questions you got to answer for these elements to work. So let’s talk about that for a second. A few things that are needed to move from being mediocre to exceptional.

First and foremost is that you got to build an objective mindset. Here is what I’m doing, and this is who I am. And you set your emotions aside and start becoming objective. Okay, this is what I’m doing is the result I’m getting, what can I change? What can I modify? What can I improve? What can I take out, you start becoming objective in every element of whatever you’re trying to achieve? That’s step number one, obviously, you have to have a positive mindset. Because if you start analyzing data in different aspects of your life, most of the data come out to be negative. So for example, if you start measuring your time, if you start measuring your actions, there isn’t much positive, they’re more or less you are repeating yourself. And you get frustrated. Because if you look at your clock, let’s say your yesterday’s workload, he said no, yesterday, what all did I achieve? And if you didn’t plan your time, you didn’t plan your actions. And you look at the data. And you’re like, This is it, I only did two things, three things or whatever, right? I mean, I did not accomplish anything. So once you start collecting data, it’s hard. Data never lies, it tells you, you know, it is what it is, right? So if I produce a podcast, I publish a podcast, I know the downloads, whether I like it or not, I don’t look at them. That’s a different story. But then I know the downloads, I know how many people are downloading, how many people are listening, how many people are coming back to listen to all my new releases, I know that there is no way I can hide it. But that also makes the objective. Okay, so this is the point I’m trying to make, then comes some other elements like taking the data and then preparing yourself to know what needs to be changed what can be done all that right, and you become prudent along the way. So just by staying positive, becoming a little bit more prudent, but then collecting the data and modifying the data in itself is an exceptional act.

Truly, it makes you exceptional because even though the numbers are negative, just your measuring that in itself means that you are positive. That means you are a success-minded individual. That means that you are serious about the outcomes. Now whether there again, you know, how you measure all that is a different discussion, but just because you’re having a measure, measuring mindset, that’s the point.

Now, that’s okay, but then how can you bring in passion, determination, new ideas, new standards, and all that into your condition right now? Whatever condition you’re in, so Like to become exceptional? Do those elements have to play out? How can they play out? Well, if you go a little deeper, there are about five questions you got to answer. And once you answer these five questions, every element is going to work. If you don’t ask these five questions, then other elements do not work. And I’m saying that because I’ve tested this out, inside and out across in my own projects, in my own approach, with my clients, and I’ve tested out with my family members, I’ve seen this inside and out, I’m telling you, it’s amazing. If you just follow this. The first and foremost question you got to ask wherever you are right now. And in this at this moment, at this point, you got asked this question, what do I want to do? What is that I want to do? You wake up in the morning, and you ask the question, what is that I want to do? I’m gonna go, let’s say a walk. Is this walking, contributing? To whoever I want to become? Hmm. You go to the gym, you work out? Whatever workout you do, did it contribute? Or will it contribute? That’s the first one, will it contribute? And once you are there, and you do it, you got to ask the question, did it contribute? Or do I just spend my time? So so big question, anything, any aspect of life? What is that I want to do? And then once I’m done doing what I’m doing, once I know what I want to do, the question now comes up is what do I want to be? At the end of all the doings? What do you want to be? The hard one? And then where do I want to go? It’s even a bigger one.

Followed by now with these three questions, you pretty much know what you have, what you do not have what you need to bridge, and all that. And then the next question is, you know, what do I need to have in order to achieve the prior three questions? What’s the gap? And how do I fill the gap? And then the final question, this is even a bigger one. This is a question that I struggled to answer myself. I’ll tell you, I mean, been toying with this for the last 10 years. What do I stand for? In the little corner of the world?

Wherever you are a little corner? And what do you stand for? If I ask you, what do you stand for? What’s your answer? Think about it. You’re not answering me. But answer yourself. What do you stand for? Money? already told me this in seminar money? Not really. You don’t stand for money, I bought 10 houses? No, that’s not what you stand for. Those are all the byproducts of what you did. If whatever you stood for was good, then that’s okay. You know you got all these things, you running a company, I want to build a company, what’s the purpose of the company, I want to make more money? Well, that’s not the purpose of the company. That’s not the goal. That’s not the outcome of making money, you’re starting a company because you want to do things at a level that you otherwise cannot do as an individual. That you want to create something that makes an impact. And that you want to do something that has a deeper and a bigger footprint that you cannot create. And that you will enlist the ideas, the brains, and the effort of other exceptionally talented blessed individuals, that you yourself individually cannot. Now you get the idea. And then if you do that successfully, then there are profits. And that there are more buyers than there are consumers all that but you get the idea. So this is a difficult question to answer. Now. Once you figure out these five questions. Then the elements will work. The elements like passion, faith in yourself, commitment, and determination, all these elements work. And then your perspective also becomes clearer, you become more objective. And you probably stay more positive also along the way, and you’ll also become more prudent and then you’ll have everything falling in place and you start feeling exceptional. That’s the biggest, biggest thing that is not measured. By the way, there is nothing called somebody giving an award saying yeah, you’re not exceptional. There isn’t. There isn’t that you’re feeling? And again, mediocrity is also feeling you can’t look at somebody and say, Oh, you’re mediocre. So no, I’m not. Longtime, many, many years ago, I met an individual who had nothing in his house, nothing in his house. He is the way you should dress up. But the minute he used to open his mouth, he was a saint that needs to speak. And then everybody around him people wherever he used to go, everybody used to mob him and awards recognition, everything followed and he became one of the legendary individuals that I ever met in my life. Oh, interesting. You see, so there is nothing called mediocrity such exceptional solid about how you define and how you see yourself. But then the key is to see yourself. It is the last point I want to make. And hopefully, I came across. Hopefully whatever I was thinking has come across hopefully.

See, the key is this, the key is to set high standards and work through to meet those standards. That’s the key. So if nothing else, see if you can set some high standards today for yourself, wake up early, and go to sleep early. Eat Right. Have great conversations, love everybody hug everybody. I don’t know whatever the high standards are set one high standard today and see if you can live up to it for the next 24 hours and see how the world changes around you. I tell you, it’s going to be exceptional. That’s how you know you have become exceptional. Okay, if I say anything else, I’ll be repeating myself. You see the problem doing a daily podcast, sometimes you sound you know, like a broken record. Okay, my time is up. You have an incredible day. And I will catch up with you as early as tomorrow 7 am Pacific Standard Time. Stay tuned.

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