Happy Thanksgiving From Me To You: A Story On Giving

Happy Thanksgiving From Me To You: A Story On Giving

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Welcome, or welcome back to Success with Srini. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Today is the November 24. The year 2022. It’s the third day. And it’s Thanksgiving. I can’t believe I made it to Thanksgiving, honestly. I mean, I never thought, at the beginning of this year, this podcast is going to run. And I will have this opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving to you, you know, I have no words. I’m at a loss for words, as I’m recording today. Because this has been a long journey. waking up every day thinking about the podcast, I have no idea what to say sometimes. Some days were like, I don’t know what I’m doing. Should I do this? But thank you for your support. Thank you for being a listener, being a subscriber. And thank you for your questions. Your questions, did more to me than my answers could do to you. And keeping this alive, keeping the spirit of this podcast alive. So seriously, I have no words to express, you know, this, this is this has been such an incredible journey. So the credit goes to you.

Thanksgiving is a very special day. And I’m not saying that. And I’m not saying all these things, because of today’s Thanksgiving. If you go back and listen to my podcast episodes from October, August, and September, all along, you know, every time I hit a milestone with this podcast, I was taking a moment and I was really expressing myself expressing my gratitude along the way. So not that today’s Thanksgiving, I’m saying this. But today’s a very special day. Today’s a big day. Even though there are logical this day can be described in whatever way. But truthfully, today, we take a few moments and give thanks to everybody who has, you know, done things for us or made things for us or created things for us, whatever it is, whatever they did for us, we just take a moment. And we want to really acknowledge what they have done. And sometimes express our gratitude sometimes express our feelings to them. And I’m doing that with several of the people that fall around me. Some people are lost in the few months since the last Thanksgiving, a few people are not around. But recently, just last week, I went on my radio show. And I shared a story with you with the listeners. And I want to share the story with you here on the podcast today. And the story. I want you to listen to this just for a few moments. And the story I first heard nearly 20 years ago and the minute I heard the story, or I think I read the story. Maybe somebody told me I don’t know, but changed my life completely. And I don’t know which book this is. But this is a story by Dr. Charles Dixon. He talks about a man who stops by a flower store flower shop, to buy some flowers and to wire them to his mother, who lives 200 miles away from him.

Now as he was leaving the shop, he sees a small girl sobbing outside he asks her and the girl says, Well, I have I need $2 Because I think I’m short by $1 or something. And because I want to buy a roll for my mom. And being a good man, he just man helps the girl buy stuffed lover bicycles and gives her a ride. Now instead of going home, they go to her mother and this girl directs him to a cemetery and she places the rose on a freshly dug grave. This man instantly returns to the flower shop and cancels the order instead. Who drives 200 miles to his mother, home Mother Son personally, and delivers the bouquet of local flowers. The story is I don’t know what emotion you heard in the story. The message in the story is no gift is valuable. gifts have no value. The ultimate gift that we could give someone is a portion of ourselves. Other gifts. Yeah, they may have some context, you give money to someone, you give your time to someone, yes, they have contextually it makes sense. But when you give a portion of yourself, then that’s the highest form of a gift. It’s the highest form of gratitude. You know, when somebody said, the measure of a life is not its duration, but its a donation. And when you don’t have charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. And I think that was Robinson Rabindranath Tagore, who said, man, discovers his own wealth when God comes to ask for gifts from him. So today, as you are expressing your gratitude to whoever you’re expressing our gratitude to, whoever you’re giving, you’re giving tanks. But make sure or see if you can give a portion of yourself away, I’ll give you some examples of how to give a portion of yourself away. Let’s say somebody doesn’t know how to read.

You can read for them. Somebody doesn’t know how to is hungry, doesn’t have money to buy something, you give money, or maybe you take them with you to the place where you can buy them some food, somebody is struggling with a challenge. And not only do they need your help, but they also need your involvement. And your help is that your involvement is bigger than your help. Things like that. I don’t know. Very difficult to articulate this, but you get the idea. You get the point. Again, thank you for being a listener for being a subscriber. And go have an incredible Thanksgiving, a happy Thanksgiving, with your family with your friends, enjoy your time, and meet as if you’re meeting them for the very last time who knows this is a short life anyway. Otherwise, we will make it big you see, and the only way to make it big is by expressing gratitude. So go, make it big.

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