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The Triad Of “Contentment”

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Today on the podcast, I want to take a few moments and talk about an important aspect of our lives, which we really don’t talk about a lot. And that is contentment. Something that we know that we all should pursue and that we all know is the end game. But still, somehow, we get caught up with the day-to-day happenings of life and really do not give enough mindshare to this one thing called contentment. And this is coming. today’s podcast is an, In fact, it’s a question. I was at a conference last Sunday. And I was briefly introduced on the stage to 600 people. I speak for a couple of minutes. And I walk out. And as I get into the hallway, a few people follow. And they start asking questions. And this was one of the questions. And the question was about happiness and fulfillment. And this was coming from a listener of this podcast on my radio shows. And I told him, I said, your question is more about contentment, you know, the question, but his point was, I’m not happy no matter what I’m doing. And I said it’s not about happiness. It’s about creating meaning from, everything that you already have not always designed for things that you do not have.

Now, imagine the setup there. This is a wealth conference, people are there, to talk about money how to save money, how to make money, how to grow money, and all that. So the environment itself is all about, you know, material possessions and money and all that. And here is somebody asking me this question, and me giving an answer like this, which was completely opposite. But Case in point, we all go through this. And the question becomes is, and I’ve gotten this also in the past, which is, I’ve done everything I know. But I’m still unhappy. I do everything I meditate. I, I do everything that I was ever told. But I am still unhappy. What can be done? So what can you do? See, there is nobody I know, who doesn’t have an element of unhappiness. I’ve never met anybody who’s perpetually happy. They have some degree of unhappiness about something. If you have life, you have unhappiness. If you have a life, of course, you have to pursue happiness. That’s a different discussion altogether. But what does it take? To really stay fulfilled completely? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible, it’s important that you accommodate some level of unhappiness into your understanding. But that doesn’t mean that you surrender to unhappiness, you should pursue happiness, you should apply yourself, knowing the fact that yes, unhappiness is an event it’s going to happen. But let me work towards becoming happier. So let’s talk about contentment. What does it take to pursue contentment? And when can you say that? Yes, I’m there. I’m contented, I’m good. This is it? How do you get to that state? Well, there are three things that we now know, that contribute towards you becoming much happier inside and also exhibiting that happiness outside the inner happiness. And three things, that inner happiness leads to contentment. So three things, that contribute to that the first and foremost is your pursuit of growth, growth, not in terms of material possessions, growth in terms, not in terms of anything to show anything to talk about. But personal growth, growth, acquisition of knowledge, application of knowledge further to acquire wisdom, and applying that wisdom to create greater change.

So there are stages of that growth. So personal growth is the pursuit, anybody who is in pursuit of personal growth usually, is contented. That’s the point. So that’s step one, so there has to be an element of personal growth. The second one is gratitude. This is if I have to simplify this and I’ve done multiple podcast episodes here about gratitude, in very simple terms. gratitude is an appreciation to whatever you already have. That’s it. And also, in a way, pulling yourself away from discussions where you’re talking about others, other people’s wealth, and what others have, and all that it’s appreciating what you have. And also, in a way, appreciating what others have. I’ve met a lot of people in my life, who tell me, who are very spiritual people, very enlightened people, you know, as a part of life, you meet a variety of people, but I’ve met some people who tell me that, you know, thank God I have whatever I have, I’m thankful to God. And that was, I flip that statement. Now, whatever I am, I have, I’m thankful to God, which is very common, that statement is common. So one day I woke up, and I said, I’m going to flip the statement. And flip the statement by simply saying, whatever I do not have, I’m grateful to God. Now, here is my observation. And I flipped the statement about five, seven years ago. And I haven’t met anybody till now, and I’m making this public on the podcast. But this is something that I’m asking you to pursue, I’m asking you to bring this change in your thinking, I want you to start thinking along these lines, you wake up in the morning and say, I’m thankful for everything that I do not have. And then lead your day and see the miracles happen to you. I promise you ever since I started this with this mindset, I have seen problems differently. I’ve taken every problem as a door opener to possibilities, incredible things have happened beyond my time here on this podcast to talk about this. But I flipped, and I reversed the statement. And I’m every day I wake up and say I’m grateful to God for things that I do not have. Interestingly, all the things I’m grateful for, for not having are gratefully showing up on my path. It’s amazing how you reverse the script, and you start attracting everything into your life.

Okay, so where I’m going with all this is you got to start having a gratitude sequence, I’ve done a podcast on this before, and you got to have a gratitude sequence. That means you wake up in the morning, or in the afternoon, or in the evening, wherever and you start looking for small little things in your life that are happening in front of you and say I’m grateful for this, oh, I’m grateful for that small little things, the lower you take it down to, the happier you become, for example, if I say I’m grateful, this microphone is working, I’m grateful this recording is happening. I’m grateful, oh, I’m breathing, I took a breath. I’m grateful. If you take it down to that level, there is no way you are going to be unhappy. I’m telling you, it’s just amazing how fulfilled you feel within yourself. And the last one, to pursue contentment or fully contented is, is giving this to give. Give your time give your money, give your service, things that you have things that do not have give ideas, give something, and don’t expect anything. It’s amazing. You don’t expect anything in return, magical things happen. So listen, I’m recording this podcast, I have no idea who is listening to this. No idea. I don’t know who I mean, I see some stats here and there. But I don’t check stats anymore. And I really don’t. I’m not intending that. Oh, there are hundreds and 1000s of people listening to this podcast. Now that’s not the case that doesn’t work that way. There are expectations. When you do something without an expectation. It’s amazing. The bliss, I don’t even have words to express the bliss. Every expectation has an element of disappointment within it hidden. You have expectations, get ready to be disappointed. When you don’t have any expectations. Amazing. It’s just life is beautiful, and blissful. And the payoff there is you are contented. You’re happy because you’re no expectations. So growth, gratitude, and giving are three elements. And I was actually thinking in my mind, what else can I add to this? Magically I couldn’t find anything to add to this.

These are the three things that set three G’s for your contentment. Okay, I want to stop here. Hopefully, this is helpful if it is let me know Oh 888-818-0404 You can text me on that number. And let me know if you have a question text me, if you have a comment, text me. If you have any suggestions text me text I get a lot of texts, but love to have a specific text on a specific podcast episode from a listener gives me motivation and keeps me on track. That’s all for now. And in fact, I have some other thoughts as I was recording this. I was having some other thoughts on gratitude. And there is an experiment I did on gratitude. I want to talk about this with you. Experiment I already talked about here already, but there is one more I did. I just recollected, but then I’m going to talk about this tomorrow. So do tune in to tomorrow’s podcast episode. And I’m taking note that I’m going to record and talk about gratitude again tomorrow. Stay tuned. Thank you.

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