The Three-D's For Maintaining Momentum

The Three-D’s For Maintaining Momentum

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Welcome back to success with Srini. Today is December 31 of the year 2022. Today is the last day of this year. And we are just exactly at the time of this recording less than 24 hours away from the year 2023 from the New Year. And today, I’m going to also continue this discussion that I started on the 26th of December, wherein I said, I’m going to be coming here every day and sharing a strategy with you, that is going to empower you to maximize your chances of success in 2023, whatever goals whatever things you have got going in this new year. And today happens to be the last insight as I wrap up this concept. And also today is a goal that I’m personally accomplishing, which is 365 days of this podcast, I made a commitment to myself at public commitment to do this podcast on a daily basis for 365 days for the entire year 2022. It’s a significant year for me. And this is a significant thing for me. And as I’m wrapping up this daily podcast, I do not know if I’ll be here tomorrow doing this podcast again, maybe I will. But as I’m wrapping this up, I want to thank you for your support for staying with me and subscribing to the podcast listening asking questions, I have so many questions that I could not get to this year. But first, let’s get into the core message that I have on today’s podcast. And then we’ll come back and talk a little bit more about this goal and about this podcast and all that. So the core message is, please maintain momentum.

See, as you’re pursuing your goals in 2023, and you probably have already done that here in 40. This year, what he’s wanting to do, which is you set some goals and along the way, you had some resistance, you had some setbacks, and you drop your momentum, and you had trouble getting back into it into, you know, probably took some time to get back into it, which you some cannot get back and they just give up. So maintaining momentum is the key to success, I’m going to share with you three things that I have learned. And I learned this very early in my life. But then ever since getting into entrepreneurship, and starting businesses and working with people allowed me to kind of refine this. And interestingly, there are only three things that will help you to maintain your momentum, whatever you have got going doesn’t matter independently and will apply to anything. First and foremost you’ve got to do something on a daily basis, something. So let’s say your goal is to lose weight in the next 90 days, then do something on a daily basis workout or diet or sleep or something has to be done.

Now, the second step to this is just don’t do something, do it. Because there is a small goal associated with it. For example, let’s say you are ACE a musician, you play guitars, let’s say you play guitar. Just don’t pick up the guitar because you have to do something, pick up a guitar and try a chord progression, play the chord progression and do it for maybe 1020 or 30 minutes till the end. Kind of a small micro-micro goal, but it does add up. And then once you’re done with that, the next step, the third step two, is documented. So write down that you did this chord progression for this much amount of time on this day. Simple, very simple. So if I have to sum this up, there are only three steps. First is done second is done. And third is a document. So three days to maintain your momentum. Let’s say you have 10 goals. You want to accomplish each goal every day, do something, and make sure that something whatever you’re doing is getting to a done state. Like you schedule some time and get in and you make sure that that amount of time is fully given to that and whatever you’re doing, you complete it. Just don’t play one chord, play the entire chord progression. Make sure that you feel good while doing it and you allocate time and get to L logical link for that, that is called done, and then document it and celebrate it. You document you write down what I did. Now, this podcast let’s come back to this podcast the commitment I made to myself at the beginning of this year I made myself a public, in fact, everyone, to all my radio listeners and all people on my email list that I’m going to do a podcast on a daily basis for one full long year. And, every day, I’ll tell you the number of challenges we had and the number of issues we had. But I continued sometimes I pre-recorded a few episodes here and there sometimes I was helped with some questions here and there from people and listeners called in and, you know, subscribers called in with their questions and texted me with questions. I mean, but I never looked at, you know, filling the time with some guests. I did this podcast with as much honesty as possible. With as much sincerity as possible. I’m not the greatest of the greatest speakers not, I was not accused of any incredible skills in podcasting, none. I just started kept doing it. And I’ll tell you, I did this on a daily basis. There was never a single day I did not podcast, never I recorded a podcast. It’s not that I published it on the same day, but I continue to record podcasts on a daily basis. Maybe when, when I was traveling when I was not in a position to record, I missed those dates. But overall, I might have missed five or six days of recording. But I pre-recorded I published those podcasts, I never missed publishing. For a single day, I made sure that I record a podcast, I made sure that I get it done. And there are so many instances where the microphone failed, the hard drive got full.

Sometimes I recorded. I remember one incident where I recorded an entire podcast thinking that it was recording but I did not press the record button. I was in my car I recorded podcast episodes I pulled I was waiting in the parking lot for my children to come back I recorded on my iPhone I recorded podcast episodes. I mean, it’s crazy the things that I’ve gone through. But there is something at the end of each podcast I documented. Every podcast episode has been documented. Every podcast episode has a date to it has a title to it has a description to it has an entire transcript, like every podcast has been transcribed, and the text has been put on my website. It’s crazy what has happened. All good things, all good things. Never did it cross my mind, I’m going to monetize this podcast, I’m going to run some ads, I’m going to make money never did. I’m not saying that that is not an option. That option was always there. But my mind never went there. Now, let me ask you a question. If I take all the fluff out of this podcast, there is some intro there is some outro. All that right, every recording has it. If I just go to the content, I take the content. And I transcribed the content. I beautifully align it on a page. And I’m telling you I can print 365 pages at a bare minimum with some good real content, real good stuff. And I can make it available. It’s a book. People asked me how you write a book, this is how you write a book, you write one page a day, for as many pages as many days as possible. And then you, of course, I need to edit this, I need to, you know all that, but my core idea is in place. So a good book has come out of this podcast and lasts 365 days. And there are many other good things as come up. You allowed me to come into your years you allowed me to come into your house, you allowed me to come into your car into your work. And you know, it’s possible that I may not meet you, we never met but somehow I know that I feel I have a relationship with you. And I know that you have a relationship with me. So all the good things and these are still things that you can’t measure these things. These are blessings from somewhere. I don’t know what it is. So that’s how I look at this. So thank you for staying with me. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Thank you for coming this long this far. And I don’t know whether I can say I’ll be back here tomorrow. With Anna before you know it. I say that all the time here. I can’t I don’t think I can say that. Because I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow, because I don’t have I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow. I’m here today. I’m recording this tonight. It’s going to be an incredible night. So let me take the honor of wishing you a very very happy new year, a prosperous new year. And I want you to, you know, get to all the goals that you have for yourself. I don’t know what this new year has, for you and for me, but in my vicious, all I want you to have is everything that you ever desired, and everything that you ever deserve. That’s how I think about you. I want you to get all your wishes fulfilled, and more happening for you, not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones, and everybody whom you love and whom you care for. I want good things to happen for you in the year 2023. And I wish you all the best. I wish you an incredible year ahead. Some amazing things happening for you ahead. And above all, you know all I want you to undo your past. In the next 365 days, undoing everything that did not go right for you didn’t happen for you, as you expected. For you to happen, all that completely wiped out in the next year. That’s how deep I feel for you. That’s how I wish for you.

Wherever you are, be safe. Enjoy this day to date as we’ll come back and step into the year 2023 in an empowering manner. And if our paths are supposed to cross in the new year, they will cross if not my journey was only this much with you up till this point. I don’t expect anything from this point on. I’m wrapping up this podcast in my mind. I don’t know tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and how I’ll feel about myself. I’ll come back I’ll record something I don’t know. But I’m wrapping this up today, as a goal is a commitment I made to myself and to you that this is it and that this podcast is going to end as a daily podcast. At least that’s how I’m wrapping that up. But I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. I don’t know. We’ll see. That’s all for now. You take care of yourself. And I’ll talk to you when I talk to you. Thank you. Bye now.

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