How To Deal With Negativity & Toxic People In Your Life

How To Deal With Negativity & Toxic People In Your Life

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Today’s podcast is on motivation. Welcome back to Success for Srini. Happy Tuesday morning to you today’s August 31, 2022. Unbelievable. I don’t know how to say this. I keep repeating myself. Somebody texted me the other day saying Srini you keep talking about your podcast a lot. Talk on the podcast, but don’t talk about your podcast. You’re right I do. Spirit is difficult to express in words. As I said, I think yesterday or the day before yesterday, I said, I never thought I would survive this long. And officially today, I complete me and my team. I can’t take all the credit. Eight months of this podcast, and every day, I’ll tell you, there were days so hard, I thought I lost it. Literally. I never wanted to break the cadence like every day showing up and recording something meaningful, something anybody first-time listener or a repeat listener, a subscriber to the podcast. If they tune in, they’ll get some benefit from it. Something I’m not saying the best, but something. They’re looking for some help on maybe an idea or a thought the podcast will do it for them. You know, I was waking up and looking for motivation. I’ll tell you this. No, this podcast is not a motivational podcast. The idea is to not motivate you, I don’t think this is what I’ve learned. Motivation will get you started. But habit is what keeps you going.

Hence, if you listen to all the earlier episodes, you will see I’m talking about accountability. I’m talking about goals, I’m talking about commitments and determination and daily actions. Those are the areas I don’t talk about motivation a lot. But motivation is a big thing. Honestly, you know, people drop motivation. And I have dropped motivation multiple times, just doing this recording. Even today, today was good. Today is good so far because I’m motivated to do today’s podcast because there is a milestone of eight months I completed I want to come and report that to you. I want to feel good about myself. All that is good. But this is not the level of excitement I have every day because every day is daily. Every day is daily. You see, here is what I have found out and I want to share this with you. No matter what we do. And we do a lot. It is difficult to describe everything in one word. If I ask you, what you do, you do so many things. It’s very difficult to look at you from one angle and say this is the angle. That’s not true. You are accomplishing many things across many aspects of life. Some of you’re struggling. When I say you, I mean myself, my including me, we all have our struggles. But the truth is this we got to generate our own motivation.

See, if you’re in a dead-end job right now you’re in a situation where you don’t know how to get out of you have to generate your own motivation. Yes seminar or workshop or book a podcast like this, or somebody like me, or like a parent or a friend or somebody will help you momentarily. They will create, you know, they take away some of the feelings that you are going through with their, with their talk with their insights, maybe, but then the core motivation has to come from within you. Here’s what I know life is not as boring as you think it is. Work is not meaningless. This is what I was telling myself every time I was recording this podcast every day, life is not boring. The work we do is not meaningless. And there is somebody somewhere seeking something that only you can do. Nobody else can do it. And when you know when that moment comes that somebody says to you that hey, listen, you did something and I benefited from it. I’ll tell you no money, no fame. No Title can replace that. I hear people telling me I’m not getting promoted. I’m not getting a better job. I’m not getting a better house. I listen to that narrative all the time. My question, my counter question to them is, hey, do you have somebody who has ever told you that they are benefiting from what you’re doing? It doesn’t matter how up or how low they are in the hierarchy. I’ll give you an example. I was listening to the best compliment I think somebody was asking someone a celebrity about what is the best compliment and the best compliment the celebrities says they ever got was from, I think from a child, saying thank you, Dad, for doing this or getting this, thank you. That’s it.

So look, a million or 9 million subscribers or followers, or, you know, all these huge media presents celebrity, the best compliment is from the child. So your child is giving you that compliment, you probably are not seeing it, you’re not taking that. And that should be the greatest motivation for you to do what you’re doing. You see, when you get that kind of a compliment, you invest all. So I was like, I never came to this podcast, I’m telling you, God on my side, and I’m recording this and never came to this podcast recorded this thinking that I’m going to generate a client from this, or I’m going to make some money from this. Or I never did. I never did. And I’m praying to God that I stay with that mindset. You know, if I, if I come with that mindset, I compromise everything. Yeah, compromise you. You’re listening in, I compromise you. In fact, I did have a bunch of people reaching out to me, and I discourage them to work with me. I said I don’t worry about it. You know, the reason why anybody like somebody like me, who is doing this is to reach more people so that I can make some money. And that doesn’t cross my mind. Never looked at this as boring. Never looked at this as enthusiasm. Yeah, a few times unmotivated, not because you are not listening, not because my podcast numbers are fluctuating or going down. Never. That was not the source of my mood, my lack of motivation, my lack of motivation was that, hey, if I have this idea, I want to present this. And I don’t know how to present this. How can I make it sound simple to the listener? That was my source of lack of motivation or motivation. I don’t know if there’s a word like that.

