Started A New Career But The Market Is Going Down. What Should I do?

Started A New Career But The Market Is Going Down. What Should I do?

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I am super excited about today’s podcast episode because I’m answering a question. And again, this question is on a topic that I live and love every day. I love and live every day. I think that’s the right way to say, Happy Monday morning to you welcome back to Success with Srini usually don’t have this kind of excitement on a Monday morning. But this question is so amazing.

Now, because I know this individual, remotely, somebody who I know, and this individual has become a listener of this podcast, as somebody who I know from my previous life, but for the sake of this podcast, let’s say let’s call him John Doe. So John, messages me, telling me, “Srini I have recently gotten into real estate about three months ago, this is my new career, and guess what, Murphy came by and the market is now going down. I don’t think I made the right decision, I invested nearly $20,000…” I have no idea how you invest $20,000 to become a real estate agent, no idea. “I’ve done one, one deal but now I’m thinking, I’m questioning myself, Should I continue on this path or should I give up or should I stop?” I just said give up. “Should I stop? What’s your suggestion?”

Okay, I’ll put my excitement aside, I want to become a little serious with the answer. You see, here’s the problem. I’ve seen this multiple times, multiple times in the last few years. In fact, last five, or six years, I’ve seen people do this. They have full-time careers, they have good income going on. But they wanted to get into real estate because that’s where the transactions are happening. That’s where the money was flowing. And the mindset there is I want to make something out of everything that’s happening. That’s the mindset. Right? So a lot of tech jobs, why don’t I change my career, take some training and become a techie. Oh, a lot of houses being bought and sold? Why don’t I change my career, and take training to become an agent? See nothing wrong with that mindset. And you should always look for an opportunity. And that is the optimistic mindset, which is okay, nothing wrong, because we live in a capitalist world, in a capitalist economy, right? So capitalistic world, nothing wrong with it. But there is something wrong with it and the wrong is this. When you say career, that means career. The word career is synonymous with long-term success, success over a long period of time, that’s what a career means. And if that is true, that means you are in the game, to do everything for something, rather than something from everything. So you have to do everything for something spoke about long-term success for a second, there are a few ingredients for long-term success.

The first and foremost is knowledge. You got to build knowledge. And you need to learn, you need to occupy you need to prepare, you need to position. And I’ve done multiple podcasts on this topic. In the last fact that listens best to knowledge number one, number two is passion. Imagine doing something for which you are not passionate about Imagine me showing up on this podcast, not passionate about what I’m doing for the sake of doing. I mean how many times I’ve seen people, you’d be amazed. I’m a mist, okay, that people give up to do something. They’re not passionate about the dude for some odd reason. God knows what that is. And they look for the first excuse to quit and quit belief. So why even do it? Why even blame anyone for anything and all that? So you don’t have passion and doing what you’re doing today? I promise you you’re going to live a miserable life. I’m sorry, but you will live a miserable life. The third element of long-term success is how resilient you are. What all can you take on you? How committed and determined you are on this path. See, if you lack these three things, you can’t call it a career. Because you’ll be in and out. You’ll be in and out. Like the in an outline. You’ll wait till you get your burger but you’re out. Okay, you get the idea now.

So there are three things that are proven. These are the cardinal rules of a job or career, which is the first one is that you need to know what you’re doing. And that goes back to my earlier point, which is knowledge. So you got acquired knowledge and this is a good time to acquire knowledge. So if you believe in real estate and you think that real estate is the way is the future Ron, and I have said this multiple times, there are only two things in Silicon Valley, either you are in real estate, or you are in tech. And those are the two highest paying, or highest growing or highest. If anything changes in the world in a positive way, these are the two things that are going to go up in value in worth. So you should be investing in these two things. So it makes sense. You got to believe in that premise, you need to believe in that thought that yes, if anything in the world changes positively, then these two professions inside Silicon Valley where John Doe is, by the way, John, we benefit from it, he asked to believe it. So if that is true, it makes sense to invest your time now John, and acquire the knowledge and pay the price, then, the second cardinal rule is that you got to like what you’re doing. If you’re in for money, you’ll be out. That’s the truth. If you’re in for money, you’re gonna quit, people quit jobs because they’re in for money, they’re not happy. They can’t just they don’t have fulfillment, they don’t have any, in all that is they’re looking for something inside of them trying to fulfill, but they react to money and to keep on moving from one place to the other without having that thing in them. And the last thing is belief. The third one is belief, right? So you need to know like, and believe what you’re doing.

