How To Raise Successful Kids

How To Raise Successful Kids

How many of you right now think that an entrepreneurial kid is much better than an employee, mindset driven kid, like, go get a job? See, everybody raises their hand. I never saw anybody raise not raise their hand. No, I want my kid to have a job. I don’t know. Not Not Not that I’ve seen this. When I talked to individuals. I said, Why can’t you start a business? They’re like, No, it’s fear. I don’t have the money. I don’t think this is going to be scary. I have lost money in the past. I don’t know where to go. Where do you know whom to and we are looking for help. I think that majority of the times, every time I’ve seen any entrepreneurial kid who has made it, it has to it always started with the parents, not the kids. Rarely that has happened.

There is data to prove now that, you know, mediocre parents create mediocre children. It’s very scary to think about that for a second. Mediocre parents great mediocre children. Actually, let me rephrase that. It says middle class produces middle class. That’s the right word. Okay, only three to 4% below the line of middle class, magically have children who are in the superior class. I don’t know how they classify all this data. By the way, I’m speaking from that. So in other words, occasionally, when you see somebody who has to come from absolute adversity, and suddenly makes it to the very top, you get to look at them, you see inspired oh my god, how did they could make that level of impact? What did they do? Very rarely, you see those people most of the times, it’s always rich, making rich, big entrepreneurs make me big entrepreneurs. Right. But then if you have to figure out how to make it work, and you are in your third in your 40s, and 50s, and 60s, when will you start putting these values into children? It is a question you have to ask. I asked that question all the time. How do I make my children entrepreneurial? It’s hard. I’ll tell you a secret I learned and maybe this will help you. Okay, maybe this will help you. There was a gentleman by name. Isaac is the door Robbie, have you have anybody heard that name? Isaac Ravi. He’s a nuclear physicist who went on to win a Nobel Prize. When he was interviewed, they asked him this question. They said, What is the secret for your success? That you won a Nobel Prize? He said my mother was a single mom or something. Really? What was the secret? Then? What did she do? Nothing. She was not as well educated either. But she did something to me that other parents do not do. She said, every time she used to drop me to school, she used to tell me make sure you ask a good question today. At the end of the day, when she used to pick, she used to say, did you ask a good question today? Usually the answer is no. That’s the best parenting tip I’ve ever received. I wish I would have gotten it before I had my first kid. I am I started applying that technique with my second kid. Every time I dropped him, I say, make sure you ask a good question. I don’t care what if it’s Mom, you worry about the grades. Dad. I just don’t. I’m worried about the conversation. Okay, did you get an ad to my wife drives all those things with the kid. I’m not worried about that. My son is enthusiastically giving me feedback. I kept on asking, Did you ask a good question today? No, no, no, no, it went on for two years. Then I gave up. I never asked me anymore. Suddenly. One day said Dad, I asked a good question today, daddy. Okay, I said, What did the good question you asked? If App Store downloads apps won’t download your app store. Good question. When you submit a question, if you think about it right. Now, I thought at that point, I realized this he started to think

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