These 6 Fitness Apps Keep Me Motivated and Healthy!

These 6 Fitness Apps Keep Me Motivated and Healthy!

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It’s a Monday morning, welcome or welcome back to Success with Srini. Monday, the start of a new week. And today, I just wanted to kind of make today’s podcast, a resource podcast, something that’s very dominant on my mind right now I’m back in the gym, and I’m working out and I’m getting ready to go up and scale some big mountains. Some people have been emailing me asking me about fitness, weight loss, hypnosis, and all those things. So something, all these things are dominant in the mind. So I thought I should do something regarding that. So today, I want to share with you as a guide and a resource, five fitness apps that are on my phone that are on my iPhone. Okay, I want to give this to you. This is what I use. Actually not five, six. I think six. Yeah.

Okay. Let’s go one by one, the most obvious one, because I’m on iPhone, and I use iOS. So the obvious one that comes with it is fitness. That’s the first app that I do not use. It’s there it does its job but I do not use it as much. But that app is there. If you want to use it. Okay, so the first one is fitness. It’s there. The one that I use for my fitness. The second one is called Garmin Connect. And I talked about this also Garmin Connect tracks everything like my calories my in my out. It does everything. Literally, it also has some exercise and workout routines and all those things. I don’t use that aspect of it. But Garmin Connect is my tracker app for everything I do all the workouts everything.

Now, Garmin Connect also connects to another app, which is called My Fitness Pal. Now My Fitness Pal is where you input all the calories that you are taking in all the food that you eat. I used my fitness pal for a long time for many, many years, I never the free version of it, I never upgraded to the full version, the pro version. But finally, I did. As of this Black Friday, I upgraded to a full version, not because it was black Friday, but because there was no deal as such, but maybe it was but I wanted to do it. Because this is the time of the year when I was getting ready to do some big things I said, and I wanted to experience My Fitness Pal, they give 30 free days. So the real billing starts somewhere toward the end of December. But I did it because I wanted to track my nutrition at the meal level. And I really want to go into some more specifics, which was not possible in the free version.

So, my fitness pal, I’m a pro, I have the Pro version, and I pay $78 per year. And that’s the third app. The fourth app is called RunKeeper. So if you’re into running you want to run. So that’s the one I do not use as much. Instead, I use another app, which is called the 10k Pro 10k Pro is a paid app. And that teaches anybody how to literally get out of the couch, there is a free version for this, which is called a C to 5k. So couch to 5k. So you are on a couch, and somebody on the couch never ran, then they can literally follow the app and can start easily run 5k. And then the pro version is about running 10k. So I paid and got the pro version. And I use C 10k Pro extensively in all my running all my exercises and all that. So that’s the first one. And the last one. The last app that I have is Strava. And Strava does a lot of things. And if you’re biking and all that Strava is the app. At one point, I had a paid version for it. But I never used it because I’m not into biking as much. And eventually I literally never, you know, renewed the app, I just let it go. But it is still there. And if I ever want to go back to it, I may so depend you know how I’m training for it at any point in time I have a need to train I need to cycle a lot and all that maybe some mountain biking and all.

So I may go back to it at a later time but for now, these are the apps these are the six apps I have on my phone, and all of them do incredible things. I don’t use all of them as I said but the ones that I really really use or copro Garmin Connect and my fitness pal those three are good enough for me. They just cover every aspect of Hope this is helpful. I wanted to record this as a resource podcast episode, as I said. And if you are into wellness fitness, you’re considering weight loss. Let me know, let me know. Because I’ve been and have been at it. And I’ve been doing this for a long time now. And I’ll be doing some amazing things in the next few weeks. I’m happy to share some information with you if you need anything. And that’s all for now. So you have an incredible Monday and an incredible start to the week. And before you know it, I’ll be with you as early as tomorrow.

Thank you.

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