The “Power Of Focus” Is Critical To Entrepreneurial Success

If you carefully study all the top 50 business makers in the world, you will see each of them differs from one another by many means. They belong to differnt countires, have different religious beliefs, have their own distinct style on how to approach and solve problems.

While there are many dis-similarities, there is one core commonality between all of them and that is their ability to create superior FOCUS.

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a gift. It was a book titled “The Power of Focus”. Over the years I have read many books, my collection dates back to 18th century and even to this date I read a minimum of two books every month. But Little did I knew then that this book would change me inside out.

Just this last week, I met Mark Victor Hansen at a seminar where he was the keynote speaker, had dinner with him and spent a lot of time talking to him on his upcoming books etc.

I even recorded a small gratitude video on which I thanked Mark for authoring such a phenomenal book. Watch the video carefully as Mark cracks a couple of jokes and even teaches me how to make money on ebay..:)- Who in his right senses would trade a book like this.. I wouldn’t even do it over my dead body.

Now that you have seen this video, the next thing you need do, shutdown the to a bookstore, buy this book and spend the next 148 hours reading it. It will change your life for good like it did mine.

Before you go.. please leave a comment :)-

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4 thoughts on “The “Power Of Focus” Is Critical To Entrepreneurial Success”

  1. Avatar

    Wow! Another great interview Srini! Mark is the best. I’m a student of his work and I’ve never heard that one. “My divine destiny is to get rich by __________”. Awesome tip!

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for the interview.
    Wow, what a chance you had to meet and know such a great man.
    And, most of all, thanks for the chance you are giving me to get to know him, even if indirectly.
    That’s the power of seminars.
    Ok, this is something I must note on my “reasons to follow your blog Srini’s blog” list. Let me see…

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