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Mastermind With Masters

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Today on the podcast, I want to share something with you that changed my life. For the very first time, I believe this was in 2006 when I had this incredible epiphany incredible like this aha moment, this breakthrough moment in my life. And ever since I really nourished this and I have kept on going at it. And this continues to create incredible results for me. And for again, the year 2023 as we are stepping into 2023 and I’m going to be using this in a very big way, which is masterminding. And if I have to give a title to today’s podcast episode, then I would say mastermind with the masters. That’s the podcast title. Now I talked about this sometime a few months ago, I think that at the beginning of 2022 on this podcast, I talked about this. But then I’m sharing that again one more time today because this is what I’ll be doing more. And this is what is necessary to strengthen the outcomes that you’re seeking with whatever you have got going in the new year. So what is masterminding with Masters? Well, let’s talk about masterminds for a second. And we’ll talk about masters also. So first mastermind, what is the mastermind in 1925?

In the year 1945, Napoleon Hill wrote the book law, soft success, laws of success in that book, for the very first time, he talked about something called peer-to-peer mentoring. So a few people come together who are peers, it’s like Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi, getting together in a room and talking about football, something like that. So you are good at what you’re doing. I’m good at what I’m doing, we bought a mastermind to talk about, I’ll tell you what I’m doing. You tell me what you’re doing. And I’ll see if I can model some of your stuff. You see if you can model my stuff. And we do that at scale. That means we bring you to bring 10 of your friends who are identical to you, I won’t bring 10 of my friends who are identical to me, and all of us, 22 of us enter into a room and talk about everything that we’re doing individually, and trying to educate everybody in the room. And at the end of the day, like everybody’s going to walk away from, you know, you, one individual is going to share one idea, but he’s going to walk away with 21 new ideas, something like that, right? That’s the mastermind. Napoleon Hill also wrote the book, Thinking Grow Rich came out in 1937 incredible book that changed my life for the very first time when I read it, and I continue to read that book. But that’s what mastermind is about. He talked about masterminds, the first individual ever to talk about masterminds at a level that he’s he has spoken about. And thereafter, there are many experts who have spoken about masterminds. But He is credited for really introducing this idea at scale in a book back in the day, literally 100 years ago, and making it available to everyone. So that’s what mastermind is in this context. Now, let’s talk about mastery on masters, who are masters are those who have acquired mastery, very simple. Well, how do you acquire mastery? Well, you practice something, and you perfect something. So you learn. You practice and you perfect, simple.

There is a metric that has been put forward, when can you assume or when can you be confident that you have acquired mastery? The formula is 10,000 hours or 10 years of doing something. So if you’re doing something for 10 years, you’re a master, you put in 10,000 hours, you are a master. So if you can put in 10,000 hours by tomorrow morning, you’re a master simple, okay, impossible, but you get the idea. So, what it means is, it has nothing to do with this, that last time I talked about this at one of my seminars, somebody commented on this thing, as too old for taking up something new and I made a point that said Age has nothing to do with anything when it comes to learning. When it comes to effort when it comes to some physical effort and things like that, yes, maybe, but nothing to do with your mental health as far as long as you are cognitively capable. And you’re, you’re in good mental state, then you can learn anything. And so the idea is to love faster. But mastery takes 10,000 hours. Now there is a lot of research on this that is, under some Erickson I believe under the skin a K, Anders Ericsson who Dr. K, Anders Ericsson came up with this formula for 10,000 hours. And then there is some more research on this. But more or less, everybody says 10,000 hours. And the first time I really, really got into this was when I read the book, the outliers, Malcolm Gladwell talked about this, and 10,000 hours of practice and how Beatles made it as Beatles and how they had these hours and hours of practice, even before they showed up the pros, even before they even became known for who they are. So many examples there. So where am I going with this? What’s my reason behind sharing this today on this podcast? Well, the key takeaway is to undo something that is not going right, which is if you look into all the conversations you are having today, with all the people around you, how many of them are your peers? How many of them have the same intellectual, emotional, and spiritual depth? The way you do? See, there are only two ways my daughter told me this the other day said there is, you know, there are only two ways to study people, they have depth, but they don’t have depth. That’s it. There’s nothing else. And I was thinking know how right she is?

How right she is. Either people have the depth or they don’t have that. That’s it. That’s pretty invalidating real levels, that sort of thing. People are good at so many things. And how do you measure that? How do you say, Where’s the depth? You know, what is the scale? I don’t know. But there’s some truth to her statement, I was thinking she got me thinking, see, if you don’t change the conversations, then it’s difficult to create the mind that you have to create in order to achieve whatever you want to achieve. So to really, you know, this is not about learning new things, or new skills, and any of that I think you already have all the experience, know how it’s not about another podcast like this, or under seminar on the success that has to teach you how you can become successful or anybody could become successful. Yes, from time to time, we need some motivation and all that, I get that. But overall, we know what needs to happen. And for that, we are also taking action. And despite our taking action, if things are not happening, then we got to look into at some point the people who we have around us, and people around us or not right? See, on one side, you cannot pursue spirituality, while having friends around you who are dragging you into, you know, discussions that are exactly opposite to spirituality. Like, let’s go do some crime, or let’s go to have some fun, I don’t know, I’m just making it up. But you get the idea. Okay, you cannot, you cannot build a business, that multimillion-dollar business, when friends around, you are constantly talking to you about the job and layoffs and the economy and how bad this is and how dead behind on that house payment or credit cards are killing them.

Whatever, you cannot make it. See you have to take, you have to put your foot down and say, you know, this is it, you know, I mean different individual, I need to work on my goals. I have some I have a plan, I have an agenda, I have some time that is given to me to accomplish certain things, and I need to really get going with those. But if you get caught up in those conversations, which by the way, are not bad, you may think those conversations are okay. So a friend of mine, or didn’t talk to me for 10 or 20 minutes, and we’re done. And then I can go back into whatever I’m doing. It’s not a big deal. But let me tell you, it’s a big deal. It is a big deal. And if you do not put your foot down now, then I don’t know when you will. Okay. That’s the idea. So it’s important that you get people who are very capable, very smart, and very accomplished around you. So you have some conversations that are empowering, that elevate you. That gives you the momentum, the energy, the meaning, and the definition of who you are and what you want to do with your life. You don’t want to be dragged into some depression, dreams and discussions are worth it.

Okay, want to stop here don’t want to sound too, even though I keep sounding very repetitive here on this podcast because I’m here every day. The idea is not to make it harder than it is. Want to stop? Here you go enjoy your Tuesday and before you know it, I’ll be with you as early as tomorrow. Keep listening. Stay tuned.

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