How To Take Your Game To The Next Level

How To Take Your Game To The Next Level

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Today on the podcast episode, I want to talk with you on how you can take your game to the next level. Whatever level you want to get to, you are happy with what you’re doing. The results are predictable, you are getting the outcomes, but then you know, there is something else to you. And you know that you can play a much bigger game. What do you need to do? The source of this question is coming from a video that I saw on YouTube and there was a comment, somebody asked, kind of put a comment there asking the question to the author of the video saying, I am getting good results and good outcomes within my carrier. But then I know there is that next thing that I need to do. And they were asking a specific question. And I looked at all the answers, but I thought there was a different way it should be answered. So I thought I should take that question. And answer that because I know you are listening to the podcast, it means you are success minded individual. You listen to this. So it made sense that we can have a conversation here. So question is, how do you take your game to the next level? Let’s look into this. There are if you look at any thing that anybody is doing, there are three things that define the success, only three things.

One is skills. Sometimes skills are acquired, most of the skills are acquired. But occasionally you see people who have the gift, by birth by nature. So obviously they have the advantage, clearly, but then skills, predominantly skills, that’s the first part to success. So you can learn anything that you want to learn. If you spend enough number of hours, I think 10,000 hours, you really become good at it. This is what I have seen consistently with myself and people, you can pick up any skill doesn’t matter. But make sure that you give focus and time to the skill to skill is the first element of any level of success. The second part to this is your habits. I talked about this yesterday also on the podcast, which is our habits define our character. And our character innovation defines our destiny. So what habits are serving you, and what habits are not serving you, that needs to be addressed practically on a daily basis. At some point throughout the day, or at one point in every day, at one point, you need to ask a question, What habits Should I drop today? And what habit Should I start today? Or start tomorrow? Question You got to ask. So skills, number one.

Number two is habits. Now once these two things are in place, the next thing is mindset. Whatever education I’ve gone through, had the opportunity to talk to some incredible people. And I cherish even I look forward, I wake up in the morning, and I want to have an incredible conversation with someone who from whom I can learn. And guess what there are enough sources from where we can learn. And one thing that I want to capture is what is the mindset with which somebody is doing something, a game that they are playing that again, I can copy that I can learn from? Or I can mimic is the right word mimic? What is that game? What is the mindset that they have for the success that they are having today? So skills, habits, and mindset to string. If you look at what you have achieved till now, you know there is more, no matter which levels all of us can play at a whole different level, there’s always the next level. And there is never going to be a situation where we can say, Yeah, I did it. I got to the ultimate level, there isn’t the ultimate level. And you also heard me say this here also, and I, I keep repeating myself on this one, which is every time you see an ultra-performance in one area of life in someone that is happening because other areas are compromised. Not all but some.

If the outer game has to go up, the inner game has to be leveled up. There is no need to go and learn a new skill anymore. Maybe there is but it’s not like I made 100 million dollars today doing this business. Let me go start another business and make 200 million it doesn’t work like that. If you made $100 million today in one business, the chances are you could make $200 million in the same business. Now, what do you need to do in the same business to raise to your income to 200 million? Well, the answer to that is you have to play the same game but you don’t have more time. You probably have to have some better people and better leadership and better skill sets and all that you need to bring in But the bottom line is you, you know that game? Well? How do you go from 100 million to 200 million in the same business? Turns out, it is an inner game at that point.

So, the majority of the time you see someone who is losing a medal at the Olympics, come back four years later and gets a medal. It’s not that the individual was trained, or that the player was trained of that athlete was trained by any new methodology. It’s just that some things were changed, some tweaks were done. And most of these tweaks are in the mind, instead of the mind, not outside the forum did not change as much, there was no new technique that was introduced the same. In fact, there is a saying that the top 10 athletes who run the 100 meters, on a given day, anybody can win the medal. On that day, there is a gold medalist because the the the run happened that the competition happened on that day in that point in time, but given a different day, anybody could win, and all of them could win. See, it’s not about a new skill, new talent as much as it is about mindset. So I would focus on the inner game. And the inner game would be like, what are some of the beliefs with which I carry myself? What are some of the values with which I carry myself? Are my core beliefs in place are my core values in place? Am I doing enough to hold on to them and keep polishing them, and keep on strengthening them, while keeping my focus on the outer results, without compromise, a lot of times people withdraw, in order to come back and finish at a bigger level, you cannot withdraw in some games, you cannot withdraw, you can’t take off. You can’t say I will stop doing what I’m doing. So that I can go meditate for about three or four years and a comeback. And now now that I’ve meditated, well, I’m not well centered my mind, now I will go and generate the $200 million. So you’re letting go $100 million revenue or profits, and you are withdrawing for two, three years, and coming back to earn 200 million, it doesn’t make any sense. So if you want to get to the $200 million, you cannot withdraw, you have to be in the same zone.

Now, that means you got to meditate on the job. This is when the Zen Habits kick in. This is when you just start you go deep within your into yourself, the depth of your existence has to be explored, then the height of the success that you’re trying to create outside. This is the answer that I was looking to kind of type on that video, that question. But then there is more to this. As you’ll see, clearly there is more to this. But a few other pointers on this. A few other pointers, just because I said skills, habits, and mindset. That doesn’t mean those are the only three things. Those are three primary things for success. But there is more to it. So if you just do those three things, you are good. You are in the top 3% or top 2%. There is more to that. So there is the I wouldn’t simply stay only with those three and be done with I need to keep on exploring myself as much as I can. There are a few more things to this conversation. But here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to stop here. And I’m going to continue this conversation tomorrow on tomorrow’s podcast a little bit more and give you some other pointers on how to what are some of the other elements that you need to be careful of when you’re trying to raise your inner game. Okay. I’ll stop here today. Wherever you are, be safe, and we’ll talk tomorrow. Thank you

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