Lessons Learned From Living Through Difficult Times

Lessons Learned From Living Through Difficult Times

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It’s Monday morning, the start of a new day, the start of a new week. Welcome, or welcome back to success with Srini. On the podcast today, I am going back to a question. In fact, a suggestion that I received a few days ago when I was at a conference, I’ve been talking about this conference and some of the questions I got there. So at a conference, talking to a bunch of people in the hallway, and this gentleman says, Trini, I’ve been on your email for over 10 years now, on my email list for 10 years, I don’t send a lot of emails. Not at a level that I should be sending. But I should, but I don’t. I’ve been on your email for 10 years now. And he was now listening to this podcast, he says in I have some suggestions for you. And you should do a podcast on all the difficult emails that you sent out. I was like, wow. As I said, what emails I sent it, oh, you sent about your father’s stroke, then all the challenges that happened as a result of that, and then your mother’s cancer, then your father-in-law’s cancer, then you lose your God, brother, your cousin to heart failure. I’ve seen all these emails, and, and all the other emails that you talked about, and in all the challenges you’re facing, and you should talk about all these lessons you learned in one of the podcast episodes, great suggestion, incredible suggestion, I never thought this way. So, so amazing, when somebody walks up to you and talks to you like this, you know, it’s like, wow, what, and how people think you know, what, sometimes like, I’m like, I feel like so insignificant when, and someone comes in and talks like this, like, wow, you know, there’s so much of so much that is out there. And I’m like, I’m so small in front of all this stuff. So I thought I will, I will record a podcast on this, you know, some lessons learned, living through some difficult times. I like.

So I was thinking if I have to talk about how I lived through some difficult times and have to share some lessons on a podcast, what should I say? What will I say? And I was thinking about it. And as I was focusing on it, it turns out that I have a few things to share. To talk about, but I don’t know if it’s of value or not, you let me know if it is or not. So here are my observations through all this. And I really thought this through. There are two things that will happen to everybody. Regardless of who you are, and what you do. Doesn’t matter. Two things will happen. And they happen. But they happen to all of us regardless. But I happen to open my eyes and recognize this because I went through some challenges. But they’re happening, it’s happening to you also right now, regardless, now I don’t expect or think about any bad times on anyone. Whether you are my friend or my four doesn’t matter. I don’t wish for any bad times I wish, you know, a tremendous amount of success, happiness, joy, and fulfillment to everybody doesn’t matter. That’s how I process myself. So, here is what I’ve seen. Everything that you have today will be tested. Every strength you have today will be tested. every possession you have will be tested. For example, let’s say you think that your experience and your skills are your assets. That’s what you have, they will be tested.

Suddenly, you will be put in a situation where you start to question really do have will it work. Can I make it happen? So something will happen? Will we be tested on that? Let’s say you have possession. You have a house or land or whatever. suddenly somebody claims that you know this is mine, you can’t come in you are no more the owner suddenly becomes a nightmare. Maybe you have some gold, maybe you have a car or whatever, whatever possessions you have, they will all be tested. And trust me, you know your children will fight over them. Your siblings you know will fight over them. It’s just it, that’s how life is. So everything you have will be tested. Now, everything you do not have will exploit you. So everything that you have will test you, and everything that you do not have will exploit you. For example, if you don’t have the skills, but somehow you got the job, you’d be exploiting I mean, that’s it, you will be done exploiting it, you will make an investment for which you do not have the money you are exploiting. You start a business for which you don’t have the skills and talents will be exploited. Employees will exploit your system will exploit you. I mean, it’s this is how it works. So, things that you have, you will be tested, tested, and things that you do not have will be exploited. So, the question is I will I’m oversimplifying this, there are many things to this. So I want you to grasp the message here, not necessarily the words, or specifics I, I’m talking about, I mean, I want you to catch me through my feelings and through the silence hear things that I’m not saying you got to listen to those. So whatever assets that you had yesterday, the if they have not yet become your liabilities today, that means you are okay, you’re doing good. But every asset you have sooner or later will become a liability. It’s very difficult to understand this. But that’s the truth, every asset will become a liability.

