How To Practice Patience

How To Practice Patience

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Today on the podcast, we are talking about how to practice persistence, which is an absolute must necessity for creating any level of success. Welcome, or welcome back to success training. Happy Thursday morning to you, we are just a few days away from the year 2022 coming to an end. And we are getting into 2023. The idea behind today’s podcast and for the last couple of days, I’ve been here talking about several different strategies, the idea is to get there and get into 2023, in the most empowering manner possible. So my intent is to share with you the things that I think are necessary for getting there publicly. And based on that, today’s podcast episode is about practicing persistence, there is no level of success that you can create without persistence because, in the first attempt, the chances are, you’re going to encounter some level of disappointment a couple or more times later, maybe still a disappointment. And thereafter, maybe some success, but may not be at a level that you expect or expected to begin with. And you go back and take a few more attempts. And then maybe thereafter, in one more attempt, you may find some level of higher success, but then still not to your expectation. And then you keep on trying and encountering failures, and any going through that loop over and over and over again. And eventually, you come out much stronger. The idea is to face resistance, the idea is to learn through that resistance not necessarily to face failure. But then if at all there is a failure, then process the failure in a way that it is a lesson.

So the key is, we all know, we all know the key is persistence, the key is practice. But then very few people want to go through the process because they don’t believe the in the outcome. Maybe they have walked away from the outcome, maybe the opportunity is not appealing to them anymore. Whatever it is somehow people do not stay in the game long enough. If you just stay long enough. Success is yours. So how to practice persistence, and what does it take? So before it actually takes only one thing. But let’s talk about, you know, what are the things that you need to have in place before you get this one thing to work for you. So if you start breaking down persistence, you can break it down at three levels. At the core basic level, you need to have some element of passion in you for whatever you’re doing. It’s impossible for me to do a podcast on a daily basis for 365 days. And, here, I’m on December 29, 2020, to successfully completed 351 episodes of 52 episodes, as of today, I think they want three more episodes to go. So we have the 30th and 31st actually do more to go. So 354 episodes now. But this one, hoping this recording is going to go all the way to the end, without any interruptions. I still have that fear after doing all this. You know, it’s amazing how many times I have done a podcast recording only to lose it. Sometimes I recorded, and I spoke for 30 minutes without looking at my screen. And never press the record button. Crazy Things have gone through with this. But you get the idea. Without an element of passion, it’s impossible to pull something off like this. I’m not saying this is anything great. And that’s not the point. I’m coming from a very good place when I say that, so anything you do has to be an element of passion. And then with passion comes one more challenge sometimes how do you convert that passion to purpose? How do you connect those two, we know we have a purpose. But then, and then we know we have some passions, but some people spend a lot of time going doing things that really do not get these two things in sync with what is that one passion? What is the one purpose and once those are the code, that’s the code? If that’s not identified, then it’s very difficult to persist. See, if I give you a business to do that will make a lot of money.

The minute it is not going to make money you’re going to leave you’re going to quit. But if I give you a business that really speaks to who you are, to your cost, your purpose, your passion, then chances are you’re gonna stay, go to stay. If somebody would have told me extremely start a podcast people did but I couldn’t find myself in it. And now this podcast is my passion. I wake up in the morning I Want to raise this baby, this baby every day. Now once we get the passion and purpose in place, the second thing is a mindset. Within this mindset, we have to have a positive mental outlook and a positive mental attitude. And in that mindset, we also have to become a little bit disciplined. So I have a disciplined routine, thinking about my success. I think about my success in a disciplined manner. I don’t think about my success at random times of the day, just because I happen to think about myself. So in order for me to be very disciplined about my success, I need to wake up in the morning and have to have a routine in place. Otherwise, I’m going to drop my mindset, I’m human, and all of us are. So it’s very natural for the mind to divert, and get distracted, and we are going to lose our path, we will lose our course very naturally. So a good mindset is necessary for any level of success. Then, the third thing is mentors. You need some role models, some people who you look up to, in order for you to have that same level of, success or the same level of positioning that you are seeking in, your pursuit, you need to have some role models that you are to look up to then mentors, also get a good mentor will keep you in line with the vision, they will help you define the vision, but also keep you in line with that vision. And they can do that by coaching you by training you if need be. So you need mentors and coaches. That’s the point.

Now, despite having all this, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to persist. I mean, all these things will help you persist. But you also have to practice something. Your practice all this, by the way, you got to become disciplined, you got to have a positive mental attitude, all these things you have to practice. But there is one thing that is going to set you apart. And that’s something that you have to practice every day, which is your self-talk. I did the very early, one of the early ESP podcast episodes of this year was self-talk. So when you lose your track, you need to talk yourself into success. When you lose track, you need to talk yourself out of backtracking whatever track you are on right now, because that’s not the right track. So you’ll need to learn how to talk yourself in and how to talk yourself out. So an example your goal is to get the job, or Bill makes that money or start that business, whatever tax that goal and everything that you do. And you have a timeline for it, you have activities that you have figured out, and you have days that you have marked, and the time the hours that you have already allocated. Now if somebody comes and distracts you, maybe this is your spouse, maybe this child distracts you. And now you have been tucked out of what you should otherwise be in, you’re out. Now you need to have a way to get out of that. You have to mentally talk yourself out of that. And then once you’re back, it’s not necessarily that you’re already back on to your, your main thing, people. I’ll give you an example. I have two hours, the time I have marked to do some things done. And my son wants me to certainly my son shows up, he wants me to help him with something or take him somewhere. And I drive him there for an hour or a half hour, whatever, I drop it comes home. And at this point, I have completed the task, whatever he wanted me to do, because that’s a priority for him. May not be for me, but for him. Family, my son got to do it. Just because I got back home. It’s not necessarily that I’m on my work right away. So I’m not in yet. Even though I’m out of that activity, so I need to get back into what I’m doing. And if I do not get back into what I’m doing. Then there is a daughter at home. There’s a wife at home, there’s a father at home. There is a client on the phone that has an email in my inbox, and everybody looking at me. They are willing to take my availability for granted. I promise you, that’s how it works. And I need to quickly get back into what I’m doing and for that, I need to have an In, in my mind, and that is what a good self-talk routine does. I did a podcast on self-talk, and I’m going to make this self-talk available to you. If you listen to today’s podcast, you’ll text mystery and need the self-talk. Podcast. I’ll send it to you, I promise you, but you’ve got to text me. And all you have to do is send me a text message at 888-818-0404. If we do not do anything else, we can’t identify your passion. You don’t know what your purpose is.

You don’t think you have the right mindset. You don’t have mentors. But you can simply bank on good self-talk and still get back into your game and you can still accomplish a lot of things. I promise you, that helps work. Okay, text me at 888-818-0404. I’m going to stop here today. The key message is that you got to practice persistence. And the reason why you have to do it is that no matter how hard you try, sometimes things don’t happen the way you expect them to happen. And you’ll be challenged, you will encounter setbacks you have other people are going to step into your timeline, and you need to recover from all that and get back into your game, a game that you have defined for yourself, and to do that. You got to persist. Okay, good. Stop yet. Go enjoy your Thursday, tomorrow the weekend, and last Friday of the week, and I’ll be here talking to you. Stay tuned.

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