Listen Up: You Don't Need Any Brilliance To Create A Life That Matters

Listen Up: You Don’t Need Any Brilliance To Create A Life That Matters

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Welcome back, happy Tuesday morning to you on the podcast today, I don’t have a question. But I do have something that has been assuming my brain space for a while now. So I wanted to take a few moments and share this with you. Maybe if time permits tonight on my radio show, I’ll also talk about this. But lately, I had been a part of several conversations where people who have attained the age range of 40, to about 55, that’s the age range, I see a concern or an underlying complaint they have, which is, I could not create a brilliant life.

Now I lived here for such a long time, I had these opportunities, specifically in Silicon Valley, where I live and where I talk to people. So I thought of taking a moment and addressing this at a global level. I think regardless, of where you live, or what you do, you probably also have similar thoughts and feelings. It’s very natural if you’re a success-minded individual, who is, you know, it takes personal accountability and responsibility and all that it’s natural to go through that feeling primarily for creating things and you’re responsible for income and all those things in your household. So this idea, this thought that I had this time I couldn’t do much, or I did not matter. It’s not a good thought to have. But then if you have it, this is what I have to say. Life is what we create. But life also creates us. And whether you create life or not, life is going to play itself out. So it will do things for you. And sometimes, if you are smart, then things do happen. And it doesn’t mean that you’re not smart, life is going to punish you, or any of those things. And as such, life is neutral. And life is a wonderful thing. So it is there. We as with your name, but your existence you are happened to live with my name, but my existence, I’m happy to live, we are not indispensable. And we don’t have that level of existence that otherwise we are being told to believe.

So we are here momentarily, having this wonderful time. And this wonderful time is going to pass it has passed for others and everyone before us, and it’s going to pass for us also. And we will also pass for people who are going to come after us here is the point I’m trying to make you do not have to be brilliant to create a life. And also you can’t say somebody has brilliance. That’s why they created a wonderful life. The wonder that you see is because there is some thunder behind it. So what is this thunder behind all that wonder that you’re seeing? This is what we know. And this is what now the data shows, there are two things that you need to create that wonder. And consistently, I’ve seen this across people who have successful life who have fulfilled life, joyful life, and all that. The first thing is their ability to change. I’m not saying that some people are not gifted, sometimes you see people who do not change, but they still have everything.

Sometimes nature has gifted them certain things, they have been blessed with some things, and that’s okay. But the ability to change is a requirement. And the ability to acquire is important. Now, acquiring has nothing to do with assets or money and all that acquiring means is knowledge, and information, it could be anything for you. But whatever it is, it is what it is to you. So two things ability to change and the ability to acquire. Interestingly, these two things are learnable the learned skills, you don’t need to be born with these two things. When you do these two things, you now have equal footing with those people who you think are brilliant, who have incredible life who you think have created a great life, and you are now on par parallel with them. Why do I say Why am I saying that these two are learnable skills because of these two things you did? I did. All of us did when we were born. So we changed and we were changing. We were asking for something like a baby, right? Maybe make some sounds. Mother doesn’t respond, baby now case, a mother doesn’t respond for food, let’s say, Mother doesn’t respond, baby cries little bit more mother doesn’t respond. Now baby’s anger is going to cry and cry and cry, and the mother doesn’t respond to a point where the mother not only has to feed the baby but has to confer the baby with five times more effort than what the baby put in, to begin with. So, the baby changed, and also, in a way, figured out a way to acquire the food. And as the baby started growing up, then a lot of changes happen and the baby adapted to all those changes and became very capable, all of us have gone through this.

So there is nothing, this process has been ingrained into our existence. So there is nothing that is already there. So all we have to do becomes a little aware, that’s all. Now there are some qualities people have that make them kind of more predisposed to this brilliance. And some of us do not simply. But then if you start looking at qualities, your personal qualities are more powerful than technical qualities. Some people dress up nicely, some people, like to have a certain order to them, or use some gadgets or whatever, right? So some people have some technical, and let’s talk about some work-related stuff also, where they have some technical capabilities, the thing in a bit the different kinds of things engineering, mind, whatever, but when you take that and you look into yourself, whatever qualities you have, in fact, they can cloud the other those qualities. So your personal qualities can overshadow the technical qualities of other individuals. If you think that way, or when other qualities or other different categories of qualities, not only technical qualities, but other categories of qualities, if you start comparing them with personal qualities, your personal qualities have to need to somehow be in a lower position as compared to your personal qualities. Now, what are these personal qualities? And how do you acquire those, that’s where I’m going with this. The first and foremost is your attitude. That’s the biggest personal quality which is learnable by the way, which can be learned. Most important is attitude. Then thoroughness, when you’re doing something, when you’re at something if performing thoroughness, then your ability to observe and learn. The creative imagination. Some people said, don’t have imagination, not true. If you can close your eyes right now. And you can keep your eyes open if you’re driving and listening to this. And you can imagine New York you can imagine, you’re in Australia, you can imagine, you know Hawaii, then you have imagination. Okay? Decision-making, adaptability, and ability to organize yourself and your surroundings. Expression of knowledge. These are all the qualities, these are the personal qualities that I think regardless of who you are, what you do, how accomplished you are, and how accomplished you are not. You should keep on trying to improve this.

Now, again, as I said, these are learned skills. Today, you wake up in the morning, and you decide that I want to put forward a great attitude towards everything that’s coming at me. If you make that commitment to yourself, that means you’re practicing change. You see your swing ability to change. And as you’re doing that, along the way, you can acquire something also as a result of that people will say good things to you, and people will compliment you. People will be nice too because you have a great attitude. And you apply that to all the other things. And you see, you know, now suddenly somebody who has absolutely nothing to do with you. Wow, he has a brilliant life. Actually, you’re working very hard behind the scenes to create that brilliant life. That’s my point. Okay. So yeah, pick one or two as a part of today’s pursuit. As a result of listening to this podcast, pick one or two. Things are two qualities that you want to improve at a personal level and work at them today and tomorrow.

And keep working at them. Tell somebody, a friend of yours or somebody who you meet. Or maybe your family member will say, ah, that’s brilliant How are you doing that? Then now you How are you in the game that now you are really experiencing, you will experience that, which otherwise you think about others.

Okay. That’s all for now. Have a wonderful, wonderful Tuesday, and I’ll catch up with you as early as tomorrow right here. Thank you. Talk soon.

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