The Essence of True Leadership-GITPro World 2016

I spoke at GITPRO WORLD 2016 on April 23, 2016. My presentation was on how to “Turn Yourself Into An Influential Leader”

I started my talk by sharing some of my thoughts on leadership. It was a 60 minute power talk and ever since then I had been getting emails from attendees asking for the recording.

Here is the first snippet. If you like what you see and hear, leave a comment here and I’ll send you other snippets from this presentation. It’s intense and it’s all good stuff.

Also here is the slide as you may have difficulty reading the screen on the video

Srini Saripalli on Leaderhip
Srini Saripalli on Leaderhip

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7 thoughts on “The Essence of True Leadership-GITPro World 2016”

  1. Avatar

    I like the most in 6 mints Videos is Ounce of Moment is better than pound Meditation. Srini your very persistent and great energy and dedicated to change people’s life, we see very few people like you so committed any time of the day

  2. Avatar

    Hi Srini,
    Great 8 minutes of first snippet for your Apr 23 leadership talk show.
    Awesome!!, indeed.
    Can you send me the full hour video link, that would be great to watch


  3. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing short video of your presentation. It was good! I am more interested on 7 specific things that leaders do to really to motivate people.

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