How To Overcome Frustration | While Dealing With People

How To Overcome Frustration | While Dealing With People

How To Overcome Frustration | While Dealing With People

about themselves, always try to hijack every conversation in their favor. And I’ll probably do a video on this, but somebody who, who you know, going to say something and will say a lot, that’s going to irritate you, you know that you’re going to meet them at a party, you’re going to the party. Everything is small, life is big, but everything else in life is small to live is small too. Okay. So everything is small, honestly, it’s not worth it. That’s the definition I have in mind.

And the last thing is that distraction is a very powerful principle. If something is going wrong, something is coming at you. You really don’t know what to do. You cannot disengage you can’t walk away. You know, you don’t know how to control and you’re getting really stimulated. To distract. Okay, open your phone, browse. I don’t know that’s the wrong example but You get the point. Sometimes I hum a tune in my mind, some tune something out loud, not loud, not out, but in my mind, if you want to do that, or just take your mind somewhere else, if you want to think about the best vacation you had, think about it in your mind. See, the mind is a wonderful place you can take your mind anywhere, regardless of where you are. It’s powerful. So distraction is a very powerful principle. I’ll probably do a whole dedicated educational video on distraction, how to practice distraction, we see everybody, from your teacher, from your parents, every book, everything taught you how to develop concentration, and how to stay focused. Distraction, if used the right way is a very, very powerful tool and has to be used strategically for success, but it’s a very powerful tool. Okay.

That’s all for now. I hope today’s video is helpful, this video is helpful. And if it is, then do me a favor. You know, subscribe to the channel, press the bell icon so that every time I record a video, I come right in front of you very quickly, and you have a question for me. Drop a question write a question right below this video. I will personally answer your question. That’s all for now. Hopefully, this video was helpful. And I’ll be back soon with another video. Stay tuned. Bye now.

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