How To Function In This World

How To Function In This World

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On the podcast today, I’m answering a question that nobody asked me lately, recently, nobody did. But I know this is on your mind. Because this was on my mind for a long time. And occasionally, not even though not in recent times, occasionally I do keep asking this myself, which is, how can I function in this world, when I’m doing things that I think should create success, that I think should create the happiness that I think should create joy. But no matter what I do, nothing is happening. So if you are in a situation where you are doing things, but things are not happening, you’re working hard, you’re taking action, you are giving whatever you have to whatever that is that you want to accomplish. If it is not happening for you, then today’s podcast episode is for you. welcome, or welcome back to success with Srini. Happy Friday morning to you. I’ll keep this short. I’ll keep this to the point. So I talked about this. About eight years ago, in my book, I wrote a book. It’s called How to create a career breakthrough. Okay. And this is a book on creating career break tools, your career focused your professional. And there was, I was, at a time when I was getting a lot of questions about my career, I was doing career seminars. So it made sense. Okay, shall write a book I did. And in that book, I talked about this, you know, how to function the right way in the world, because functioning in itself is a challenge. Because there’s a lot going on, there’s a lot going on in this world. So doing right, versus what is right. Doing Right, versus doing the right thing, there’s a big difference, there is a possibility that you are doing the right. But are you doing the right thing? That’s the question.

So, there are three things based on my observation that will get you on the track for doing the right thing. Of course, you have to do it right. Look at that aspect, when you are in pursuit of a goal or some outcomes, so you have to do it right, but are you doing the right thing? So first and foremost, is you got to observe that which is being displayed. Sees success is something that cannot be hidden. If somebody is successful, they may hide from the outside, they can hide, they may live a modest life, they can hide their money, they can hide their wealth, and all that. But when you talk to them, and if you do talk to them, you see, you know, the way they speak the way they convey, there is Veldt and you can see you can feel you can just read their aura. So success cannot be hidden. And so it’s true with failure, you cannot hide failure either. We can hide it for some time we think nobody is, seeing it and all but people do see people do read. And we are in a world where everything is visible to everyone. So there’s nothing to hide. Either way, in either scenario, there’s nothing to hide. But the point here is you got to study people who are successful, you got to be observing all the time because, for an observant eye, it is being displayed. So if you really want to find intellectuals, you can, if you want to find successful individuals in business finance in tech Hvidovre you have the eye, you can see them you can spot them.

The first is to observe that which has been displayed. If not, he got to keep on searching. If you keep searching, you’ll find that’s the point the then you branch out into two areas. So once you observe now, what are you observing specifically that can my model the duals you see, there are two things to anything that you see one that you can do that is an aspect of something, whatever you’re saying, one aspect of that you can do the other aspect of that is you can’t do so, you got to model that which is doable. So, every successful success leaves traces. So, you can trace some aspects of whatever has been done and you can model it and you can model it using your own skill and talent. Now, there are certain things that cannot be modeled the nondurables cannot be modeled because you don’t know how that can be done. So for that, your job is to bridge the gap. I hope I’m coming across so you bridge the gap and the bridging of the gap will involve acquiring some skills, some talents, some know-how, and if you want to accelerate that, then you’re talking about coaching, mentoring, and some training and all that. So, the key is to first of all spot success, then see whether some aspects of the success be done on your own. So, easily you can model it, and then the second part which is the non-doable part, can be breached three-step process to this, now, I did not write all these things in the book, these are my later understandings, these are my later observations and life has been teaching me all through these years. So, at that time I talked about doing right versus what is right, but then I started developing these things later on.

Now, are you doing these three things, there is a high possibility that you are doing this already. And still, there is a possibility are still there is that you’re not getting to the outcomes, you’re not getting to the success, well, there is one approach that most people miss out on. The approach here is that you do all this as a leader you got to lead these things, which means, you lead yourself to find success in whatever area that you are seeking success in. So, you find those people who are doing or who have already done then you find those things that you feel are doable, and you model them in your life. And then whatever those nonverbals are, you spend time to bridging the gap. But you have to do all these things as a leader not as a doer also, I heard this on the podcast just let me do this No, got lead. It means you got to invest time, and effort, you know, to you encounter failure or your stand up, you know, to stick to your convictions, you to stand in your beliefs.

A lot of things happen as a leader so you got to take a leadership position, that’s when things happen. Okay. I want to keep I want to stop here. It’s a Friday so go enjoy your Friday. Luckily I just got this done under 10 minutes. And I will talk to you as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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