So yes, there will be people who are unenthusiastic in your life. Yes, there will be people who are going to drag you down yesterday, people who will look at life and will find everything negative about life. These are the people who see the whole world as a burning pot. My suggestion to you is to stay away from them. It’s not your lack of motivation, but those people are dragging you down. That is what I call mediocrity, or that is what actually, I take that back. That is toxicity. These people have no room in your life. When I meet people who are depressing, like what pulling me down, you know what I do? I take motivation from myself, this is who I am. That tells me that I’m doing something right. My family, my relatives, they like the so nice to me that like so wonderful to me. They’re like, why are you doing this? I heard you on the radio show. Nobody’s calling it your radio show. Why do you do a radio show? I’m not doing a radio show. Why do you spend money doing you know, for my months, for the first nine months, I was on the radio and never made a single dime, I was spending like $5,000 a month. And like, Here I am $45,000 sin of not making a single dime out of it. And I’ll tell you, everybody, I was weak in those moments. And I was talking to people about, you know, some people who I looked up to, I’m telling them, I know mom’s putting all this money. They’re like, why stop spending money? If your business is not working, stop spending money. I’d like my business. And I’m like, okay, and one fine day woke up. And I said these people are asking me to quit radio. And I’m telling you I’m not making money. So maybe I should make money somewhere and still continue radio because they’re asking me not to be in the business of radio, which I did not want to, you know, there was a long time ago, I came across a story, a very, very funny story. So this man was hired to work in a circus. And his job was to clean up after the elephants. So a friend of his started looking into this person’s job. And he was like, what kind of a job you have gotten yourself into? Man, you know, the elephant poops, and you scoop it poops. You scoop and this is not the job. You should be in. Why don’t you leave? Why don’t you quit? This is a friend telling him and this man this pooper scooper. He kind of responds to his friend or asks his friend you want me to quit the show business?

So, you know, it’s all about perspective, how you see something. And luckily, in the business that I’m in, or what I do, you know, I don’t teach anything on this forecast, or I don’t teach much in the seminars and workshops, I tell people to listen to the majority of, of everything, the reason why you are here in a seminar-workshop is to unlearn. But the unlearning the biggest part of unlearning is perspective. So, it’s not a skill issue, it’s not a talent, sort of accumulation of some idea or thought as much as I position it that way. But the real message is to unlearn. And the biggest part of unlearning is perspective. So if somebody had a sense of achievement, and a feeling of belonging, then they will outshine as I show up on this podcast, I have a sense of achievement with this, this eight months sense of achievement, for me, not that I need to impose this on you. And the sense of belonging that cannot be taken away. You can’t measure that with money.

So as long as you have a sense of achievement, and you have a sense of belonging, keep doing what you’re doing, derive your motivation from it, and stop listening to people who have absolutely no idea what you are. In fact, nobody has any idea what you are. And we tell you, it doesn’t matter how long you are with someone and how deep and how well they know you and all that sort of Hocus Pocus, you nobody knows you, you know, and everybody is with you, for their own reasons. Understand, okay, I read this up here, okay, so that you stay with this notion with this emotion, or with this thought, and I’ll catch up with you in a new month, tomorrow, the first of September, and we’ll continue our pursuit only four months left in this year. So if you listen, you have some passions, you have some goals, you got to really get going with whatever you wanted to achieve this year. And if you have something big coming up next year, this is the time to lay the foundation. Okay? So what conduct and think about that, make that a dominant thought. And we will keep the ball rolling here. I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay. Stay tuned.

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