How To Finally Start Accepting Yourself (The Truth About Self Worth)

How To Finally Start Accepting Yourself (The Truth About Self Worth)

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If I ask you, what is your worth? What is your answer? Well, for an informed individual, it’ll be very difficult to answer the question. And the only way you will answer the question is by asking a question back to me, which is Srini. What do you mean by what? Do you mean my net worth, like the amount of money I have today? Or the money I’m going to make in my lifetime? What do you mean by what? And what if I say that remove money, and define your worth, you can’t use money as a meter. But still, you have to define your worth? Well, for that, the way you might respond back, is, maybe you look into all the knowledge you’ve acquired, maybe all the beliefs and values, the way you took care of your siblings, the way you took care of your children, maybe your parents, maybe the charities who did all that you will start looking other aspects of your existence. And you’ll come back and give an answer, which may or may not truly represent who you are. But you will try. So I wanted to do that today, once you’re done listening to this podcast. So I want to define your worth, without money. It’s very interesting, when we bring the topic of worth, money comes in, as if money has taken a big dominant position in our subconscious mind, it just comes in the minute we hear the word worth. It’s a good exercise to do. So I want you to do that today.

Now, the reason why I’m highlighting this today on the podcast, or this specific question, is because I want to drive a point that I’m seeing a lot in people, which is people take one small little thing in their life, and they associate their identity to it. For example, recently, they might have lost a business, or they might have lost some money in the stock market, which we are seeing now. Or they bought a house that went down in value. And for some reason, they say, you know, I’m not good with investments. I’m not good with business. So one small little event may be a big event, but one event in the lifespan. It’s a small event. But in the moment, it looks as if it is a big event. And suddenly they take all this, all these years of experience, all these years of existence, and all the stuff they accumulated intellectually, all that, and the ridiculous themselves in front of this one event. I have done it, I’ve seen people do it, I’m pretty sure this has happened with you also, that’s why I’m highlighting this because recently I had a conversation in these lines with an individual. So why take an individual part of your life. And why associate that or take that as a measure and measure your whole life’s what an individual part can be dysfunctional, and it is dysfunctional in every individual, there isn’t an individual who has everything going for them and perfect 100% Perfect, there are imperfections everywhere, all you have to do is open your eyes and look at the life.

A human being is a complex creature, creature creature and how to say that we are complex beings. You know, we are ever changing. We are dynamic. We have a complex construction. We create histories, we create science, we create geographies we we are complex, we are constantly changing. So if we are constantly changing, you are constantly changing. Why is it that you take one small aspect of your life and highlight that as if that’s your only identity. And that is the only thing that you should have done right? But you somehow got it wrong. And hence the whole life is a waste. I’ll tell you, this has a lot to do with labeling the way you were labeled. And this has to do, the way you were raised the situation into which you were born, the circumstances through which you grew up, and the people who influenced you your early thinking. And also even today as an adult, maybe maybe the people around you who you talk to also influence you in a certain way they label you. It’s very hard when people when you start living to other people’s perceptions. You don’t create happiness, you won’t be happy. So you got to live your life.

I remember, you know, my mother, God bless her soul, you know, always used to say, and used to compare me with my three cousins and three mil cousins. And that’s all she used to do. She never compared me with my dad. She never compared me with her side of her family. None of them. She always used to compare me to three of my cousins. Who are my like my father’s elder brothers. My uncle’s my father had uncles children, and I never understood this logic. And today when I have grown up, it’s moving around seeing the world and dealing with human problems. And I look back and say why did seed Do this. That’s the label I carry. So later on, when I grew up everything I do today, right, my first thing my mind goes to is to these three cousins. Nobody else, even though have so many other cousins, and they all are doing incredibly good and whatever they are, wherever they are, but I was not compared to them. So my mind doesn’t carry that reflection. So the label doesn’t exist in me. And I spent a lot of time trying to remove such labels out of my thinking. It’s very hard to do that at this time.

So one of the things that I want to tell you share with you on the podcast today is it stop processing labels, and start resisting labels. If somebody says something to you, that you know, deep within yourself that that’s not true about you, you got to stop it. And also you from your side, you start thinking that, you know, I’m good. And I’m perfectly fine, you start accepting yourself. So every individual in the times that we are in, and thanks to social media and all these things that are coming at us, you’re a nice guy on social media attack, you’re nice gal on social media you’ve attacked. And even though you have good intentions, you want to just be yourself, you will be attacked. So at a time, in the time that we are in right now, it’s important that you start a self acceptance routine that you practice on a daily basis. And I did multiple podcasts on self acceptance here. But then I want to give you an overall idea as a part of today’s podcast episode, such that you don’t grossly over generalize yourself and start living the specifics. The specifics are this you are unique, you’re different. You have skills, you have talents, you have good times or bad times, you have good tastes, you have bad tastes. You have good people, you have bad people, you will have good circumstances, you have bad circumstances. And you have good money and bad money. Good money, no money, some money, no money, some built mobile, some success, most no success, some failure, whatever.

So you swing between all extremes. And it’s perfectly fine. That’s how life was designed. And that is okay to be that way. So what kind of self acceptance routine? Are we talking? Number one is that you are changing. So today, it’s it’s a Sunday, tomorrow, it’s gonna be a Monday. It’s an evening now, tomorrow, it’s going to be morning. It’s morning, right now, when I’m recording this. So chances are I’ll see this evening. But I see it or not, it’s going to change. That’s the truth. So if you’re changing, and change is happening, why not change for better? Okay, you, like everybody else, is what can process you. If you make an attempt today, you could work in progress, not just process, but in progress. And, you know, all the external events that are happening around you. They’re happening in a way such that you take them in into you. And you start creating internal strength and internal understanding and internal association towards the positive.

So if you start thinking, these are very high, high level things, but if you start positioning your mind that way, this is one of the self acceptance routines is that everything that’s changing around is happening for me. So when we talk about change, whether you like it or not, change is happening. And we already we know that anything that you’re going through right now is going to change, good or bad, we do not know. But things will change, things are changing. So one of the things that you have to bring in is just because you smoked once in life, you’re not a smoker, just because you had one, business failure doesn’t mean that you are not a business owner, or you cannot run a business, just because what you had one failure, just because one transaction, one stock trade went wrong. And because the market went wrong, doesn’t mean that you are a failed investor. Okay? So think through that. And now because you are changing and you are progressing, and the process is happening, and every change that’s happening externally is going to be used internally at strength. Why not read some books, by not bringing the right stuff into the thinking such that you raise your worth? That’s the point. Okay,

I’m going to stop here. Hopefully, this is helpful. I’m sorry, when I clap, I get excited a clap. I don’t know why. And if you’re listening to this on a headset, then maybe this is going to create some trouble for you. But my apologies. I didn’t mean that that way. But anyway, so hopefully this is helpful. And if it is, let me know you’re watching this on YouTube. There should be a place for you to write a comment. And you’re listening to this on a podcasting app. This would be pleased for you to write and review this podcast please do it for me. And that’s all for now. And I’ll be catching you tomorrow Saturday that’s all for now okay you take care. Bye now.

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