Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are Things

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Welcome, or welcome back to a Success with Srini, a daily podcast on human design, human engineering, human excellence. Today is the January 24 2022, which is a Monday. So Happy Monday morning to you. Monday is the start of the week, you are going back to work, same work, new work, same business, new business, vacation, whatever you have, for this week. Monday should set the trajectory.

For this week. For me, it’s the podcast, this is something that I’ve been trying to do literally every day. And my goal today is to set the trajectory for the remainder of the episodes so high that you as a podcast listener, you as a subscriber, you as my friend, you should listen to tomorrow’s podcast and Wednesday’s this podcast and Thursday’s podcast.

We know something about podcasting or radio shows or seminars, you know, when you keep doing something over a long period of time, fatigue sets in, decline in quality happens, declining thoughts happen. People think the same thing he keeps on saying over and over again in a different way. That’s the challenge I deal with. How can I come here and I do a podcast that is refreshing, that’s new, that’s different. How can I have better openers? How can I have better storytelling? How can I provide new data in a different way? Where do I collect? How do I research my challenges? So Monday, this is what’s happening in my mind as I’m doing this.

I want to share something with you today that will set the trajectory for your remain of this week. And if you take it into your heart will set the trajectory for the rest of your life.

As a 17 year old, I read this and it changed my trajectory. I promise you. Every time I come here, every time I talk about a book or a qoute, or someone I keep saying that they changed my life. This qoute changed my life, that book changed my life. I keep saying that. And I truly mean it. I’m not fabricating this, I’m not making it up. This is the truth. So this qoute change in my life. “Be careful of your thoughts, because they become your words. Be careful of your words, because they become your actions. Be careful of your actions, because they become your habits. Be careful of your habits, because they become your character. Be careful of your character, because it becomes your destiny.” You see the connection between your thoughts and destiny.

So as you step into work today, and whatever you’re stepping into, be careful with those thoughts. You don’t have purity in the thought you don’t have clarity in the thought you don’t have depth in the thought you don’t have the width in the thought, you’re not crafting your destiny. So if I don’t have this thought, I can’t craft this podcast. I can’t say these things.

People are moved by the depth of your conviction, rather than the height of your knowledge.

Here’s what I found out. People are moved by the depth of your conviction, rather than the height of your knowledge. Don’t tell anyone what qualifications you have, which degree you have. We are all human to what all you accumulate, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how many books I keep telling I have hundreds of books in my house, how does it matter to you? It doesn’t. I have hundreds of podcast episodes, how does it matter? It doesn’t. 400,000 People listen to my radio show. Complete nonsense. Honestly. How does it matter? It matters. If I say something that’s going to impact you directly. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter. It’s all fake. Otherwise, you see.

“Thoughts are things”

So when you step into work today, whatever that work you are doing, what is the thought? Prentice Mulford said, “Thoughts are things”, he wrote a whole book in 1926, I have it, a physical copy of it. Thoughts are things. Everything that you’re seeing around you was a thought. Look at this beautiful building that you’re working in the beautiful house that you live in. It was a thought, somebody thought, why can’t you think? You know, by the way, as I’m doing this, I have no reference. These are completely embedded into my subconscious as I’m doing this podcasts, nothing. There’s no reference, even by said research, no research. It’s already there. You see it’s already there.

Everything that you have done, speaks through you

It’s a wonderful state to be in within which everything that you have done, speaks through you. You’re not speaking, speaks through you. So my message to you is this you step in today into whatever situation you’re stepping in, see what can you do to raise the quality of that meeting? How can you elevate the status for meeting the highest level possible? What all can you individually do to people in that meeting? What can you collectively do for the people in that meeting?

How can you take everybody? Some people lack something, we all lack something. Some people may not meet your standards, some people may not appeal to you. What can you do? To take them along with you to the outcome? You see, step in with this mindset. Tell me, towards the end of the week, have your week planned out? How is it possible that you walk in with this mindset into a situation and do not come out with a win? See, the win is not tangible people are looking? If I do this with you, will you pay me something? Will you do the transaction with me? Will I make money with this? There are the universe runs on invisible returns. Returns are not direct. So there’s always a gain, when the mindset is right.

Thank you, is the best prayer that anyone can say.

Alice Walker said, “Thank you, is the best prayer that anyone can say.” I said that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility and understanding. So what is the thought that you should walk in today into any situation that you are going to walk into? The thought of Thank you. If the thought of thank you is there, the word Thank you will come from your mouth. You see words modify the source before they modify the target, every word that I say here, modifies me, this podcast is for me to start the day. The byproduct is your likes, your comments, your sharing. All that is a byproduct and you’re listening is a byproduct. Primarily dismissed modifying me before it is modifying anyone.

I hope today’s podcast sets you on the trajectory to success that you are seeking this week. I’ll come back tomorrow, we’ll continue this conversation. You see, success is a daily thing. It’s a daily grind. I wish there was a permanent destination of success. That’s all for now. Wherever you are, start, maybe you’re listening to this on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Consider this to be a Monday for you and start the grind. With that mindset. Go into any situation with that mindset. And tell me after a week what happens to you. I promise you, it’s invisible to you. It’s invisible to me, but your destiny is slowly shifting as you do this. Take care.

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