Five Ways To Escape A Small Life

Five Ways To Escape A Small Life

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A few days ago on the podcast, I made a point, I said, living life is hard, doesn’t matter. Life in general is hard. But then I also said, even more, harder than living life is living a low life. So no matter who you are or what you do, you shouldn’t be living a low life. In fact, everything I do here, this podcast, my seminars, my radio shows, and workshops, is all about how to escape the low life. Guess what all of us, at some point, do fall into this pattern of living a low life, it doesn’t matter how successful anybody is and how much money they have, how much fame name doesn’t matter, we all fall into a certain part, it’s a certain duration of our lifetime. And maybe sometimes multiple times we fall into this phase or these phases where we can say that we are in the loan part of our life. And if you study the human mind, you’ll see that the brain by default, hits the lows multiple times throughout the day. So the lows and the highs are natural. But the pursuit, the pursuit of mankind is how can we escape the low life. So every innovation that has happened in the last 125 years, 200 years, whatever, every step of the way, was to escape the low life. You know, big cars, big houses, big roads, big industries, everything, everything is to escape the low life. So the pursuit is to have a big life.

The question is when we hit a phase, where we have gone to the bottom, which we all do, by the way, how can we come back up? How can we calibrate back to the higher side of us? And there are many thoughts around this, there is one specific thing I want to talk about today on this podcast, which is there are five things, all the five things but one of these five things can really bring you back and can give you a better life. The underlying formula to escape low life is to have a purpose, something that you wake up every day and look forward to and that is why passion purpose, all these things are highlighted in self-improvement. Everybody talks about it everybody, books are being written on it, seminars, workshops on it, all kinds of literature on this. So that is given. But then there are five other things that help you stay focused on your purpose, stay focused on your goals. And these things give a definition to the overall existence. The first and foremost thing that you need to watch out for is your thought the way you think people wake up in the middle of the night and process hundreds of thoughts, unwanted, unnecessary, have no relevance, thoughts being processed, people process hundreds of thoughts, people wake up opening their eyes, and they spend like two-three hours in the bed kind of living some altered life, the crossing all kinds of emotions, all kinds of thoughts. So thoughts have to be understood, they have to be addressed. And they have to be watched. So everything anything you do you do meditation, you go hike, you go run you do whatever you do, make sure that your thoughts are carefully protected, and your thoughts are aligned. So thought is a basic necessity to escape a low life. So I would put some good thought into my mind and listen to a good recording or a good podcast or, or a great idea somebody sharing and then I preserve the idea in my mind, oh, I need to work on this, I need to hold on to this. So once the thought enters the human mind, then the next thing we have to do is we need to protect it. Some good message, some good court, some good sermon from anywhere it wants, it enters my mind, I want to hold on to it. That’s the start.

Now once the thought is in place, we need one more thing next to it which is a little bit of willpower. If the thought has a goal associated with it or an outcome that needs to be worked on, we need a little bit of help. about just a little bit of willpower, we shouldn’t be pushing ourselves to do things we need to use that will within us to engage. So that the thought now starts materializing and manifesting itself. Now, once the will is there, I need a little bit of imagination, just a little bit of imagination, I need to imagine the outcome. I’m low and bottom at the bottom. At the bottom, I’m, I’m holding on to a thought and then a little bit of willpower to get up. And then I’m imagining that I’m out of this problem, I’m out of the situation. And once that imaginations place, now, we need an attitude, a positive attitude. Now, with a good thought, with, some amount of willpower, and some imagination places very natural to have the right attitude. But sometimes people do miss, lack attitude. They just don’t somehow they become angry, somehow they become whatever it is. So got to watch out for some attitudes. And then once the attitude is in place, we need a little bit of concentration. Guess what, all these things are hard, they’re difficult. It’s very hard to get a good thought into the mind. It’s very difficult to get activate the willpower in the mind. It’s hard to imagine when somebody is beaten down, it’s very hard for them to imagine a good life. It’s hard. But then what if you don’t bring the thought and if you don’t activate the willpower, you cannot imagine, then you cannot escape. There is no way out. In anything that you are doing right now. There’s no way out, you’re unhappy. You are in a bad spot. Wherever you are in your life. The only way for you to escape is to start thinking big, thinking positively. And thinking about the possible UI it can be done. Yes, I can do it. And you start aligning yourself that the only outcome from wherever you are right now is a positive outcome. You got to think the opposite. That’s why multiple podcast episodes I have done think the opposite. There was a podcast episode I did when I said, What’s the worst that you say? What’s the worst every line you say? So you wake up in the morning, and you say, all I will do today is talk positive. I have those days in my life. When I wake up, I only talk positive, not negative Nothing, not a single word. And at that point in time, if somebody attacks me or says something to me, I say thank you, wonderful, I’ll look into it, I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry, it can be done. I have done it. Use these words. These are false two words. And imagine what happens if you do that for 10 2015 days. The last time I did this for three months, consecutively, that’s the highest I’ve gone continuously talking positively. I talk that’s it. It’s hard, you know, once the mouth, the tongue, it talks positive. It’s very difficult for it to do it for a long time, it’s very difficult for the brain to talk negatively.

I’m not saying you don’t get angry or you don’t get rattled, none of those things, those things will happen because we are humans, we have emotions and all that. So those things do happen. But then you contain yourself at a level where you yourself are not contributing to it. So if something is coming at you, you are the stopping point it stops with you it doesn’t go beyond you get bosses getting angry, don’t come back and show it on your spouse at home. You have to start with yourself. His boss is getting angry at you don’t go to work and showing it to your subordinates It doesn’t work that way. You see. So effective use of thought will imagination a little bit of attitude and concentration. These five things will help you escape from any situation that you are in right now. And these are the ingredients for escaping specifically from a lowlife means again as qualified this word within which you’re unhappy, you’re sad, you have things going for you but then you don’t recognize them, you have good things happening for you, but then you disqualify the good and you sign up or you side with the negatives of the bad stuff. So all life is okay.

And by the way, the definition of life is all over the place. And you can look at it specifically in a courier font or from a finance run from a relationship run everywhere. And we talk about the wheel of life and all the aspects of life. A low life can hit any individual at any point in time in any area of their life. So, for example, a career might be going incredibly well. But then you have a very unhappy situation at home. You have an incredibly amazing situation at home, but on the career front job front there is something going on incorrectly. And just because this thing is wrong, it’s enough to drag you down emotionally and suddenly, if that happens for a long amount of time, you start to feel as if you’re living a low life. Okay, I hope you got to the point. I’m going to stop here and want to pick this up tomorrow. I’ll see if I have some more thoughts around lowlife, I’ll come back and we’ll have a longer in the bigger discussion. But for now, this is it. And I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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