There's No Shortcut To Success: 7 Months Later.. Here's What We Know It Takes

There’s No Shortcut To Success: 7 Months Later.. Here’s What We Know It Takes

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Welcome, or welcome back. Happy Sunday morning to you. Today’s July 31 the year 2022. As I start this podcast today, as I record, I want to sincerely express my gratitude to you, the listener to you, my friend, to you, my supporter, whoever you are, maybe you are here for the very first time. And this is the only podcast that you’re listening to for the very first time. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. Thank you for everything. Today, this podcast completes for seven months. On January 1st, 2022. This podcast became a daily podcast, I made a commitment to myself, I said, I’m going to do this podcast on a daily basis for one full year, without taking any breaks, no Saturdays, no Sundays, everyday difference. My initial understanding was that I will run out of content, I will run out of motivation, maybe in a month. And I will run out of content in maybe two months. Because I did a similar attempt in 2021. And I gave up after six weeks. So I knew the pattern, my job was to just do a little better than 2021. But I never imagined that this will come in seven months. And there are a few things I want to drive here. First of all, I cannot do this without strong participation from you. So the credit goes to you with further questions for your comments, for keeping me on my toes.

One time, I uploaded a podcast with some loud music on YouTube. And somebody responded back saying, should I listen to your podcast on YouTube, and your volume is high? And the music background music is high. So I had to, we had to take it out. And we had to reprocess the music and put it back on. So every little thing that went wrong, you corrected me. So the credit, the motivation, the support you gave me, the credit should go to you for that. I also want to thank my team who supported me through this process. If not, these things don’t happen because somebody decided to make them happen. So as much as our ideas are important, our commitment is important. Likewise, people are important. We cannot create anything significant unless we have the support and the contribution of other like-minded people. This is the biggest lesson I took from this podcast. I also want to say something, you know, I’m a student of success. And I listen to many other people who do some incredible things much better, much mightier, much greater than what I do. I don’t compare. I don’t contrast myself. But I simply derive. And yesterday I made a point I said model excellence, I try to model excellence as much as I can. So when you are modeling excellence, when you are following someone will listen to someone, and you will start to see flaws in them. You see people make mistakes, so you’re in a relationship. And you are in a hospital for children, with your spouse, with your parents. The longer you live with them, the more you start to realize that they are at fault, they are not perfect. They have their own issues going on. They have their own little, you know, they have great things about them. But also they have that nonsensical side of them.

So if you listen to this podcast, you know that I have a nonsensical side of me too. It’s not that I’m perfect. So I miss my thoughts. I miss my ideas. I make a point on day one of this podcast on day 22. I come back and say the exact opposite. Because I’m growing. And my mind is not exactly at the same point. The more people talk, the more the risk is they contradict themselves. But the key is not about what somebody is saying the key is the essence. And I’m hoping that you have focused on the essence. And you did not go with the semantics. I’m not a good speaker, I don’t present Well, I’m still learning this process myself. I’m not coming from a point of leverage, or a better point. Or I don’t even have a better point or a better standing. So this is all a lesson. Now, one thing I wanted to test was whether I have the consistency when I say that I can create I can keep the momentum going. Or I can improve myself. The data was about me. It was not about the data of this podcast, how many downloads, how many people are listening, how many blogs comments, none. In fact, my wife said this to me. Hey, every time you say that you have a question and you answer. Now I’m starting to wonder whether you have anybody really asking you a question.

I said I wish, I wish I was I actually turned it around. I said, does it matter? Technically, it shouldn’t matter. But then, the truth is yes. You know, a lot of questions coming in. But luckily, I’m in a position to do that. But in a position to get those questions, but then even if somebody doesn’t get questions, they can also start a podcast. And they can say that they have gotten questions, because, guess what, at any point in time, either you’re asking a question, or you’re answering a question. If you take your life, your day, your one full day, 24 hours, and you break it up, you know, 50%, you’re asking questions, and 50%, you’re answering questions. Most of the time you are asking a question to yourself, and you’re trying to answer it. That’s what it’s called life. There’s no other better definition of life. As humans, we are asking questions, and we’re answering them in life, a hard-lived life. You walk on the streets, I’m from India, you go into my village, and I see farmers working so hard. And guess what they’re asking a question. A farmer, who is farming is asking a question, and constantly working every day to answer that question. This is how life is, there is not a secret sauce to life. So thank you for everything that I mean, I don’t even know some of you have become my friends. I mean, I got some incredible listeners of this podcast to become, you know, friends in the soul connections I’ve made on this podcast is beyond comprehension. So thank you for all that. That’s all.

In fact, I was thinking, I want to come here and do something incredible. But if I have to leave you with a couple of observations about this whole process is number one, set your intention, whatever you’re wanting to do, whatever you have, that you’re designing you, whatever you desire to do, to start setting intention, and work slowly, but consistently, but incrementally, slowly, consistently, incrementally, keep the momentum going, have great conversations, learn the process. And even if you are not able to get it right, the first attempt, keep on trying, keep on attempting, till the point where you feel that you are better than the first attempt. Okay, you’re getting better than the first attempt, don’t compare to somebody else’s, and the attempt doesn’t work. So as long as you’re better than the first attempt, you now have a positioning. Now keep on working at it till you become better than your second attempt, and keep on doing it till you are better than the third attempt. And that’s how you get better this, there is no other secret to this. And how do you walk a journey of you know, 1000 miles, you start with step one, how do you eat an elephant with one bite, right? So these courts have been around for a while. And there are so many different philosophies, talking about starting something, accomplishing something, and all the numerous stories that we grew up with. So there’s nothing else I’m telling you here on sharing with you that’s so unique, so different. They’re all the same stories, they’re all They’re all the same content, completely rehearsed and represented in a whole different way through this podcast.

That’s all there is to this. If somebody claims that they are incredibly deformed, something great, something unique, maybe they did, respectfully, most of it is, is anyway. It’s all you know, the cycle. So that’s the message for today. So thank you for your support. So starting tomorrow on this podcast, I’m starting a three-day series, talking about winning in life and in business. So three different podcast episodes, talking about winning in life and winning in career and business and all that. So I want you to these are some lessons I’ve picked up myself in my life career and my business. I’m sharing them with you. So there’ll be part one, part two, and part three starting tomorrow. So that’s what I want to tune in to. And if you’re tuning out, I want you to listen to the next three days and then tune out. Okay. So that’s all for now. Wherever you are, be safe. Thank you for your questions. Thank you for your support, and I’ll be talking to you soon. Take care. Bye now.

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