Three P's That Will Make You More Positive

Three P’s That Will Make You More Positive

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Happy Friday morning to you welcome or welcome back to success for Srini. Every Friday, I start the podcast by saying I’m going to keep this to the point, it’s a weekend, so I’ll keep it short. So I’m going to make an attempt here and make today’s podcast to the point and very short. So today we’re talking about the three P’s that make you more positive three P’s are talking about making yourself more positive. You see, no matter how much you try to make yourself more positive, there is always something more you can do. And you could get this question all the time, how can I become more positive? And no matter which, which are where I answer the question, I feel that maybe there is another angle to what I’m saying, maybe there is another frame through which I can approach my answer. So I think I found a frame and angle. And I’m sharing that today with you here. But if you go back and listen to all the podcast episodes I’ve done here, you know, I think 70% Of all the podcast episodes here are all about how to become positive. So pick technique is not important. But the strategy is important. So these three P’s are the strategy. So let’s get into this. The first P is people. So if you are surrounded by negative people, that means you are existing in negative emotions, that means you’re listening to them, and some of your own thoughts are getting impacted by their discussions and their thoughts.

So negative people have to somehow go, and I probably have done 20 podcast episodes talking about this, negative people have to go, they don’t need to go away, but they need to be kept aside. So that said, obviously, you need to fill your life and your time with positive people. So you got to be constantly engaged in trying to make new friends meeting new people, and, and bringing them into your life. So that you have a large participation of positive people in everything that you’re doing. The second element under people is celebrations, you got to celebrate your wins, and you’ve got to celebrate all the successes, that you are having celebrations create an aura within which you can perform even more celebration and sustain the happiness feeling of happiness for a longer time. So, under people, it is getting rid of negative people and celebrating your success with people. And obviously, we got to be celebrating your successes with positive people. So the two things there.

The second P is practice. So rarely, do people do a lot of practice? But rarely people give talk about you know, they, they know that their practices can do contribute towards them becoming more positive and all. But for a new person who is not into practices, I will tell you in a second what I mean by practices here, but for somebody who is not Intuit, it’s very difficult for them to comprehend this. But practices what I mean is meditation, exercising, yoga, you know, practicing gratitude, engaging in the act of giving affirmations, all these are practices, you do them daily on a daily basis. So somebody who is not into practices at all, it’s very difficult for them to understand this, forget about even agreeing to this. And practicing this that is all comes very late. But if you do meditate exercises, some form of yoga, some practices of gratitude, some practice of affirmations, some giving these activities make you more positive. And the last one is the third P plants. Plants mean you need to structure your thinking that is within which we’re always looking forward to something in life. See, if you are not looking forward to something live that means you’re not living life at its wit. So you got to live life at its vet.

So always looking forward to something big. So maybe a vacation maybe as a celebration, maybe something big something that’s going to happen in the future. And plans means also goals. Under plans goals, you need to have goals, you need to be looking forward to accomplishing those goals. You need to be setting those goals, some long-term goals, some short-term goals, goals everywhere goals. And we’re just Hardly a week away from a new year, the beginning of a new year, and that word goal should be more valuable today as a part of our discussion than, at any other time in the year. So people practices plans. So these are the three P’s that will make you more positive. This was not about the specific activity, but this is more about an angle on how to close positivity. Hopefully, this is helpful. I’m going to stop here. Hopefully, it’s helpful. If it is let me know. And before you know it, I’ll be with you as early as tomorrow. And if you have a question for me, you can always text me at 888-818-0404.

That’s all for now. You take care of yourself. Go enjoy your Friday, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow right here. Thank you.

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