Live Your Life By Freeing Yourself From Old Constraints - Lisa Nichols

Live Your Life By Freeing Yourself From Old Constraints – Lisa Nichols

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Welcome back. Happy Tuesday morning to you yesterday on the podcast I mentioned that I’ll be celebrating two incredible authors whose work and whose works have changed my life. It’s an understatement if I say that two amazing ladies today on this podcast, are beautiful, beautiful souls beautiful angels. Lisa Nichols. You know this name what an incredible speaker dynamite powerhouse of speaking training coaching. amazing woman, Lisa Nichols, her work. first heard about her first for her when I saw the movie The Secret back in 2006. Then in 2009, her book came out became a national bestseller no matter what was her work since then. She’s a resident trainer on the Steve Harvey Show. She’s done some amazing things and she runs. She’s the only woman led public company trading company that only does training, coaching, and all that. So she’s the CEO of a public company.

So amazing, something that all of us we want, we are aspiring to do one day. What an incredible so the reason why I’m saying Lisa Nichols is not because of her achievements. It’s just because I happen to meet her. And she was, I sat through a presentation in 2017. Finally, finally, I saw her and Lisa gifted me her book, abundance now. And after the speaking engagements, he spent about nearly 45 minutes talking to me, outside in the hallway after the conference was done. And what a soul pot or ladies list has no words to express her greatness and profound, profound her. You know, they’re just saying that no matter what we create in life, our creations are not bigger than the values that are instilled in us. I could write, I could sing, I could paint, I could compose, I can do anything. But none of those creations are bigger than the values that are instilled in me. And the same way the water cannot rise beyond its source. Likewise, our creations cannot be bigger than the values that are instilled in us. That that long time ago, I met Lisa Nichols. I felt it. I’ll tell you, I read her books. I’ve seen her speeches, that profound or groundbreaking. But when you meet that person, those values are so deep, that fall was 45 minutes in the hallway. Like, tell you I want to get it back. I want to get it back one day.

This book, Abundance now was co-authored by Janet Switzer. Janet Switzer is someone who in every book that I see on self-improvement, I look for that name because she is behind some of the best authors in the world. I see she is the go-to person when somebody wants to become a speaker, trainer coach, and you want to build a multimillion-dollar empire. They go to her and I went to her back in 2000, I believe five, or six and before that, I heard her name in 2004. And I bought everything that she was selling everything she was selling at the time. And I’ve waited for like two months before she could send me like a huge box with the DVDs and CDs and manuals and binders. And I meticulously went through everything for about two years, two years. This was a time when Facebook was just starting and LinkedIn was not there. At this all the time. Long before social media was really social media the way we know it now. These two ladies have no words to express my gratitude and hope one day somebody was going to send this podcast episode to them. I’m hoping they come across this podcast episode and see at what level indebted to them. I mean, that’s probably the right word. Abundance now is a book. And I’ll tell you something that caught my eye in this book. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to get your attention to I can’t go through the book and I can’t read the book and all that on this podcast. But page 65 of this book says to live in your light by freeing yourself from old constraints.

See, when you go to a coach when you go to a therapist, what do they do? They try to remove the old constraint of try to free you up from the old constraint. And if the therapist or the coach or the mentor is good, they’re going to create a new image. It’s not about fixing the back life. It’s also creating New Life new possibilities, right, removing the old image and putting in a new image. Now, as a part of this, Lisa and Dennis, visit Lisa Nichols and Yanis, we just say, to step inside your greatness, and begin using the genius that’s been uniquely given to you, something I call living in your light, you’re going to have to allow yourself to be free of all constraints and give yourself permission to stand in your power. What does that look like? Standing in your power is when you’re committed to pushing past any negative self-talk, raising above your own fears, and evicting any disempowering thoughts or chatter that does not support your highest calling and greatest service? You might be already doing that. But what would happen in your life? If you look at it at a whole new level? What must you do to begin living in your light? And Lisa mentioned three things beyond this point says, strive to be at peace with all your choices, actions, and decisions, including all your past actions. Step number two, she says start looking for what’s possible in your life. You know, spend a lot of time thinking about what has gone wrong with us and why it has gone wrong this way, I’ll let you know let’s look at possibilities. Let’s not worry about things that so she says most people’s, you know, work their life to avoid something for reopening.

Coming back. And that’s not the way to do it. The way to do it is by looking into the possibilities of life and going after them. So you’re not operating from fear. You’re operating from power. Very profound, very profound. And then the third thing she says is to answer the question, why? Okay, instead of constantly looking at life, from the standpoint of victimhood, and going through, you know, why this happened to me, and why that happened to me and all that. Why not say that there is something better waiting for me, that’s a profound frame. Every day you wake up, you’ll say, something better is waiting for me. Thankful for the day, there’s something but waiting for me. These three things, and again, I can’t read all the pages, but I want you to go get the book, buy the book, read the book. And again, I give you which page you need to read. Okay, so go do that.

Now. I hope you found value in today’s podcast, if you did, do me a favor, leave me a note, and leave me a review. And if you think somebody is going to benefit from this, please share it with them. It’s very simple, just the link that you can pass from the app. That’s how simple this is. And I’ll come back, I’ll keep celebrating some authors who changed my life and mentor who changed my life, some of their work. And as I wrap this up, I want to mention something. You know, I don’t take books for free. And this is something that that I programmed myself because somebody gives me something for free. I don’t value it. And Lisa, during this conference, I gifted her book to all the attendees in the conference. So I was an attending the conference. So I got the book. And then I was reluctant to take the book for free. And when after speaking with Clint for about 40 minutes, 45 minutes, she ended up actually autographing this book, she said to Srini I love you. Or to say at least I love you do. You know that evening after that event was over, we were at dinner, and I was with Lisa, US managers, and some team members from Lisa steam also at the dinner. And I went to Lisa’s manager and I offered to pay for the book. I said I don’t want to take this book for free. It’s so good. Somehow, I didn’t want to take it for free. And they wouldn’t take money from me. That’s amazing.

Okay, I just wanted to say that because this happened. Okay. Stay tuned. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow, and tomorrow. I’m going to depending upon where we are, I’m going to celebrate one more author

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