How To Win In Life - Part 2

How To Win In Life – Part 2

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Welcome back. Today we’re going to continue from where we left off yesterday. Yesterday, I started a, a three-part series. And I said, I’m going to share some strategies, some techniques, or some insights on how to win at life, maybe in your career, maybe in relationships, maybe in your business, whatever you got going how to win. So I shared about four strategies yesterday or four insights yesterday, today, I have a few long lists, maybe six or seven today. So let’s get into this. Then turning from where I left off yesterday, deliver value in every action and interaction doesn’t matter small or big, maybe for a one-minute interaction, or maybe a long interaction, maybe your action is just you taking an action, nobody is around you. Regardless, everything you do has to have some value associated with it. So this podcast, I’m recording my goal, my intent is to deliver value to you, okay, or make this valuable. And if I do that, then obviously, as I’m taking this action, I’m recording this, I’m trying to make this valuable, so you will derive value. So if this is an interaction, that means you’re listening to this, and you will take away some good stuff. That’s my goal. That’s my intent. Then the second one, there’s a principle called W.I.T.I.I.F.M. This was something that I learned very early on when I started my own business. Why would somebody listen to you? Why would somebody buy from you? Why would somebody deal with you? And how do you really get people’s attention? So some marketing books said, it’s all about W.I.T.I.I.F.M and this principle applies everywhere. Or what it stands for is that, “What is there in it for me?”, “What is there in it for me?” W.I.T.I.I.F.M.

Every brain, every human, every individual is walking around thinking, what is it? What is there in it for me? So if you speak to what is there in it for them, then you will have what is whatever you want. So always, every time you talk to anyone always talk to their interests, not to your interest, been in many conversations where people show up, and they talk to themselves. Some of my friends, call me to talk to themselves. I did this, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I did that. Who knows? You know, maybe I should have done this, maybe I should have done that. The call was just for them to talk to themselves. They don’t care who you know, Srini, how are you doing what’s happening? Maybe they’ll say one time, but most of the conversation is about them. Nobody’s interested, nobody cares. And I love them. I listen to them. But then, if they had known this principle, then imagine what kind of results they would create for themselves. Genuinely, when you’re working with people, that third one, genuinely makes them important. This goes along with the, with previous one, always, genuinely make people important. And this is a principle I wish I would have learned this early on. In my early days, I never thought of making other people important. But ever since I made that shift, my life has been incredible. I always genuinely make people important. Avoid confrontations and arguments. You can’t win. Even if you think that you have won an argument. In the long run, you will lose out.

So typically, there’s no vent when something gets into an argument. It’s too late. Never let anything slip into a state of, you know, confrontation, or become argumentative. Don’t let the situation slip. And avoid as much as you can. Then, along those lines, the next one here is to respect opinions. Everybody has the same voice and has the same thoughts as similar existence occupies a similar space like you, me, so we shouldn’t be questioning other people’s opinions. And we do that all the time. And we say, hey, my religion is bigger than yours. My knowledge is my credentials are bigger than yours, then I have more money than you and my social status is bigger than you whatever than yours. Point is. Every time you say that I’m bigger and better than you then there is somebody else who is much, much bigger and better than you. So so it doesn’t work. And it’s a conversation that has no place. So respect other people’s opinions. And most importantly, don’t let them down. Even though you are right and wrong. Your job is not to give them a feeling that they have lost. They should win. Okay, they should win, so let them be.

Achievers, listen. Some. So you want to be an achiever, listen, let them talk, he’d be amazing. In moments, you’ll figure out how much they do not know. You see, I’m talking here for five minutes, and you will come to know how much I do not know, I think I’m sharing something that you do not know, the truth is you are figuring out how much I do not know, I know that some very attentive to what I’m doing here, at the same time, what I’m incapable of doing here, and how I’m being heard. While you’re listening to the words that I’m saying, hopefully, you’re also listening to the words that I’m incapable of saying that also people listen, people, listen, through silence, achievers, listen through silence. And then the last one here is sympathy and empathy. If you don’t have sympathy for people, you cannot win. If you don’t have empathy for people, then you can’t achieve bigger things. Winning is okay, but then achieving bigger things, like winning on top of winning, can’t do that. So, sympathy and empathy are learned skills, you can learn them, yes, some people, depending upon how what circumstances they went through, it’s very difficult for them, to bring these two qualities into them. But then you can learn. And there are enough lessons that life is teaching you to learn. You don’t need to listen to a podcast to learn what empathy and sympathy is. Life is already teaching you that lesson, all you have to do is listen to that lesson, and observe and take it in.

Okay, so I’m going to stop here, there are, I don’t know, 3, 6, 7 things I talked about already. So I’m going to stop here. All I’m requesting to do is just take one of these things and just apply right away. Hopefully, you did that yesterday, took one from the list I shared with you, and you applied. Take one from today’s lesson and see how life will respond to you. I’m promising you it’s going to respond back to you on a whole different level, in a much better way, in a good way, in a rewarding way. Okay, so tomorrow, we’ll talk a little bit about home and specifically things that you should do at home so that you can win. So that’s going to be our part three. So stay tuned for that. And if you’re liking what I’m sharing with you, you’re finding some value. Just let me know drop me a message or write a comment. You’re watching this on YouTube. You can always write a comment. So that’s all for now. Wherever you are, be safe and I’ll be talking to you as early as tomorrow with part three. Stay tuned.

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