How To Protect Your Intrinsic Value

How To Protect Your Intrinsic Value

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On the podcast, today, we are talking about value, specifically, individual value. Now, multiple times I talked about this, there are many podcast episodes, and I took different angles on this concept of value. But then today, I’m taking an angle on self-esteem, and confidence. That’s the frame through which I’m looking at value. And the reason why I’m doing that is that being part of some conversations, people are questioning themselves, they’re not able to bring themselves together to accomplish projects. 2023 is coming. So there is a pressure to do things start the year, beginning of the year, they want to do things. So make sense. And even though in the last few days, I’ve been talking about goal setting, planning, and all that, no planning, no goal setting is possible. If self-esteem in itself is compromised, so makes sense to talk about it now.

Now, if you look at value, if you look at yourself, you are a body of a lot of things, you have many memories, many experiences, many skills, many talents, some explored some unexplored, some known some unknown, some solid, some fluid, so the composition is pretty solid. In the stock market, investments, and Bitcoin and all like you look at the financial markets, that trading markets and all that, you know, there are graphs through which you represent the health of an investment. Likewise, our confidence also is a graph. At any point in time, anybody could be extremely confident, even though there is no basis for confidence. And sometimes despite of having everything, we may not have confidence. So it’s a graph. And every day, either it’s up or it’s down, or it’s flat, but it’s moving, it’s changing every day, you can’t go back, you know, five days from today behind, and find the graph to be the same as today it’s moving, there’s always some movement if you look at value, and if you look at yourself, there are two ways you can define yourself. One is your extrinsic value. And the second one is your intrinsic value. So the extrinsic value is what you want from others. So you’re impacting others, you’re influencing others, you’re doing things for others, so you’re adding value to them. And the intrinsic value is you to you how you see yourself.

The irony of life is that sometimes, there’s a lot going on in people’s lives. And sometimes people end up looking or assessing or questioning their own intrinsic value because they feel that they are not valuable to others. And this is coming most of the time this comes from people telling them that they are of no value to others. So somebody comes up to you, and says, whatever you’re doing, whoever you are, you add no value to others. And what happens to your mindset, what happens to you at that moment, you feel that you are valueless. Now you take that seriously, that means what you’re doing is you’re questioning your own intrinsic value when you start believing their opinion or their judgment of you. So the majority of the time people lose the understanding of their own value because other people are making judgments, they’re passing judgments, they’re passing opinions. See your value is independent of what others think of you. Very simple. If you believe in that your life is going to become amazing. You will live a happy life you will live a fulfilled life. But if you start giving room to other people’s opinions of you, then they will step on your understanding of yourself. And sometimes, you know in one of the earlier podcasts I talked about this, sometimes our loved ones do this to us. People like parents sometimes do this unknowingly they do. The Lovers care for us and they’ve raised us but along the way, sometimes they do get carried away by other people’s opinions about who their children are. And they end up passing other people’s opinions on to them. compromising the self-esteem of the children happened to me personally actually growing up. I’ve seen this happen to other people too. So I got to be very careful with this now, how do you safeguard your value? I’m not talking about increasing value, but how do you safeguard your value? Let’s talk about the few things that you have to do. And one of the things I have done personally is inbuilt all these things into my own affirmations, I wake up in the morning, and I go through them so that I cannot I don’t have any room, in my mind for anybody else to question my value. Or anybody stepping in and breaking those barriers, entering into my space, and then creating doubt within me. And then I start questioning my intrinsic value, I do not. So how do you make sure that your value is intact?

Now, first and foremost is that you got to understand that you are unique. And there are many facets to your existence here. You are unique, you are different, you are only one, and nobody else can be made like you. That’s step one, that’s the first one. The second one in this is that as an individual, you are constantly changing. And change is happening. Whether you see it or you do not see it. It’s happening. And because you’re constantly changing, it’s very difficult to assess yourself are you can’t assess your own self. When you can’t assess your own self, how can somebody outside or can assess you? So you cannot trait you can’t measure yourself. And here you are allowing others to rate and measure you when you are constantly changing. There is one other understanding here also, which is humans, by default are imperfect. And by the way, for every line here I have done an individual podcast episode on each one of these lines, uniqueness, complexity changing, cost change, and constant change, I did one podcast on that measuring rating, and I did one podcast episode on that. And imperfections I talked about in one of the podcast episodes, I’ve done multiple podcast episodes on this. The biggest of all is that you are constantly developing. Forget about change changes happening, but you’re constantly developing, you’re reading you’re listening to this podcast or other podcasts, and you are a student of life. So you’re constantly developing. Now, if you are developing that means you are incomplete. Guess what, you are going to stay incomplete for the rest of your life. If that is true, then how can somebody assess your value? How can somebody rate you? Right? So we are complex. Humans are complex, we are unique. We are complex, we are changing, we are developing, and it’s very hard for somebody to rate us very hard somebody to measure us very hard.

So these are the affirmations I carry in my mind when I do this, I preserve my intrinsic self. And I don’t care about the extrinsic self because the extrinsic side of me is constantly helping constantly doing costly thinking of bringing value. So that part is intact. That part is always going to be there. Okay, I’m going to stop here. Hopefully, this is helpful. Hopefully, this helps. If it is let me know. And again, if you have a question, then by all means you can text me at 888-818-0404 Text me on that number. And I’ll be more than happy to take your question and answer that on the podcast. Do that quickly because this year is coming to an end. And tomorrow is going to be December 1 And I’m going to complete 11 months daily of daily podcasting here tomorrow the last month, beginning of the last month of the year.

So I’m excited for tomorrow, as much as I’m excited for next year also. So that’s all for now. Wherever you are, be safe and keep listening.

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