First, it becomes a difficulty then becomes a liability. So a lot of examples there. But I did several podcasts on this in the past, anything and everything that you think you have today, or what you had for a long time. For example, I’ll give you one thing, you have a house, you have a land you have, you know, whatever. And what one point it was an asset, your experience was an asset, your job was an asset, your skills were an asset, your business was an asset, suddenly, you’re in a position now you can’t take care of them anymore. You can’t work on them anymore. And now suddenly their liabilities. Interesting. So how do you lead a life? How do you break through these circumstances? How do you make yourself? How do you find yourself in all this? That’s the question. Well, there are four things that I have seen. I mean, there is there’s more to this also. But I tried to simplify this on this podcast, three things, four things, two things, because people, anybody who listens to this can, they can take some notes, mental notes of what I’m sharing. So I want to simplify and oversimplify things on the podcast here. So coming back, there are four things I’ve seen, that have kept me in the game that will keep you in the game before going through some hardship, through some challenges right now. The first and foremost is acceptance. You got to accept the fact that you are not in control, that you can’t control the outcomes, that you can’t change the destiny of others you can’t make others follow, understand you or follow or believe in you or trust you none. You cannot because everybody, everything has a mind of its own. And everything operates in its own way.

Every human, every relationship, everybody, everybody has their own mind, they’ve all they all want to operate in their own way. So you cannot control a lot of things that you otherwise think you are controlling the day you accept that you are not in control, that is the only day that you will be in control. So and if I had to take it realistically accept in Acceptance comes in different forms. You have to, first of all, accept who you are. The place where you live, the people with whom you live everything you have to accept. This is the truth. This is the reality. This is where you exist. This is how you operate. And why create friction Why fight? Why have a discord because it’s not going to add up? If at all it’s going to add up in a negative manner. What’s the point? It’s a must-win battle or loses the war. So starts with acceptance. Yesterday I talked about gratitude. So the second one is gratitude.

And, again, gratitude, I said, you know, appreciating small little things that you have in life, attaching meaning, and not worrying about what others have removing yourself from that competitive mindset. All that. And yesterday said I’m going to share with you an experiment I did. And, here is the experiment I did. For one day, for one whole day, this was something I did about in the month of May, or April or May of this year. 2022. I took one day, I woke up in the morning and I said, thank you, for everything. Opened my eyes. I looked at Oh, thank you. Wow, the day I got a day. Okay, so I started from that. And all thankful for the water, thankful for the air and every small little thing. Everything for 24 hours, I said thank you. In the end, at the end of the day, I lost count after 165 Thank yous roughly. I didn’t count. So by the time I said 165 Thank yous, it was already. So I woke up at 430. By the time seven, seven o’clock, I was already 165. Thank you, sir.

So if I take 24 hours, or whatever, throughout the day, right? I have easily crossed 1000. Thank yous easy. That takes just a thank you word. That’s it. That’s all thank you for this. Oh, thank you for that. So got started. Thank you. The tracker is moving. Thank you. It’s amazing. What it did, I forgot who I am. I forgot what I was doing. I forgot I had no resentment, no frustration, and no anger. Not that I have but didn’t have all I was in a different altered state of existence throughout the day. The incredible practice works. Prior to that I also did one more gratitude, experience experiment, which is saying thank you three times a day and time saying sorry, three times a day. So if you are on my email list, you might have gotten some emails from me, you are text messages. If I text anybody, I start I’m every text message in every interaction with any individual there is and there is a word Sorry. It’s strategically done. Not to gain any advantage. But every time I say that that word is designed to modify me that that puts me on the lower side of that interaction. And I implicitly transfer the power into the hands of the other person. And that is an element of gratitude. That’s it. So mentally, I don’t picture myself on about anybody who never did. I never woke up and said, I know more than somebody else that I have more than of this than anybody else ever did. And this is the sequence that has gotten this years ago. And I talked about that in the podcast also. So gratitude keeps you going through difficult times. Obviously patience.

See, patience means calmness. And calmness means no anxiety, no frustration, and no overwhelm. When you’re calm, you don’t have these things. I get that question all the time. I’m always like, too many things going on with me. You know, I’m like, always anxious, always stressed out. And I said, you know, you got to practice patience. Simple. Practice patients to become calm, are calmer. And when you’re calm, there is no that means the mind is centered. In the end, there is no old flow of thoughts or emotions. And you are in control of your senses. That’s it. That means you’re calm. That means you’re practicing patience. It’s amazing how problems go away when we give time to them. So just give them the time they go away. Magical. And the last one that will get you through difficult times is a lesson that I learned. He is you got to become resilient. Like doesn’t matter what is coming at you or Who is throwing what at you It doesn’t matter every time just sit back, pick yourself back, and get back into the game. You’ve seen that you know successful people do that beat and they fall down. They gather pick themselves up and come back into the game. The more you are knocked down, the more you stand up. That’s it.

Now, you could be hurt. You could be weak. Doesn’t matter, you stand up. These are the four things that have gotten me I could have added more. But there is so much to this as you’ll see clearly. Okay, I’m going to stop here. Hopefully this helps if it is let me know at 888-818-0404 Where you can text me and keep listening. Thank you.

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