The 7 Road Blocks To Success

The 7 Road Blocks To Success?

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Happy Monday morning to you, welcome back to Success with Srini. Today on the podcast, I am speaking my mind in this has nothing to do with any question from anyone, even though I have several of those questions that I still need to record and answer. But this is something that I wanted to talk about for a very, very long time. And I’ve been getting questions around, you know, what is the ultimate secret? Is there any secret to making a lot of money secret to overcoming difficulties at work or at home and all kinds of like, everybody wants to know that one? The absolute secret to that one thing that’s going to make them or get them out of the trouble they are in? And it’s very natural to ask that question because we all always are looking for that one thing. And even though we know it’s not there, the society, the markets, the media, and everything, they sell you on the idea that everybody else has the secret, you don’t have the secret, you don’t have the secret. So the secret to anything is that there is no secret. Absolutely no secret. I have to say that because I’m getting so many of these questions.

Now. I do not know what makes people successful. And every podcast episode here is a guest. I guess, okay, you’re having this problem, do this or do that. And I’m guessing because my guest has some data to it because I work with people. So I’ve seen certain things. I’ve gotten myself through some of the challenges. So I’ve seen I have some data, from my own experiences, and working with people, so some data from them. But then it’s all a guess because nobody knows what’s going to work for you. So I really do not know, what are the secrets to success. And every time you asked me for a secret, I’m going to share a secret every day for the rest of my life, and still may not really get to the answer. Okay. But we know something about success, which is, we for sure know the roadblocks to success. So if your question to find the secret to success is not answered by me or anybody else. Because it’s difficult to answer. But the answer to the roadblocks to success is already there. So I want to share this with you. Again, this is not mine. This is something that I learned. There are seven roadblocks to success. Here’s the funny thing. Each one of us will want to fall into one of these seven. There is no human who can escape all the seven scarier when I say that. So as I want to mention the seven, you want to find yourself in more than one. One is okay. One is given one means that you are human and you are in the group. And if you are more than one, it’s also okay. That means you are more human. Okay, if you fall into all seven, then nobody can help you. Okay, so make sure you’re not in all seven. But as long as you are in one or two, you’re okay. So let’s get into this. What are the roadblocks to success?

The first and foremost is a limitation. limitation. Guess what? Each one of us, no matter who we are, we all are limited by something, something is limiting me something is limiting you. No exception. It may not be the same. But we have our own demons. So your job is to find that limitation, whatever that is, and work through it. If you have limitations, and there’s more than one, by the way, the limitation is one word. But there are more than one limitations we have. The job is to identify them as a student of success and keep going after them. How it’s a whole different discussion. I’m not getting into that here on this podcast. But your job is to address each of those limitations. The more you keep addressing, the more you will live. The longer you live, the more new limitations will show up. So one of the jobs we have is to keep on working on limitations. If you don’t work on them. They will force you to become a roadblock to success. That’s the point. Then comes an inferiority complex. This is an inside thing. Your job is not to feel inferior to anybody else. But if you feel that you’re inferior to somebody else, then you need therapy. Go fix it quickly. If you’re not able to fix it quickly read therapy I’m telling you. Okay, inferiority is a state of mind which is proven to create roadblocks for success.

Then comes greed. dangerous. Dangerous, then comes fear, absolute, you know roadblock to success. Truth is that everything that you ever wanted and want is always on the other side of fear. You got to work through your fears, then comes hypersensitivity hypersensitive people, people will get angry people to get frustrated right away. Success is not for them, I’m telling you, they have no control over themselves, they have no control over anything around them. If you can’t control yourself at the bare minimum, then success is you may become successful, but it’s questionable. It may be short-lived, but you got to be careful. And then come to the segment authority. And this is like, Oh, you’re my Dad, you’re my mom, why should I listen to you? I know more than you. Your time was different, my time is different. You’re the boss, you don’t have ideas, I can manage better than you. The next one is resentment toward authority. I don’t want to listen to you that I don’t want to listen to your mom. You know, nothing, I know all your times were different. My times are different. You boss, you don’t know much. My boss has the power, I have the mind. I don’t want to listen to the law, I don’t want to listen to the authorities, I don’t want to listen to anything that is bigger than me in terms of power and authority, I will not listen. See there is a reason why a structure exists, there is a reason why there are responsibilities that are given to people in certain positions. And as much as you want to discount them. They are there because most of them, have gone through life and have or are gifted with some skills and qualities to be in those positions. And as a student of success, your job is to learn from them or model them or mimic them at some level. So the process to be successfully convenient becomes easier, simple, as simple as that. So every time there is a segment authority, then it’s also a roadblock to success, politics, disagreements, conflicts, all those things arise from that. And lastly, this is a big one, in the ability. That working with people. This is some level of denial, you can say, or lack of skill, lack of understanding of people. I have done numerous podcast episodes here talking about why success is always with through and for people. If you don’t know how to work with people, then you can’t succeed as a single entity. It’s very hard, very difficult.

Everything we do in our existence, or entire being is for others. And through others, we came here and for others, we will live. And we also will create this world, this universe for others to somebody else is going to take the position that you’re in right now. It’s amazing how this whole process works. The more I think about it, the more every day I wake up in the morning thinking about this beauty called life. It’s amazing. These are the roadblocks to success. And unfortunately, all of us will fall into one at least one in this but more than one. So as I said earlier, as I started this podcast, we don’t know the secret to success. Nobody knows. Nobody knows what’s going to work for us individually, what works. We know in general, what works and what specifically did not know what works for us in our situation. But we know what’s not going to work for sure. And these seven things, if they exist, are going to become a setback for you. So we’ll work on them.

Hopefully, this is helpful. If it is let me know. And that’s all for now. I wish you a wonderful start to your Monday for this week, and I’ll catch up with you as early as tomorrow morning. Take care bye now.

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