The 3-Step Formula To Achieve Any Goal In 120 Days

The 3-Step Formula To Achieve Any Goal In 120 Days

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We are now 120 days away from the year 2023. The year 2020 is coming to an end in just under four months. first of September 2022. As I’m recording, as you’re listening, welcome back to success restraint. Today, I will reset everything that I’ve done here on this podcast until now. So without knowing much about how far you are, into your goals, into everything that you set yourself up for, at the beginning of this year, people do at the start of the year, that set themselves up for achieving some big things, great things. And along the way, you know, they all fade away, not for everyone, but for some, some do make it and some are restarting. So here is the assumption I’m making, I’m making this assumption that you are restarting, and you are having only 120 days on your hand right now to accomplish everything that you want to accomplish. So if that is given, then how do you go about getting everything that you are putting your mind to, or you started putting your mind to? How can you accomplish everything that you have set yourself up for? Okay, three things I talked about already three things you have to do. First and foremost is to take control of the day. And for that, you need to think about everything that you want to do one day in advance. So everything that you want to do tomorrow, you need to think about today, this is the bare minimum. That’s not how I would like to do it. But then that’s the bare minimum. So whatever you want to do tomorrow, think about it today.

Now, once you are in tomorrow, then think a few times, hey, I’m done with the morning, what did I do? I’m about to start my afternoon, what do I have to do? I already thought about them yesterday, probably I have a to-do list, then I have this afternoon coming up, then what do I need to do? And the more frequently you think about things throughout the day, the more you’ll be focused, and the more you’ll be aligned, talking about focused, the second thing is the focus. So in order to focus, you have to do only two things. I think I talked about this a couple of days ago, you got to organize yourself and you got to the more distractions, whatever distractions you have got going, try to eliminate them.

So if you’re watching a lot of YouTube, Netflix, and all that stuff, minimize that minimize your screen time your phone is telling you how much time you’re spending. So cut it down as much as you, in fact, if you can increase your focus, that’s the single biggest thing that’s gonna get you to success. It’s not the plan. It’s not the time it’s not the actions, none. Focus is the key. And the last one, the third one I want to share with you is a mindset thing. Every day that you wake up from here on, think as if today is my last day. That’s it. Today is my last day. I wake up every day with that mindset, what is my last day, but I do everything as if I’m going to live for 100 years, I talked about this numerous times on this podcast. So my engagement is as if I’m going to live for 100 years. But my mindset is what is my last day. So the last-day mindset creates urgency and engagement. Right doing that if you want to live for 100 years, create the intensity or urgency intensity. That’s it. So these are the three things I would do in order to create whatever I want to create in the next 120 days. So give it a try. And let me know. So all you have to do is text me on 888-818-0404 Text me on it. And this is it. There is no other secret.

So these are the bare minimum three, minimum three things that I would do to structure my next 120 days. Okay, that’s the formula, no other formula. Of course, if you have time to do other things, then by all means do it. But these are things I would do. Okay, that’s all I would leave you there. I don’t want to drag this out. You stay aligned, you stay focused. You keep tuning in, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Okay, bye now.

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