Now, I apply this principle, at least with this podcast, okay. I think I know something that if I share with people, it’s going to help them. Okay, and I like doing this. So it should show up. It should show up. They’re not reading from any script. You know, this is all mean, and the mic, and the speaker on your site, hopefully, you’re listening to this. But here’s the truth majority of people do not even come here, like seven, or eight minutes into this podcast, they don’t even listen to it this far. But they will listen, they will listen to this far if I am from my side have done and I come across being authentic. So I cannot be authentic unless I like or love doing what I do. Very simple. And the last one is that I have the belief that anybody will listen to this. And who will never ever talk to me and will never ever meet me will still benefit from this? That’s the belief I have. So when I have these three things aligned, this could be a career. It’s not a career. But this could be my identity. This could be my profession, if I really take this and by the way, this principle applies to every profession, not specifically to John who is in real estate, but could be a doctor, you could be a chiropractor doesn’t matter you have, you could be running a retail store doesn’t matter who you are, what you do these principles apply.

Coming back to you as a starting out as a real estate agent for the very first time. The challenge is this, the challenges that you’ll be told to sell yourself. And the elements of selling yourself would involve, hey, trust me, I have integrity. I have the commitment necessary to sell your house or to get your house. I work with an incredible team and you do whatever you have, you have to say what you have to say because you’re starting out in that profession. You are a newbie, not much experience in that space. So you will these are the things and I see even experienced agents and brokers use this. And that’s not where the real success is. Success is when you sell the outcome, not selling yourself. So if I show up here and say, Hey, listen, I’ve been on the radio for 14 years, I’m doing this and doing that I’ve experienced the no harm, the certification that the skill. Nobody cares. And I don’t want you to get all that. But if I show up here and say, Listen, I understand the problem you’re dealing with. And I know, maybe I have a solution. First of all, let me understand what you’re going through, and let me see if I could help you or if I can help you. If I can let you know if not, it’s okay. Now if I take that approach in that profession, any profession, usually, it’s not difficult to sell. Not selling it sale happens automatically.

Right. So the majority of the people who are in real estate right now just got in the garden because there was they wanted to get something out of everything that’s happening and don’t drop off and I don’t want you to drop off. provided you’re passionate about this and you see a future in this. Which by the way is true because everything that goes down comes back up. So 10 years from now, it’s going to become today it’s not a seller’s market anymore. 10 years from now it’s gonna become a seller’s market. You get the idea. And I’ve been myself in a buyers market seller’s market I’ve seen you know, Multiple ups and downs in the market. So I’ve been around for a while, if not for a long while I have been around for a while, I’ve seen three different dips already. And that’s where this is all coming from. And that’s why I said, I’m excited about this because I love and I live this and I live this. So you got to transition yourself from selling yourself to selling the outcome. How do you do that? Well, I’m going to quickly share this, you need to acquire the knowledge you need to become passionate, obviously. But you need to find the knowledge and experience so that you can remove the indecisions that that those are happening in your prospects mind. So you’ll be paid. Indecision removal is important, but most people don’t do it. They think the selling, you’re not selling, you’re solving, the real selling, you’re solving. When you solve, you get paid, and you’re rewarded for the solution. But you’re selling, it’s inconsequential, because everybody’s selling, they’ll be taken out. When you’re solving, you’re also creating certain 18 people. You’re removing the decisions, you’re creating subnetting these are the two things I do on this podcast, or I try doing on this podcast, removing uncertainties from people’s minds whoever is listening to me is creating secondary and removing indecision. Not worrying about the sales not worrying about money, who cares? See, because you have passion you love doing what you do, money will flow it will find itself don’t get worried about it.

Okay, so this has gone long. And I want to stop here. I hope you got a listener of this podcast, you’re listening to this. Hopefully, you got some value out of this. John, if you’re listening to this, these are some of my thoughts. Right? I could be wrong. I could be right. I do not know. But you know, it just came out from the core of my heart. So if you found value in this, then do let me know if you’re watching this on YouTube. Just write a comment, write a review. Or if you’re listening to this on your podcasting app. This would be a place where you can write a comment and write a review and all that okay. That’s all, for now, you start your Monday in the biggest and greatest possible way. And I’m going to go start my Monday too. And I’m going to catch up with you tomorrow here. Okay. Thank you. Stay tuned. Bye now.

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